Symptom: Joint damage in jaw (TMJ) post-surgery.


This particular script was created for my housemate who has had chronic jaw pain for the last year and a half after receiving jaw reconstructive surgery. The pain is mostly nerve centred in which the client describes it as dull and intense and is connected to her TMJ, bone joint, pineal gland and upper skull.


The intention of the script is to give the client a sense of agency when it comes to managing the pain. It will mostly focus on creating a sense of empowerment and control when the pain becomes almost unmanageable and calming the nervous system.


My client is my age and has devoted greatly to her spiritual evolution and upgrading, so I trust and know she will be receiving the visualisation aspects with ease.


Having witnessed her process in high pain moments, and seeing first-hand how debilitating it can get, I feel this script will massively help her regain her strength and knowing that she can ultimately gain control of her experience. (Of course, this goes for anyone who experiences joint/nerve pain like this).


Okay, beginning to close down your eyes now and bring you attention to your breath. Allowing it to be nice and slow, giving yourself space to notice the sensations of each breath… that’s it… good.


Feeling how your body responds to the gentle inhales and peaceful exhales. Noticing how each time you inhale you create a little more space in your being and each exhales releases any density, allowing you to sink even deeper to relaxation. Perfect…


And as your body is relaxing and deepening, to the rhythm of your slow, natural breaths, allow yourself to become aware of your feet. That’s it, bringing the attention to the soles of your feet. Just noticing here your feet becoming ever so heavy and relaxed as the energy moves through the tops of your feet and your toes all the way up to your ankles.

Feeling here you ankles begin to soften. Good.

Travelling up now with that beautiful peaceful energy all the way up your shins and calves, feeling them soften and ease. So relaxed.

Moving up the knees now, feeling them soften and melt of the knee joints. That’s it. 

Now feeling that peaceful energy moving up the thighs, relaxing the muscles and the tendons. Slow inhales take it up to the hips… feel the hips here soften and sooth. Relaxing the hips, letting them become so heavy and at ease. 

Now travelling up the torso to the womb and the core. Feeling here your internal organs relax and ease as you send that beautiful energy through. Good. 

Continuing to move up the chest area, filling your heart with peaceful, relaxing energy, then the neck and shoulders. Feeling that wave of relaxation pass through your arms now. Beautiful. So good. 

And finally taking that sweet energy with you all the way to you head. Feeling the face soften and soothe as it becomes filled by that beautiful relaxing sensation.

Feeling your jaw loosen, your cheek muscles soften, your eyes rest deeper into your sockets as you notice how good it feels to have the eyes closed. So relaxed. 

That energy completely fills your head now, with sheer peace and lightness.
Feel it spill all over your body, immersed in this beautiful, calming state. Well done. 

Okay. From this relaxed, present state, we’re going to ask the brainwave frequency to lower to 5hrtz. Inducing a theta state within the body, calming the central nervous system and relaxing the body even deeper. Perfect. Activate that now, thank you.


Great. You are now standing in your favourite place. This is your private space, one that only you know and are familiar with. Imagine yourself standing here now, noticing so acutely the sounds around you, how its warm here and the soft textures beneath your feet. Notice the familiar surroundings of your favourite place. 

You feel so safe here. So relaxed and so calm.
Take a moment to observe what else you feel standing here in your favourite place. The sensations that arise.

Perhaps you are becoming so aware of these sensations that you whole body softens even more. That’s it. Good job.

Feeling now each muscle and nerve ending in your body relax deeper, and deeper, and deeper. Good. 

Now, walking around, familiarising in your private place I want you to go ahead and locate an elevator. This elevator is here to take you to a different dimension, one in which you will gain different perspectives and insights. Go ahead and locate the elevator now. When you do, click the upward facing arrow on the panel and watch the doors open. Step in. 

Taking a short ride now, the elevator is taking you up to the place of doors where you will be entering a specific space to access and locate the pain in your jaw. 

Feeling the elevator open now, arriving at the place of doors. Step out of the elevator now and walk down the corridor.

Each door has different signage, indicating different parts of your life to explore, but you’re not going to notice them much, as you’re going to keep walking until you see one that says “BODY”.

Once you find it, go ahead and open it. Good. And step in now. 

This door is the gateway to your physical body. It is the point of entry into each and every aspect of your internal and external being. 

In front of you, there is a control panel and a large screen. Walk over to it now.

On the control panel a several buttons indicating different parts of the body. Press the button that says “HEAD”. Great. You’re doing really well. 

Notice on the screen now the shape and silhouette of your head has appeared but it is covered in blue grids. 

The screen in front of you is actually touch sensitive. You notice that as you touch it you can move and manipulate the image. You can rotate and move it easily. 

Keep rotating and shifting the image until you locate the place of pain on your jaw. You will know it is the pain area because this part of the grid is red.
Go ahead and zoom into that space now. Noticing the red is getting more and more intense as you do, more and more vibrant. 

Just notice how this space feels, feel the colour.


Now you have the ability to change this colour, this pain, from red to blue, like the rest of your body. All you have to do is tap, on the screen, with 2 fingers. 

Go ahead and touch the red areas with your 2 fingers now. As you tap it you notice the colour shifts slightly. The longer you hold your fingers on the area, the more the colour transmutes. Hold your fingers there until the colour begins to completely shift, from red slowly to blue. 

Notice it change and mutate… Taking the intensity of the red away and melting it into blue…. Good job. That’s perfect. 

As it does, feel the pain subside, as the grid begins to illuminate more easily now having found flow once more, without interference. 

Keep going here, shifting any red areas to blue as you need to. *Allow space* 


Once you’re complete, zoom out of the area and view the grid as a whole. Notice there are no more red parts. The grid is vibrant and whole again. Blue and luminant. You feel lighter and more at peace. There is no more pain, no more discomfort, no more distress. Once you feel it is clear, look down on the control panel and notice a switch that says, ‘ACTIVATE HEALING GRID’. Go ahead and turn that switch on now.

That’s it. Great. 

See the entire grid light up. Sending healing pulse through your entire head, activating and anchoring the healing you have just done on your jaw. Locking it in. Good. 

Feel now how you are so much more at ease. There is no more stress in your mind and body. You know now where this control panel lays in your subconscious, and you can return to this place at any point. You can return here to manage any pain or irritation you may feel in any part of your body.

Knowing this now, feeling confident and capable, leave the healing grid switch on, to continue you healing even after this moment and begin to walk back to the door. 

Good job. 

Leaving the room and closing the door behind you, walk back to the elevator now and press the downward arrow. Take a short ride now back to your private place and back to this present, physical moment and to this room.

In a moment I’m going to count from 1 to 10 and as I do you’re going to feel the awareness return once again to your being. But before you do, just take one more moment to notice how you feel much more assured and anchored in yourself because you know who you are. You are safe in your body and in your sensations.

You know that you are the creator and master of your experience and you can take control of it at any point. You have the capacity to heal and transmute your pain into a calming blue light of peace and harmony. You know what to do and how to do it. 

Okay, beginning to return now, carrying all of these wonderful knowing’s with you.

1… 2 feeling the blood rush and return to your feet and legs…3…4….5 as your pelvis begins to activate and blood pressure returns to its normal rate for you… 6…7 feeling the sensations return to your arms and hands… 8… 9… breath and awareness returning to the head and 10 returning fully present, fully awake, activated and integrated, eyes open.