Soul Based Therapy is the result of a lifelong desire to see a more coherent approach to healing. I have spent 35 years in the field of western medicine and 20 years practising as a hypnotherapist, counsellor, healer and advisor. Even though I grew up in a very traditional, western, left brain family, I have questioned deeper meanings and been attracted to “alternative” modalities from a very young age. Growing up in a medical family, I was always very interested to mould the more eastern and ancient philosophies into the more modern developments in medicine.

I also have always enjoyed problem solving and understanding how things work. So, my transition into the workings of the mind and the discovery of hypnosis as the remarkable tool that it is, was exciting and joyous. After several years of clinical experience however, I realised that the clinical approach was, although very valuable, not enough for me. The call to understand even deeper levels of our existence and how this influenced our lives was strong.

Soul Based Therapy is the product of this journey and I feel humbled by the opportunity to present to you my life’s work. I feel enormous gratitude that you wish to join me in utilising this wonderful approach to healing.

I welcome you to this course, this work and the journey that it represents.



To provide wisdom, guidance, support and compassion to our students, practitioners and clients through which they can heal, learn and live lives that are loving, purposeful, fulfilling and abundant.

Ann Rodis

Ann Rodis is the founder of Soul Based Therapy. Ann has been helping individuals in this way for 20 years and effectively runs a successful and busy practice in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Ann has written a book on this topic – “Soul Based Therapy – The Road to Home”

Ann has her Masters in Hypnotherapy, Diploma of Applied Science in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Certificate IV in Counselling and Conflict Resolution, Reiki I & II and also has 38 years of experience in the medical field and medical imaging. She has done further study in past life work, spirituality and life between lives. Ann is a member of the ASCH, AHS, ACA, MTB and TNI. Throughout the years, Ann’s work has evolved and she has been able to facilitate the empowerment and transformation of many clients leading to the development of Soul Based Therapy.


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