By Laura Omar

I want you to close your eyes now and be still…bring awareness to your breath. Feel how your body just does this naturally…without you having to think about it at all. I want you to picture yourself now…lying on a picnic blanket. You are lying on some green, lush grass…not far from a stream. You know that you are at your special place…a forest…and you are the only person around. The trickling of the nearby stream can be heard…and this soothes you. Your head is resting on a soft pillow…so soft it feels like marshmallow. I want you to breathe in the fresh forest air…that clean, healing air. As you breathe in this healing air, I want you to feel it moving into the chest and now into the stomach. As you breathe, feel the muscles in the chest release any tension and feel as the shoulders start to relax more…feeling heavier now. Bring your awareness to the tension leaving your shoulders as you breathe out…the shoulders and neck feeling heavier. The neck is sensing the pillow even more…it feels as though the pillow is absorbing the tension in the neck muscles. The head is getting heavier as it sinks deeper into the pillow. Bring your awareness to the back of the head…the muscles are loosening up and relaxing…any tension headaches leaving the body now. Feel as the eyelids get heavier…they are so heavy that you could open your eyes if you really had to, but you’re sooo relaxed now that you don’t want to. Feel the muscles in the cheeks go still…relax…and the jaw…let it loose. Relaxing the tongue and the cheeks… This relaxed feeling moving through the chest and down the arms. Bring your awareness to the hands and fingers. Feel the hands as they rest…so still…feel the tension leave the fingertips. Now bring your awareness to the chest. Your breathing has slowed down…indicating that your brainwaves have lowered. Now bring your awareness to the spine and feel each disc release any tension they may be holding on to. The relaxed feeling moving through your pelvis, and now your thigh muscles…feel as they loosen up and this loose feeling now moves down to the calves. Feel your ankle joint relax and all tension leave through your toes. The toes so still and relaxed. The whole body is now still…every muscle free of tension, feeling loose…and you feel yourself sink even deeper into the ground. The energy from the earth also flowing through you now…making you even more deeply relaxed and…taking you into a deeper state of consciousness.

Now…while you are in this relaxed state…I want you to visualise yourself in the middle of this special forest of yours. You feel very safe…and you know that no one else is around. It is daytime. You see a path up ahead. I want you start walking along the path until you get to an opening…I want you to step through the opening. When you step through, you see a stream that runs in between the forest. You look up ahead and see some rocks that create a path so that you can cross the stream. I want you to walk over to the rocks. In a moment, you are going to cross the stream by walking on the rocks. Each rock you step on…will take you further and further down…into a deeper state of relaxation. By the time you reach the other side of the stream…you will be ten times more deeply relaxed. The rocks are large and flat so you will be able to balance on them easily…you can even see they are numbered from 10 down to 1. I want you to get to the edge of the stream in front of the first rock…I want you to make your way across now…10, 9, 8…going down…7…6…deeper and deeper…5…4…feeling your brainwaves lowering now to 5 hertz…3…2…1.

You have now crossed to the other side…and are now in a deeply relaxed state. You step on the grass and look ahead. There is an opening in the forest. I want you to head for that opening now…you will see a clearly carved pathway. Start walking along the pathway. As you walk…you feel your subconscious starting to get excited…it knows of the upcoming adventure…an adventure through time and space…to locate some special memories. These special memories are the ones that your subconscious knows you need to become aware of during this session. Your subconscious knows everything…it is the keeper of all your memories. It has a record of all the emotions felt at the time that every memory was made. The attention to detail that your subconscious has is impeccable. Just remember, that at any time during this adventure, should you feel the need…you can always take yourself back to that comfortable place on the blanket. I want you to keep walking. In a moment, you will see a clearing and in the middle of the clearing sits a futuristic looking car. Let me know when you see the car…(wait for nod)…

I want you to walk up to the car and open it up. This car is quite spectacular…it has technology that you have never come across before. The car is a time machine…your special time machine. You can see and smell that it is new…no one has been in it before. Sit down in the car and look at where the radio normally is. You will see a screen flash up. The screen has today’s date…13 October 2020 (amend as appropriate). I want you to press the down arrow button that is next to the date. The day has started to move backwards now…down to 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…back to September…August…back to 2019…2018…2017…

This is the calendar of the mind. Every thought, every feeling, every belief ever created is stored within the mind…and as I said before…your subconscious mind knows how everything is linked and what you need to know, at this time. So just relax and without strain…allow your mind to take you back…all the way back to the experience, very early on in this life that has led to the current difficulty of (insert client issue).

Once you have arrived just let me know by giving me a nod of the head. You do not need to know the exact date of when you have gone back to…just an awareness of where you are. Just let me know when you are ready…(wait for nod)…

Excellent…just allow the images and sensations to fill your mind…(pause)…
 I want you to look down at your feet…

  • Are you wearing any shoes or are you barefoot? What sort of shoes are they? What colour?
  • What are you wearing, if anything? What does it feel like to the touch?
  • How old do you feel yourself to be?
  • Are you inside or outside?
  • Are these surroundings familiar to you? Do you know where you are?
  • Are there others with you or are you alone?
  • What are you doing?
  • What are you feeling?

If not in the negative experience:

Excellent…now I want you to move either forward or backward to the exact moment of the experience that is directly related to (insert client issue).

If it is negative, but you suspect they have gone back to an RSE:

I want you now to answer with the first thing that comes into your head…Have you ever felt this way in this life before this experience?


If answer is yes, then say:

We’re just going to put this experience to the side for now and we will come back to it because I want you now to go back even further, to the very first time in this lifetime that you had the experience of (insert client issue).


Look to the door now (or wherever is appropriate) and you will see adult (insert client’s name) walking into the room. He/she has such a look of care and compassion on her/his face. She/he knows exactly what you are feeling. In her/his hand she/he carries a box of crystals. Each of these crystals contains a resource that you did not have access to back then, but you do have access to now. So one by one, I want you take a crystal from adult (insert client’s name) and hold the crystal. Feel the warmth of the crystal in your hand…as the resource is released. Feel your body absorb that resource. The first crystal contains…Love. Feel love being absorbed by your hand and now your body. Enjoy the feeling of Love as is it flows throughout your body (pause)…The second crystal contains Self-worth…feel as Self-worth flows through your body…encompassing every cell of your being…(continue listing all relevant resources).

Are there any more resources you need right now? Are there any more crystals there?

Now with adult (insert client’s name) there to support you and those resources now at your disposal, go back to the beginning of this scene and allow it to play out how it would have played out the first time you had access to those resources then. Have it play out how you want it to be…Just let me know when you have finished by saying the word ‘finished’… Great…What happened this time? How do you feel now?                                                                          

I want you now to thank adult (insert client’s name) for coming back for you. And adult (insert client’s name) tell little (insert client’s name) how much you love her/him. Tell her/him that you will always be there for her/him, bringing her/him whatever resources she/he needs to grow up feeling (list all relevant resources). Give her/him a big hug and just for now…say goodbye and leave little (insert client’s name) to grow up feeling (list all relevant resources). Drifting back out now…you are back in the time machine car…easing back into the current time and current place. In a moment, I’m going to count from 1 to 10 and on the count of ten you’ll be fully awake and rejuvenated, and back in this room… All those resources gifted to you…(list all relevant resources) are now a part of you…making you feel empowered, ecstatic and on top of the world (insert other post hypnotic suggestions as appropriate).

And when it is time for you to sleep next, you will fall asleep easily and peacefully. The dreams you have will be comforting and will confirm the changes that have been made in your subconscious…They will assist you in your personal development and strengthen your positive mental attitude. You will sleep soundly throughout the night unless there is a need for you to awaken…and when it is time for you to wake up, at the time you desire, you will awaken feeling alert and refreshed…full of energy…looking forward to your day ahead and in fact every day from this day on as a healthy, happy and successful person…who is very capable and skilled at designing the life you desire.

Coming back to full conscious awareness now…1…feeling the energy returning to your feet as they start to move and wriggle…2…moving up the legs and knees…3…the thighs and pelvis…4…as the energy moves through your abdomen and your chest…5, 6…your breathing returning to normal…7, 8…awareness moving now to your arms and hands…9…full awareness returning to the mind and sensors…10…eyes open, fully conscious and alert…feeling fabulous.