By Cagla Rifat

As you settle in and adjust your physical body down further into the chair, take a few moments now to make any adjustments that will allow you to most fully relax…and now I would like you to invite a big cleansing breath into the body…inviting light from the Universe…breathing light into every cell of your body…and on the out breath, every cell of your body releasing any energy that doesn’t serve you back to the Universe…breathing light into the physical body…bones…blood…organ structures…all aspects  of the physical body…and on the out breath, releasing anything that doesn’t serve you or doesn’t belong to you back to the Universe…

Good…feeling completely relaxed and peaceful…the eyes resting gently closed…sinking down further into the chair beneath you, as deep as you can go…allow now a wave of relaxation to spread down from the top of the head relaxing you as you go deeper and deeper….all the way down through the features, as the muscles of the face relax…deeper and deeper…allowing the wonderful relaxation to spread down through the shoulders…relaxing and releasing…down through the arms and through the chest…always going down down…and even further down still…every breath you take takes you deeper down into a calm hypnosis…all the tension releases from the back…and there is a feeling of relaxation unfolding in the stomach now…and all those muscles in the legs are growing loose and limp and completely relaxed…through the soles of the feet…to the tips of the toes…you may notice a pleasant tingling sensation that occurs as that calm feeling of trance takes you deeper and deeper…like a soothing heaviness…perhaps a wave of subtle vibrations, of comfortable warmth, that relaxes both the conscious mind and physical body…this time is your time…time for you to truly relax in your own unique way…

Now you might like to imagine yourself in  a large field, filled as far as the eye can see with beautiful lavender flowers…you see a blanket of violet surrounding you in every direction…you may feel a gentle breeze as the air carries the scent of calming lavender…breathing in the calming scent now if you wish to…you notice the field slopes gently down as if on a hill…and you follow the path down…enjoying the exquisite sights of this miraculous form of nature…thinking how many wonderful colours, sights, smells and senses there are in this world…

With every step you take down the gentle sloping hill…you allow yourself to double your level of relaxation…double the depth of your calm and peaceful trance…always going deeper…and deeper…and deeper still…

And so I will count down from 10 to 1…and with each count you know you can relax more and more…seeing yourself relax from the outside and feeling yourself relax from the inside…

So 10, taking that first step as you double your relaxation always enjoying the lovely sight and scent of lavender surrounding you..9,8, going deeper and deeper, 7,6, taking steps down, down, as you double your level of calm now…5,4, going deeper…and deeper…and even deeper…3,2…feeling so relaxed and peaceful now…and on the next number I say, you will arrive at the bottom of the hill onto a grassy clearing… feeling yourself drop down even deeper….and 1, stepping onto the clearing…feeling yourself dropping down, down, and further down into the deepest level of your subconscious relaxation…

Good…allowing yourself to truly and completely relax now…and always you know the more you relax the better you feel, and the better you feel the more you allow yourself to relax…letting your heavier conscious mind drift now…whilst your lighter unconscious mind is more and more interested in those inner feelings of calm and serenity as it listens effortlessly to the sound of my voice… with no need to concentrate or think…just allowing the mind to completely let go…because the subconscious mind knows always what to do…that’s right…deeper and deeper into the wonders of your mind…as you drift off now into your own unique way…

You may like to visualise now this grassy clearing transform into a very special place…it may be a garden, beach, mountainside, cottage, or favourite childhood location…whatever special place you now choose allow yourself to visualise or sense yourself there…there are no limits to what this special place can be…allow yourself to see or feel all the colours, sights, senses of this environment…this is your very own unique and special place…where you always feel calm and secure and perfectly safe within yourself…take a moment to come into this very safe special place now…(pause)…

That’s good…just letting go…letting go now…just like letting go of a heavy backpack you may have been carrying for some time upon your shoulders…as you allow yourself to unpack all of those thoughts and worries…all of those tensions and concerns…feeling the deep release across your shoulders and neck…as each weight after weight is removed one at a time now…and as each weight is removed it brings a release to all other parts of your deepest being…as you allow those feelings of calmness and relaxation to continue to flow through each and every muscle and fibre and nerve…

Simply enjoying this time in your most favourite special place now…you may like to take this time to now recall a special early childhood memory…one where you felt complete and utter happiness or contentment…a pleasant and joyful episode…an experience that is meaningful to you…travelling back now…5, going back…4, deeper and deeper…3, further and further back…2, coming to that special childhood experience now…and 1…be there now!

Just allow the images and sensations to come now…and you can begin to notice and ask yourself what you are doing here in this moment…trust whatever comes up for you…in a moment I am going to ask you to communicate, and at the sound of your own voice you will drop even deeper into the experience…

  • What is it that’s happening?
  • How old do you feel yourself to be?
  • Are there others with you or are you alone?
  • What are you wearing?
  • Are your surroundings familiar?
  • Describe these surroundings
  • How are you feeling?

(Anchor positive feelings)

And now we will continue to float further and further backwards (start from whatever age they regressed to)… 5 years old…4 years old…back back…3 years old…even further back still…2 years old…and 1 year old…and now even further back…to the time of your birth…and backward still….you are going back to that very safe, very warm secure place…the place where you felt deeply surrounded by love and protection…always you are guarded by the energy of warmth and security…feeling the nurturing power of your own growth and life’s potential…to a time sometime after your conception and just before your birth…back to that very special time in the womb where you are preparing to come into this world…7, going deeper….6, deeper and deeper now…5,4, going back now…3…back in time to the womb…2 and 1…in the womb now!

Allow any images and sensations to come…and tell me now…

  • Is it light or dark?
  • Are you aware of any colours?
  • Do you feel cramped or does it feel like you have plenty of room? (If cramped, do they need to adjust themselves to be more comfortable?)
  • You may need to be able to more aware and connect with your mother here. What is she experiencing in regards to this pregnancy?
  • Can you connect with her and influence her feelings? Try to reassure her.
  • How do you feel about coming into this world? Are you excited or apprehensive or something else?
  • And why is it you’re coming?

You are doing so well…and as we prepare to journey on further back now…I want you bring forth and reacquaint yourself with those feelings of peace, love and protection that you felt in your very special place…you know that you can bring the safety and comfort of your special place with you along this journey…wherever you may go…so invoking the feelings of your special now…(pause)…and you may begin to notice within your special place three glimmering doorways appearing now…slowly appearing like a shining light growing and growing… three doorways of light…each doorway represents a different past life…walk over and stand in front of each doorway now…one of them will feel lighter or brighter…there will be a stronger impulse to explore that doorway…which doorway has the most power, the most light? When you are ready, choose the doorway and stand in front of it…notice how energised and excited you feel to step through this doorway…all the time knowing that once you step through, your safe place is just through the doorway on the other side… safe and sound and secure…breathing easily and freely…

But now you can allow yourself to move in a new direction, a much, much, deeper direction, because you know that your deepest self wishes to bring a special insight, knowledge, and healing to you…and you know that your deepest subconscious self has those special messages for you…all of which can  bring you all those wonderful experiences of a deeper meaning…because you know that whatever is revealed to you is healthy for you…as all of your experiences that are allowed to come now, will be or your upmost benefit…and you know you are about to witness and observe your very own special journey…

So step through your chosen doorway now…feeling excited as this doorway of light fills your soul with the potentials and possibilities of lives once lived that you will soon encounter…10, bathed entirely in the radiance of this new light…9, you are a being of light now…as the light touches and fills through your head down through the crown of your being…8, down across your features and face…7, that light creates and shapes you as it moves across you….6, down down across your shoulders and arms…5, down your chest…4, your back…3, calming your waist…2,and your legs and your feet…you are a radiant being of light walking through this doorway now…and 1, you find yourself on the other side…within a new body…because here you are now…present in an earlier lifetime…existing here within your own previous life…you have arrived now (click fingers)

Let all the images, sensations, and feelings come…when you are ready imagine looking down at your feet…

  • Are you wearing shoes or are you barefoot? If so what is the colour, texture, and style of the footwear?
  • How about your clothing? Feel the textures and see the materials as you notice the colours.
  • Is your clothing loose fitting or tight?
  • Are you male or female in this lifetime?
  • Are you an adult or child?
  • Look down at your hands. What colour is the skin?
  • Are you inside or out?
  • Describe your surroundings.
  • Become aware of where this place is. You may just know.  If you were to look at a map of the world or a globe, where would you be drawn to?
  • What time in history is this?
  • How old are you?
  • What’s your name? What do people call you?
  • Are there other people around you or are you alone?
  • What is it that’s happening?

And now you find yourself moving again, still within this lifetime, backwards or forwards to another significant episode within this life…find yourself stepping through time easily and effortlessly, so that you come to the next significant and meaningful even that your past self wishes to show you now…

  • What’s happening?
  • Where are you?
  • How old are you?
  • What are you doing?
  • What are others doing?
  • How are you feeling?

(Explore events and try to establish the significance. Repeat process if necessary.)

And now, if you are ready, we move onwards again, as you travel to the last day of this life to explore how that life ended…going there now…3,2, and 1…be there now!

  • How old are you?
  • Is there anything going on to indicate that this is the last day of your life?
  • Where are you?
  • What’s happening?
  • How are you feeling?
  • Are there others there with you?
  • Reflect upon you in your past life here…and take some time to receive any special understanding that your past life has for your current life…can you tell me more about this life?
  • What was the general feeling that you carried in that lifetime?
  • How did you feel as the person that you were?
  • What lessons did you learn in that lifetime?
  • What were your greatest achievements?

In this lifetime you may have had a special gift, talent, soul quality, or skill.  Is there anything you were especially good at in this lifetime?  If so you may wish to step into a scene in which you are utilising this skill and reclaim it to bring it back with you…

(Add healing and reframing techniques if appropriate.)

Now that you have received and understood all the messages your past life self has sent to you, send in return to your past self a blessing by sending all your love, all your compassion, and all of your understanding to who you once were…and when you are ready let that past life begin to release and fade away, as you begin to let go of that body now…as you part with love and healing…and a powerful sense of spiritual protection…are you ready now? Good…gently begin to let go of that body now, as your soul frees itself from that body, that life, and all those experiences, shedding itself of all trauma, illness, negative beliefs and emotions that no longer serve…while your soul leaves whole and complete, bringing with it all positive learning experiences, gifts, talents, and abilities onwards up out of this 3D experience, to the dimensions of spirit beyond the physical world…as you make this transition describe this journey to me…

  • Have you left your body yet?
  • Where are you now in relation to your body?
  • Are you still in the room?
  • Are you moving away?
  • Are you moving forward looking up or backwards looking down?
  • Are you moving quickly or slowly?
  • Do you have a sensation of drifting or being pulled?
  • Can you still see the Earth beneath you?
  • Are you aware of anyone coming to greet you?

As we begin our transition back to your current life and time…you may like to bring back those meanings and sensations that are positive and useful for you…bringing those back into your current life…all your special gifts and abilities…and you are releasing and letting go of everything entirely that is not useful and beneficial for you to retain in this current life time…releasing all trauma and negativity… you are carrying within you a sense of hope and clarity within you now…as the light within you burns bright with warmth and a new positive direction…because you are bringing back with you now something truly special and unique…and the treasure of your own deepest wisdom and deepest healing ability resides within you…

So as you begin your journey back to you current life…as you move up and up through the deepest pathways of your mind…you do so comfortably, confidently knowing that you are integrating all this knowing in the best way for you…you will find in your coming days and nights ahead, more and more understanding will easily come to your conscious waking mind…so that everything you have learnt during this session will continue to bring you a greater personal insight and greater harmony within yourself…and always a deeper sense of positivity and happiness is generating within you…in each and every way you are finding your own strength, confidence, calmness, kindness, love and contentment are all expanding and shining out from you as every day, and in every way it gets better and better…

(Add any further relevant post hypnotic suggestions)

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