By Sheridan Sandow

This script is for a client who wishes to improve their morning routine. They may always be running late or don’t have time for breakfast. They may often feel stressed and rushed and as a result, negatively impacts their outlook for the remainder of the day.

Induction and deepening of choice

Imagine you are now in a hallway. In the hallway there are two doors. Go to the door closest to you. Take hold of the door handle, open the door, and enter the room. You are now in your bedroom. It is first thing in the morning and your day is about to begin. You can see yourself in bed and your alarm is about to go off. You watch as your morning plays out as normal. Notice how you are feeling… Notice the things you would like to be different… Notice what is potentially stopping you from starting your day as you would like to…

Now, go back to the door you entered from. As you stand at the door you feel the obstacles fade away. Any of the things stopping you from starting your day the way you would like are now gone. No longer part of your experience. Open the door, go back into the hallway. Close the door. Know that you have left those things behind. You are now ready to create your new reality.

Move towards the next door in the hallway. Take hold of the door handle, open the door, and enter the room. It is your bedroom once again. But this time it feels different. The day is about to begin again. The alarm goes off. Now you start your day as you would like to. You could be waking up feeling refreshed… You could be waking up eager to start the day… You may choose to start your day with meditation or yoga… Go through each step of your morning exactly how you would like it to be… Perhaps now you have plenty of time to get ready for your day. Plenty of time to have breakfast. Plenty of time to shower and get dressed. Each part of your morning routine done mindfully and with ease. Notice how you feel… Perhaps you are feeling relaxed… Perhaps you are feeling positive about the day ahead… Create your reality exactly as you wish it to be… Experience it now… How does it feel? Know this is now your reality. You can choose exactly how you would like your day to start.

Whenever you choose to, your mind will easily recall what you have experienced today and you will effortlessly be able to create this as your reality.


Wake Up