Let us now embark on an incredible journey where the tapestry of your family’s history unfolds before your very eyes. Much like the turning pages of a captivating novel, we flick the pages of the diary of your ancestors, each page leaving a unique imprint on the tapestry of your lineage. As each page turns, the past comes to life in a full and vibrant display of your family’s history.

As you take a peek into the pages of the past, you get to witness the remarkable stories of your female ancestors. Dressed in timeless clothing, these women embody the traditions and values of their time with unwavering dignity and grace. Through their strength and wisdom, they have left a mark on the tapestry of your lineage, their legacy inspiring and shaping your generations to come.

As you commence the next chapter of your story, you are quickly transported to the heart of a battlefield surrounded by warriors who share your bloodline. Their strength and spirit forge a connection, reminding you that the courageous legacy of your ancestors flows within your veins.

As read onwards, the innocence and hope in the eyes of children brighten your vision. These young souls represent the dreams and aspirations cherished by your ancestors, carrying the flame of hope and promise for generations yet to come. Their existence symbolises the unbroken cycle of life and the long-standing legacy of your family, a true testament to the spirit of your lineage.

This journey through time connects the lives of countless individuals who have collectively shaped the person that you have become. It serves as a powerful reminder of the profound connections that transcend time and space, binding you to the story of your family’s history.

As the pages turn, your attention is focused on a particular generation. Here, you delve into the life and story of your ancestor (great-grandmother, aunt, etc) and the emotional experience of betrayal that marked her journey. This ongoing story through your family’s history allows you to sense the emotional turmoil she suffered, marked by a powerful sense of rejection.

During this hardship that defined her era, your ancestor (great-grandmother, aunt, etc) faced life’s challenges without the resources she needed to thrive. I want you reach out to her, make a gentle connection…


She looks at you with a sense of familiarity; she knows who you are and that you are family.
I want you to gaze into her eyes. She recognises the depth of your understanding and the profound empathy you possess for what she’s endured. She’s aware of the strength and pride that comes from your time, and she senses it within you. The moment has arrived to close the distance that separates you and surround her in a warm embrace. In this shared connection, remember that the concept of time in this dimension is limitless, transcending all boundaries from times gone by.

Through your love and support, you provide your ancestor (great-grandmother, aunt, etc) with the essential tools to help reshape her life and embark on the journey of healing. In your presence, she begins to discover a sense of self-worth that had long been hidden within her. She feels her inner confidence building, self-belief, and heightened wisdom set to chart her more empowered path.

This transformation is more than just change. It sets the stage for a life full of potential. With all the love in your heart, assure her that she possesses the strength to control her destiny, steering her in the direction she truly desires. Let her know she is cherished and the pain of past rejection will never haunt her again.

As you offer her love, your ancestor stands at a crossroads, empowered to take control of her destiny. This chapter in your family’s story will take a pivotal turn moving forward through time as the legacy of your ancestor has reshaped, transcending the confines of time and space.

As you turn the pages of your story, you feel a new sense of pride within your family lineage changing. You can now confidently make the changes within yourself to chart your own course, following a new inner confidence that you now possess. No longer bound by the ties of rejection and betrayal, your journey sets a new page in the story of your family’s history.