By Honor Paule

Your subconscious mind has done so well at listening to my suggestions, visualising, feeling and sensing the words I say. Now, I want you to imagine yourself laying on a patch of soft green grass. The birds are singing, the sun is shining and there is a gentle warm breeze touching over your entire body, allowing your mind to feel at peace and your body to feel even more relaxed now. As you lay there on the comfortable grass, you look into up at the sky and notice the beautiful white puffy clouds. You start to notice that each of the clouds begin to shape into different words. One spells out ‘worry’, another spells out ‘stress’, another spells out ‘anxiety’ and another spells out ‘doubt’. You watch the clouds form into these words and watch them, one by one, begin to fade into the air. As each cloud fades, the clear blue sky is becoming more and more visible now. And as the sky becomes more visible, you begin to feel even more and more relaxed now. Just as the clouds faded allowing space for the perfect blue sky to enter, you too also feel the feelings attached to those words dissipate within your own mind and body, allowing for clarity and peace to enter. You are free, clear minded and stronger than ever before. You feel light… light as a feather.


All your fears worry and limitations that were created within yourself are now a thing of the past. And when these feelings decide to ever revisit, you will remember that just like the clouds, you can so easily allow these feelings to fade away, creating clearness and stillness within your mind and body. This new, improved and best version of yourself is now leading the way of how you handle your emotions and allows you to transform and fade away any past negative feelings to positive feelings such as clarity, happiness, strength, love and compassion.


In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 10. On the count of 10, you will awaken, fully alert, refreshed and rejuvenated. You will feel empowered with this new profound realisation that you are the creator of your own life, and that you have the power to choose the way you handle your own emotions. You do this with ease, because you know that creating a happier and better version of you is as simple as watching the clouds go by and fade in the sky.