By Carol Green

Get yourself comfortable on the couch. Very soon you will feel your eyelids becoming very heavy as they begin to blink. They are getting heavier and heavier… so heavy you can hardly keep them open. Perhaps you can relax those little muscles around the eyes… that’s right… good… just relax them. Heavier and heavier not wanting to open them… it feels so good with them closed… let the eyes just relax and as they do you can allow yourself to drop down into a warm, safe and secure, comfortable feeling inside you.  Good…


Take a deeper breath, and as you do, let your body become relaxed… that’s right… just relax… And let that relaxing feeling flow all the way down the body to the tips of the toes, every part of your body becomes more comfortable, more relaxed, that’s good… comfortable, relaxed and peaceful.


Now see or sense yourself at the top of a flight of stairs, you are getting ready to go down these steps one by one. There is a handrail for you to hold on to if you need to. You see that each step has different coloured sparkles on it, so start stepping down now onto the first step… you notice that the sparkles light up even more when you step on them… so pretty.  Continue down the steps now enjoying all the different colours lighting up as you step on each step.

You are half way down now…going down, going down, deeper and deeper into comfort and relaxation, deeper and deeper.  Sinking into the pretty sparkly colours… down… down each step… relaxing… feeling wonderful. You reach the bottom of the stairs now, and as you do you feel a wonderful knowing feeling……. you look around and yes you know this place.


This is your very own special place that you go to… it might be the park that you always go to or it might be a new park you have just discovered.  It’s a beautiful day and you see that the sky is a deep blue and the sun is shining high up in the sky. It’s so lovely and warm, not too hot and you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. You feel so happy and relaxed in this place. I wonder what’s in your special place, shall we have a look? Oh…there are swings! I bet you love the swings… perhaps you would like to go over and jump on one. It’s as if the swing was just there waiting for you.


You begin to lean back and forth to get the swing moving more and more….you are very good at this….you find swinging very relaxing going back and forth, so gently, so relaxed with each movement.  As you continue swinging smoothly back and forth, you notice you feel even more relaxed than ever before.  With each lean back, twice as relaxed and with each lean forward you go even further into being relaxed.

What a lovely feeling, more and more relaxed with each movement of the swing. More and more relaxed, more comfortable, safe and secure in your special place. Deeper, deeper and deeper relaxed… I’m now going to count down from 1 to 10 and with each number I count you will go deeper and deeper into a calm relaxed feeling… Are you ready? OK. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1…  Deeply relaxed now… just listen to the sound of my voice knowing you are safe… you are secure… and you are loved.


Now imagine yourself standing at a door, it’s a small wooden door, not very high at all.  It has a big round wooden handle… you take hold of this handle and push… the door begins to open and you need to bend down slightly to step through it… so step through the door now. And as you do you step onto dewy grass… you look around you and realise that you are in an enchanted forest. It’s very green and there are rusty coloured leaves on the ground, you can smell the muskiness of the leaves… As you take a step forward into this beautiful enchanted forest you hear the rustling of leaves under your feet. You crouch down to look at a big yellow and white daisy and a tiny fairy pops up from behind the flower. She asks you if you would like to go further into the enchanted forest… you nod your head….  The fairy turns and seems to be beckoning with her hand and just then a tiny green elf appears. In one hand he has a map and in the other a golden glitter bag.  He explains to you that the map will show you the path to the little pink and black fairies and that you can follow the fairy trail on the map and collect the fairies in the glitter bag as you go along. You are feeling so excited as you take the map and golden glitter bag, thanking the little green elf.

The forest is a very magical place, you feel happy and calm with an inner excitement of what you may find. As you walk deeper into the enchanted forest following the trail on the map, you suddenly catch a glimpse of something pink and sparkly on top of a leaf. You bend down on one knee, oh my…. oh goodness… yes… it is a little fairy, and as you get closer you realise that there are lots of little fairies looking up at you smiling and happy that you are there… They are pink and sparkly and a wonderful feeling comes over you and you relate them to your happy feelings, experiences and memories.  You know, yes, the wonderful happy feelings, experiences and memories that you enjoy remembering.

So as you go further into the forest you begin gathering all those loving little pink sparkly fairies. Every time you find one you place it in your golden glitter bag.  You realise you have a big smile on your face as each of these little pink sparkly fairies reminds you of a happy feeling, experience or memory…

Oh, there, look just ahead is another little fairy but this one is black and sparkly. And these fairies that are black and sparkly are the feelings, experiences and memories that you don’t like so much.


You are such a brave girl and you continue to follow the trail so you can collect the little black sparkly fairies too and you put them into your golden glitter bag. So now you have come to the end of the trail and you realise that you have a bag full of pink and black sparkly fairies.


As you lift your eyes from the end of the trail, you see in front of you two beautiful forest queens… the fairy queens. One queen is dressed all in pink feathers and the other queen is dressed all in black feathers.  The pink feather queen gives you a wave and friendly smile, she steps towards you and asks if you have collected all of her pink sparkly fairies… you tell her yes and put your hand into the your golden glitter bag and take out the first pink sparkly fairy.  As you do the pink fairy queen asks you what this little pink fairy represents to you… You get a happy feeling inside of you as you remember the happy event, memory or emotion associated with it. The pink feather fairy queen tells you that you may put this fairy in your pocket if you wish to keep her… you do so and place the little fairy carefully into your pocket.


As you take out each little pink sparkly fairy from the golden glitter bag you realise that each one holds a happy memory, event or emotion… you tell each one to the pink feather fairy queen and explain what each fairy means to you… the pink feathered fairy queen listens to you with love in her heart and understands all that you tell her.  Your pocket starts to get full now and you smile because you can hear the little pink sparkly fairies giggling in your pocket.  So now your golden glitter bag is empty of pink fairies and your pocket is full.


So now the black feather fairy queen steps forward and asks you if you managed to collect all of her black sparkly fairies… you nod and take out the first black sparkly fairy, and the fairy queen asks what this particular little sparkly black fairy means to you. What does she represent to you? Just think about it…

Then the black feather fairy queen tells you that if you look closer into your glitter bag there may be some little black sparkly fairies that are not necessary for you any more… have a look now… Maybe there are some that you don’t need any more…or no longer want….

You might have needed them before but perhaps they are not useful in your life any more, maybe they used to affect you but now these feelings have gone…

So you look at the little black sparkly fairies one by one and think of the feelings you want to be rid of.  And each one that you don’t need or want any more you can give them back to the black feather fairy queen…

So give them back now and she will place them back into the glitter glen.


The black sparkly fairy queen also tells you that if there are any little black sparkly fairies in there that your subconscious mind feels you don’t need right now, but which you may want to see again or collect another time, you can return them to the enchanted forest…  Maybe some of those little black sparkly fairies make you think of feelings, events or emotions that upset you, but you don’t feel ready to talk about them right now… I want you to remember that you can always go back to the enchanted forest another day if you choose to and the little green elf will give you back the map and the golden glitter bag and you can go back into the enchanted forest to collect the fairies whenever you feel the time is right for you. The feather queens will always be there ready to listen to you.


So now let’s see if there are any little black sparkly fairies in your golden glitter bag that you do feel ready to talk about… perhaps you would like to tell the black feather fairy queen about these…  If you do you can tell her now while I am quiet for a while… go ahead tell her now… And while you explain to her the experience, event or emotion, she comforts you and asks how the situation could be made better and you immediately feel much better for telling her your experiences… So now if you need to, get another black sparkly fairy out of your glitter bag and tell the black feather queen about this problem……………(continue this way and ask the child to nod when all issues have been spoken about). 


Good…you are doing so well… So now you have a pocket full of little pink sparkly fairies. Perhaps also there are some little black sparkly fairies now swimming in the glitter glen and perhaps some have gone back to the enchanted forest for a while…So just know that you can choose to come back to the enchanted forest one day when you are ready and collect some of the little black sparkly fairies that you were not quite ready to collect today.  So it’s nearly time to say goodbye to the feather queens, you never know, you may see them again one day.


For now say goodbye to the enchanted forest and thank it for keeping you safe and secure… it’s time to leave now and know that when you do come back into the present you will feel so much better for having spoken to the pink feather fairy queen and found that the anxiety attached to the memories, events and emotions that you had are no longer there. And you will bring back all these wonderful feelings with you and this make you feel so, so, happy.


So I will count from 1 to 5 and when I reach 5 you will wake up feeling refreshed and happy, looking forward to the rest of your day… 1, 2, having a stretch… 3, wiggling your fingers and toes… 4, hearing the sounds in the room… and 5, wide awake to mummy waiting for you.