By Laura Omar

It is time now to close your eyes and focus on your breath. Take a deep breath, filling your lungs…and then your stomach…hold it in and breathe out… Breathe in again, through your nose and all the way to your stomach…and out… Become aware of the rise and fall of your chest and how this happens so naturally…without you having to do anything at all. Now, I want you to visualise a golden light coming in through the top of the head and swirling around…as it does you feel the mind start to slow down and the brain waves lower…the eyelids are getting heavier. As the light moves through the neck…the head is getting heavier and neck muscles are loosening up. As the light moves to the shoulders they start to relax, and the tension dissipates. The golden light is now moving to the chest, swirling around…as it does you feel your breathing slowing down even more. The light is also working to relax the muscles in the back…removing all tension in the back. The light then moves along the spine… relaxing all the vertebrae and the muscles holding the vertebrae together. The light then moves to the abdomen…the pelvis. Feel as the muscles of the buttocks relax and loosen as they sink deeper into the chair. The light then moves down the legs…relaxing the thighs…the calves and the feet. The light is now swirling through the feet…and you may feel a tingling sensation in the feet and toes. You are now totally and completely relaxed. Every muscle in the body is still and feels heavy…And your brainwave speed has lowered to between 5 and 10 Hertz.

I want you now to visualise yourself…walking along a path, in the country. You are surrounded by fields and glorious green, rolling hills. The air is so fresh. Up ahead you see a house and you start heading towards it. You walk to the front door and open it up. You step into an empty room…it is a very cosy and homely room and the house feels familiar to you. In front of you is another door…you walk up and open the door. You flick on the light…and see a set of stairs leading all the way down. In a moment, you are going to walk down these stairs…and as you do, your mind will relax even more with each step…each step you take will take you down…deeper and deeper…into a deeper state of relaxation. You begin your descent…20, 19, 18, 17, 16…deeper and deeper, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11…feeling more and more relaxed…10, 9, 8, 7…your brainwaves have lowered even more…6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, you see a door to your left. You open the door to a large movie theatre. It is dark but there is enough light to make out all the seats. You start following the lights that illuminate the aisle and you find a seat that appeals to you. You notice that the chairs are quite large and are recliner chairs that you can lean back on. You sit down and make yourself comfortable by leaning back and raising your legs. As you lie in the chair, you notice how incredibly comfortable you are. The lounge chair feels like marshmallow and you almost sink into it…it is possibly the most comfortable recliner you have ever sat on. This makes you feel more relaxed and serves to bring you to a deeper state of consciousness. You watch as the curtains open and the movie starts to play. You see yourself in the movie as the protagonist. It is a vision of you standing in front of a group of people. They look like a group of senior managers.

Suddenly you feel yourself in the movie. You are now looking at the group of senior managers and you are about to present. You are standing very upright and confident…and are comfortable making eye contact with every member of the audience. You see everyone fully engaged as you start to speak. You do not feel any nervousness whatsoever…just a sense of excited adrenalin as the words flow out of your mouth so easily and clearly. Your voice sounds so strong and sturdy…listen to how it sounds. It is the only voice that can be heard as everyone is quiet as they listen intently to you. Your hand gestures are exactly the way they should be…not distracting but every now and then they serve to make a point. Your posture is perfect…feel how your shoulders are back and you are upright…you exude so much confidence. Your eye contact is confident, expressive and well-balanced…as you make eye contact with all members of the audience. It is as though you are talking to each manager individually as they hang on to every word you say. At the end of the presentation, there are questions asked and you stop and think about your response before responding each time…every question is answered with careful consideration and to the audience’s satisfaction. You feel a rush of satisfaction…let this feeling flow through you. Feel the success and empowerment…as you stand in front of your audience. Feel the confidence emanating from your very core…as you hold attention. You are the expert…see this, hear this and feel this reality.

In a moment, I will count to 10 and you will come out of this deep relaxation. When you become fully awake, you will feel empowered, confident and so comfortable with who you are in this new position. You will feel totally at ease with any public speaking you may have to do in this new role. You will feel totally worthy of this position and will wake up with clarity, confidence and a strong sense of fulfilment and success. When you next fall asleep, you will sleep soundly and solidly while your subconscious mind integrates these changes…and embeds these visions, feelings and sensations as realities of what is to come.

1, feeling the energy returning to your feet and ankles now, 2, as it moves up your legs, 3 to your knees, 4 to your thighs, 5, 6 the energy returning to your pelvis and abdomen, 7 your heartbeat, blood pressure and respiration returning to a normal healthy level for you, 8, the energy moving down your arms, 9 around your head, eyes wanting to open now, and 10…fully awake, fully alert and back in this room.