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If you are passionate about helping people and you would like to see a real tangible change in and around your world, Soul Based Therapy is all about teaching and guiding you on that journey.

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Soul Based Therapy is a new and powerful process that will give you a very complete understanding of yourself and a clear and precise plan for creating change. The process addresses physical ailments as well as limiting mental and emotional negativity.

Soul Based Therapy is both a structured and holistic approach to healing and targets the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of each person. The focus is on the overall soul journey to bring about learning, clarity, healing and transformation. It is a modality that can help any and every individual to become empowered within their lives and transform both their inner world and life circumstances.

The methods of SBT assist and guide you in learning the lessons needed to release negative karmic influences and heal (and therefore transcend) old ineffective beliefs. It is different from other forms of counselling, as it addresses all levels of consciousness in combination with the energy fields that make up your human existence.

 The unique methods and processes help you to overcome obstacles and negativity. The approach of SBT utilises hypnotherapy, counselling, energy healing, spiritual healing and akarshic record readings (a type of assessment tool) to help you to truly and profoundly change your life and develop a sense of who you are and what you want from your life.

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What our clients are saying


I love that this course gives me the tools and knowledge I need to pursue my dream (a profession based in holistic healing), but what I love and enjoy the most are those lightbulb/ self-discovery moments that I encountered throughout the course.

Kylie, Melbourne

Apart from having the tools to confidently put into practice what we have learnt, I love the passion that the SBT mentors Ann and Rachael show. They are thorough in their knowledge and ethical in their practice. I thank them for putting this amazing course together to share their knowledge with us so we in turn can help others.

Carol, Melbourne

This course has been a fundamental step in my evolution as a human being. I was able to meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about healing and making a difference in people’s lives. This is all made possible by Ann and Rachael who provide us with a supportive environment to learn, and the material has contributed a great deal to my expansion and growth which is important to me.

Cagla, Melbourne

SBT has been personally illuminating of what can be achieved in this modality, not only in how people can be helped to be aware of their own magnificence but also the lasting change that can accomplished.  The course at times has shone a light on what works and doesn’t in my life, and enabled me to build life-long friendships.  The teachings/learnings have been well thought out and presented in such a way that everyone is on the same page.  Ann and Rachel give me the encouragement I need without stopping me from expressing my personality and quirkiness.  They encourage me to think for myself and seek my own answers but I know that there is backup when required.   I look forward to continue to build my skill set on the teachings of Soul Based Therapy. 

Lynda, Melbourne

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