This script is written for a 6–9-year-old boy with self-esteem issues.
Specifics have been tailored with my younger self in mind, adjust accordingly.

To begin, I ask that you become as comfortable as you possibly can. Like you are getting into bed after having a nice warm bath/shower. Take a deep breath in making your tummy big and slowly breathe out making your tummy small again. Taking another breath in making your tummy nice and full, breathing out, making it normal again. And once more make a nice big tummy and slowly letting it be small again.
We are going to use a lot of imagination today. We are going to make things happen with our imagination, really fun and great things. You don’t need to do anything except listen to my voice. I will be helping you imagine things and all you need to do is nothing at all, allow your own imagination to do it for you. You can just lay there as if you are in your bed after having a nice warm bath/shower and mum and dad have tucked you in. What might happen is that you might feel like you are dreaming, because dreaming is the same as imagination. What you will do now is imagine that you are in your own bed, it is so comfortable, and you love it when it is time to go to bed because you love dreaming. You can imagine the most wonderful things while you are sleeping but today you will not quite be sleeping but you wont quite be awake either. You will be exactly where you need to be and that will be the land of total imagination, but you are also right here, with me and we will safely go there together.

I want you to imagine that you are lying in your bed, very nice and comfortable, all tucked in. I am going to count to 5 and you will open your eyes and then quickly shut them again. Let us try now. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 open your eyes and quickly shut them. You must feel a lot my sleepy now after that. Let us do it again. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and open your eyes then shut them again. Your eyes are so sleepy after that time. This time your eyes will not be able to open again because of how sleepy they are. Let’s see if they stay shut this time. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 try open them and nope, they are too sleepy to open. The eyes are too sleepy which means we can start now to imagine really cool and great things.

So now we can do lots of imagining. I want you to imagine that you are at your most favourite place which is at the caravan park where the beach is. You love going there with your mum and dad and sister. You have so much fun there and this time your grandma and pop are there too. Everyone is having so much fun together. Imagine that you are all at the beach and it is a really sunny day, you can feel the sun on your skin and the sounds of the waves and birds and other people. You are exploring with your pop; you love being with your pop because he knows lots of things that you like learning about. Imagine that you and pop are walking on the beach, and you find a cave that you both want to go into because pop knows that sometimes in caves there are really cool and magical things. Imagine the cave is really big and there is some water in there that is only up to your knees. You are both looking around to see if you can find anything. There are little rock pools that you find have little crabs and sea snails. You and pop keep looking around in the cave, pop then sees a rock that is under the water, he picks it up and the rock is glowing a little. It is really shiny, you have never seen a rock like this one before. You do think it is really cool and magical. Pop tells you how special this rock is, he tells you that this isn’t a normal rock and that he thinks this rock came from space. Pop knows lots about space so he must be right. He says this rock is magical and it has powers, anything the rock touches gives powers and becomes really strong. He then gives the rock to you and you can feel the powers of the rock going into you, you feel really strong and happy, like you have never felt before. You know that now you can do anything you want with this rock so you keep it nice and safe. Pop then tells you that the rock makes you confident and it makes you not afraid of anything, you are strong now so you will not be scared of anything but if you do feel scared sometimes you just remember that now you have powers and you can imagine things and they will happen. You can do anything you want with these powers, because you are strong and happy.

Imagine now that you and pop are walking out of the cave together back to the beach to show mum and dad the special rock that you found. As you do pop tells you that all these powers and being strong is real and that its not just imagination but happens in real life too. The rock is part of you now so that means you are strong and happy and confident in real life. When you feel scared or nervous in real life, just remember the special space rock is part of you and you will feel the powers and will be strong and happy and confident straight away. You will do this in real life.

You are nearly out of the cave, it is so sunny outside that you can not really see the beach, it is too bright. Imagine that when you get outside the cave you actually wake up and are back here in real life. You count your steps out of the cave and you will open your eyes when you count to 10. 1, 2 you are beginning to slowly wake up now. 3, coming back to real life, 4, 5, you are so excited to bring the special space rock to real life. 6, 7, 8, you are waking up now, 9 and 10 you will open your eyes and you are back in real life.

ay that I can visualise what is going on. I feel it creates a sense of, control, in a way and makes me feel a lot more relaxed and calmer.

“What I would like for you to do is lay down, get nice and comfortable… very good… now allow your eyelids to close over… take notice of how nice it feels to have closed your eyes and feeling so comfortable… all your facial muscles are beginning to relax… your eyelids are feeling so heavy and so relaxed… start to feel your whole body relaxing now… relaxation is washing over you like a wave… starting at the top of your head and working its way down, getting more and more relaxed… feel your body giving into the feeling of relaxation and sinking into the feeling… very good… letting go of anything that is burdening you and becoming more and more relaxed…

I want you to now draw your awareness to your breath, breathing in… and out… breathing in…. and out, now with this next breath in I want you to go deeper into subconscious and deeper into relaxation… now breathing deeply in… very good… and breathing out… going deeper… breathing in… going deeper…and out… very good…

I want you to imagine you’re in a beautiful forest, it could be tropical or it could be a rainforest there could even be fairies dancing around… imagine you’re walking through this forest; the ground is so soft and you’re walking so lightly… you come to a giant oak tree, the biggest you have ever seen… look all the way to the top… nod your head when you can see how big this oak tree is… very good… I want you to imagine a beautiful light coming towards you, you can see this light however you wish… it might be in the form of a loved one… a pet… or a fairy… the light reaches out to you and carries you to the top of this beautiful oak tree… at the top you can see all over the land, you feel so light and so free… fell the breeze blowing past you and washing away all your burdens… you feel so light and so free… so light and so free… to your side you see the beautiful white light that guided you to the top of the beautiful oak tree… you see they are right next to a spiralling staircase…the staircase wraps the whole way down the oak tree… you head over towards the staircase… the white light is there to offer you guidance.. love… and support… you are now going to head down the beautiful spiralling stairs, with every step you take, you are going to go deeper into subconscious…

As I count now you are going to go down the stairs and into deeper subconscious…


I am happy for my name to be on this if you wish to use it. J