You begin to imagine that you’re walking through a lush green meadow, as far as the eye can see. The air smells sweet and the sun is gentle and warm on your skin. As you’re slowly making your way through the soft grass, you see a fluffy white dandelion in front of you, its softly swaying in the wind. You begin to crouch down and sit next to it. The more you stare at this dandelion, you begin to analyze each fluffy star shaped petal. You energetically begin to place every negative belief you have ever created about yourself, all your fears of failure and the future, all of your self-doubt, placing these on each petal.

You stay sitting on the earth and pick the dandelion out from the root, you take a deep breath in and your stomach fills with air. With the first breath, it releases all the petals that hold your negative beliefs, you see them fly off into the eather. Right away you begin to feel a weight lift off your chest.

You breathe in deeply again, and on the second breath out, all the petals carrying your fears of failure and the future ride away in the wind. Now you begin to feel a lightness in your shoulders.

And now you breathe in the third breath and slowly exhale. This hits what is left of the petals. You see all your self-doubt soar off into the wind, soaring further and further away from you. You begin to feel all the fog leave your head, the heaviness and uncertainty are gone. You feel clear and ready to take on the world.

As you stand up and become taller you feel so much more control of your life, you feel brave, courageous and excited to curate the abundant life you want to live. And now whenever you face a challenge you will remember you are free of any negative beliefs, fears and self-doubt. You will achieve anything your heart desires, you will see challenges as an opportunity to be creative, with each challenge gives you the opportunity to become stronger and wiser.