By Lynda Aghan

So (insert client’s name), I want you to get yourself comfortable in the chair.  Close your eyes and start to become aware of your body, how it feels, the rate of your breathing and how tight your muscles feel.  Give your body a small shake to help relax those muscles.  Allow the thoughts and worries of your day to quieten and dissipate.  They have no power here, so just let them go.  If a thought or worry intrudes, thank it and say that you will get on it later and allow it to go.  Know that your mind is doing what it’s designed to do and can continue to do without your supervision or control.  Release all expectation and judgement.  You are capable of achieving this. 

Notice the sounds around you.  There may be soft music, the ticking of a clock, the hum of traffic, the chatter of birds or the sound of other voices.  Let the sounds drift into the distance and just hear my voice.  Allow any other sounds to be a source of relaxation and peace as you go deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. 

Feel your chair and how it cradles your body.  There is no sense of time or worry or deadlines.  Put all your worries and troubles on the backburner and take the time now to relax.  Allow your body to relax and grow limp…  Permit your mind to rest and ease…  Let your breathing, heart rate and brainwave frequency to slow…  All is fine, all is safe…  Allow yourself to go deeper and deeper into a peaceful and relaxed state… 

Now I would like you to picture a park where there are walking tracks, large trees and bushes.  The sky is blue, the sun is shining and there is a refreshing breeze blowing.  As you take a walk along one of the walking tracks, you notice a stream a short distance away.  As you get closer, you notice a canoe tied to the bank of the stream.  Walk up to the canoe, untie it and get in.  You can use an oar to push yourself away from the edge.  The stream is clear and you can see pebbles and small fish below you.  You notice a gentle breeze which caresses your face.  You feel the current take your canoe gently down the stream.  You decide that it is such a relaxing day that you would like to lie down.  You notice a pile of blankets and you make yourself very comfortable either lying down or reclining on the back of the canoe.  Notice how blue the sky is, how warm the sun feels on your skin and how the gentle breeze is welcoming.  You feel totally safe and at peace.  So safe and peaceful that the tension in your body can be released…  You feel all your worries, all thoughts of stress and anxiety just drift away like the white fluffy clouds in the sky through the floor of the canoe to be taken away by the current and dissipate in the water.  It feels so good to be released from all your cares.  Any noises that you hear only take you deeper into relaxation.  Feel all tension just melt away from every limb, muscle and cell of your body…  Feeling so very relaxed and at peace.

Now I would like you to take 3 deep breaths, using the muscles of your diaphragm and even your stomach.  Imagine that each breath is cleansing, healing and renewing and travels through every cell in your body. See how each breath out allows any tension and stress to be released allowing a wave of peace and tranquillity to wash over you…  So taking a deep breath in, filling every cell in your body with life giving oxygen… healing and renewing…  Now exhale, allow all tension and stress to leave…  Breathing in, in, in and hold…  Now breathe out, out, out…  Last breath in, filling your whole body with peace and tranquillity…  Now exhale, releasing all negative energy, anxiety and tension as you relax more and more…

Now I know that you are deeply relaxed and I know that you can go deeper still.  You can achieve a very deep level of relaxation easily.  I am going to touch you on your third eye and when I do you will go 10 times deeper than where you are now.  (Touch third eye).  Going deeper now… 


As you go deeper and deeper, I would like you to create in your mind a safe place.  This safe place is an individual choice.  I want you to imagine where you can go when you feel anxious or overwhelmed.  This is a place that you feel totally secure – your own private haven.  It may be a garden, the woods, the beach, a library, a tent or a fortress or even a cloud where you can float away from all that disturbs you.

No matter where you are, know that your higher self, guides, guardians and angels are always around, ready to help whenever you require it.  Experience your safe place, the one place that you resonate with and take joy in being there.  No one else needs to know about it, it is totally yours.  You can visit there if ever you feel anxious and unsure. 

Now that you have chosen your safe place, I want you to notice a walkway leading from this place.  I want you to step on it.  You will notice that once you have stepped on it, that it starts to move slowly.  It will be a smooth sensation and you will feel at ease.  You may feel the inclination to sit down on the smooth surface.  If you do want to sit down, then do so.

Up ahead you see a tunnel that is coming closer.  I will now count from 10 down to 1. 10 will mean that you have just entered the tunnel and at 1 you will have reached the end.  At the end, you will find yourself in another time.  A time in your childhood which holds a happy memory for you.  So 10, entering the tunnel…9, 8, you are surrounded by darkness but feeling safe and secure…7, 6, 5, travelling safely… 4, 3, start to notice a small light at the end…2 and 1, step into your childhood and it’s a happy occasion…

This happy occasion could be a birthday, Christmas or a family celebration.  Allow the memories, feelings and sensations to become clearer for you…  Allow yourself to fully engage in this time…  This is a time when you felt happy, joyful and secure… 

When you are ready, I want you to look down at your feet. 


  • Are you wearing any shoes or do you have bare feet?
  • What are you wearing? (If the person finds it hard to say, then ask as to what they are wearing on their legs and travel further up the body.
  • How old are you?
  • Where are you?
  • Are there people around you?
  • What is happening?
  • How are you feeling?

Each time that you touch your wrist as I am doing now, you will experience the joy and love that you feel right now. 

Now we are leaving your childhood and going back to the womb.  So I would like you to go back on to the pathway.  As we are only going a short distance in time, I will count from 5 to 1 while the pathway moves you to that event. 
5…4…3…2…1…Be there now!

I would like you to incorporate all your senses as I ask these questions:

  • How does it feel to be in this place?
  • Is it light or dark?
  • Are you aware of any colors?
  • Do you feel cramped or is there plenty of space?
  • Tune into your mother. You can become aware of how your mother is feeling. What is she experiencing in relation to this pregnancy?
  • Do you feel excited, apprehensive or something else in regard to your upcoming birth? (Bear in mind that amnesia might have already occurred).
  • It is not that long since you have been in spirit so you may have some awareness of the purpose of this lifetime. Why have you come?


Now it is time to go back further. Back to a lifetime which would be beneficial for you to experience at this time.  Trust that your higher self, guides, guardian angels knows where to go.  So step on the pathway again.  Feel it start to move and see the tunnel up ahead.  Relax and enjoy the ride as you enter the dark tunnel once more…  There is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel that is drawing you toward it…  In a moment I will count down from 10 to 1.  When I reach 1, you will be in a lifetime which is beneficial for your growth.  With each number that I say, you will go even deeper than where you are now.  10,  9,  8, going deeper and deeper…7,  6,  5, deeper and deeper…4,  3,  2,  1…you are now in another time and place.

When you are ready, have a look at your feet…

  • What are you wearing on your feet or nothing at all?
  • Now look at what you are wearing. If it is not clear, feel it on your skin. Does the fabric feel soft or rough?
  • Is the clothing tight or loose on you?
  • Now have a look at your hands. What color is your skin?  Are your hands smooth or rough?
  • Are you male or female? Are you an adult or a child?

Continue to go deeper and deeper into the experience, allowing images and sensations to come easily to you…Now have a look around you, turning in a full circle.  Are you indoors or outside?

(Allow the client time to fully access where they are.  If the client is unsure or not getting much of a sensation, you can ask them some clarifying questions such as “Are you looking at yourself or are you looking through your eyes?”  If they say that they are looking at themselves, ask them to step into the person so that they can experience it fully.  If they say that they are not doing terribly much and/or there is not much around them, remind them that images and sensations come easily to them.  You can emphasize this by saying “when I touch your third eye, sensations and images will come easily to you (and then touch their forehead).

Allow the client to take you on their journey.  Check in with them as what they are feeling about the situation they find themselves in.  Prompt them periodically – “what happens next?”  Also put in that they are going deeper and deeper. 

If the client says that they are in darkness, have them turn on a light, strike a candle or open the curtains if they are inside.  If they are outside, suggest that the sun is coming up and there is now plenty of light. 

Depending on what is going on for the client, you may also be able to ask them to go to another time or event that was significant for them.  Ask “what is happening for them now?”

Through this process, a detailed description can be achieved and sometimes a complete past-life account.  It also might be of benefit to ask the client during the regression if there is anyone that they recognise from the current lifetime who is with them now.)



We are now going to go to the last day of this life…

     Can you tell me how you died? (Allow the client time to bring forward the images.  In the case of a traumatic death, give the client the choice to stay in the experience or bring them out of their body to be an observer so that they can still obtain the lessons of that event. Also remind them that they are not alone, they are in a safe place here in your office and that the event has already occurred a long time ago.) 

  • Is there anyone with you during this experience?
  • Have you left your body yet?
  • What could you have done differently in your life to have a better outcome?
  • What lessons did you not learn or could have done better?
  • If you had done things differently how would that have affected your way of life and/or death?
  • What would you say was your greatest accomplishment?

(Ask any other LBL related questions)…

I would like you now to go to a place that you feel safe and where you feel relaxed and at peace.  This could be a garden or beach.  Just somewhere you like to go… Before you come back to our time, relax here…  Feel the love and support of your guides as they were with you then and with you now…  Feel the healing that is given to you…  Let it permeate into every part of your being and soul…  Here is a time and place for healing and regeneration so allow all negativity to fall away and leave it behind in the past where it belongs…  You are loved…  You are healed…  Let yourself feel the renewal of your being………


Now I’m going to slowly count from 1 to 10.  As I do so, you will become more fully aware and awake.  You will feel revitalized and invigorated.  You will remember the entire experience and the lessons that you have learnt.  You will feel empowered and let go of all negative emotion and trauma which you have associated with that lifetime.  You have learnt from that experience and are stronger from having done so.  You now can choose to take the learnings and apply it to your life now.  You have a greater capacity to experience love, acceptance, forgiveness and healing than you had before.  You have the freedom of choice in how you want to live this life.  Freedom and choice to align more with who you are at soul level.  You may recall and experience more details of the event you have just relived.  This may be in your dreams or meditations and it will only enhance your understanding, knowledge and healing that you have already undergone at present.  This may happen over the next few hours, days or even weeks.

Now you are going to return to full waking conscious, feeling energized and alert…1, starting to come back to a waking state… 2, coming back up now…3, coming back up.  You can start to feel your body again.  Awareness is increasing… 4, coming back.  Feeling invigorated and alive.  Healed and renewed in body and soul… 5, coming back up.  You can begin to feel your toes and feet.  Feel your fingers and hands.  Becoming more aware of your body… 6, Coming back.  Become aware of the chair you are in.  Begin to hear the sounds in the room… 7, coming back. You can feel the energy rising in your legs and abdomen… 8, coming back.  You can feel the energy rising in your chest.  Your heart rate and blood pressure returning to a normal rate for you… 9, coming back.  You can feel the energy travelling up your arms and shoulders and into your neck… 10, you can feel the energy in your head.  You are wanting to open your eyes.  Feeling alert, revitalized and refreshed.  Recalling all that you have experienced.