Now that you are so deeply relaxed and able to access the deepest parts of your subconscious mind, you are also able to connect deeply with your highest self. You sense now that it is time to leave the comfort of your special room. And you feel that no matter what experience lies ahead, that you are completely safe and guided with nothing to fear. But just know, that if you do feel you need to return to the comfort of this room, that you can do so at any time. 

I’d like you to stand now and walk towards the doorway. Open the door and find yourself in a well-lit hallway. There are doors on each side of this hallway, and you are going to choose one in a moment. This doorway will lead you to the next stage of your journey. You feel excited to find out what is behind this door. Start exploring now and get a feel for which door you are going to choose.

This room may be quite a bit further down the hallway or it could be very close by. Go and walk over to the doorway your inner being guides you to now. When you have found the door that is meany for you and you are ready to turn the door handle, let me know by giving me a nod of the head.

(Wait for nod) 

Very good. Now, turn the handle and step inside. You walk in now and notice that it is a large room filled with the most beautiful and uplifting beings. These are your supporters, and they are here to show their love and belief in you. There may be guides or loved ones both passed over and still with you in this current life. There may even be ascended masters or animal guides that want to make their presence known to you. Feel their love now. Even if you can’t see them physically you can feel their beaming smiles and well wishes. Take a moment to feel their love for you. 

They wanted to come to let you know you are always safe and guided; however it is now time for you to go on your next stage of this journey, taking the energy from your supported with you. There is a closet somewhere in this room, walk over to the closet now and step inside. In this closet you will find a screen with an ‘on’ button somewhere on this screen. Press this now and fire it up. This screen depicts your personal Akashic Records, where you have access to every choice in every life you have ever lived. In fact, this screen gives you access to all of your soul wisdom and history. You will notice you can easily locate any life you wish to on this screen. But we have come for a specific purpose. We are going to choose the life where you first experienced the circumstances and emotions that led to the belief that you are powerless. We are going back to the root cause to heal and choose a new way of being. This will greatly benefit you in your current life. Locate this particular lifetime now. You may see a particular memory, or see the belief written on the screen. Or you may just get a general sense that you have located it. When you have found it, you will notice that the word ‘go’ appears on the screen. When you have see this, just let me know by giving me a nod of the head. 

Fantastic. I’m going to count now from 5 down to 1. And when I reach 1, I’d like you to press ‘go’. And when you do, you will instantly be transported back in time, to a new reality, a new place, a whole new lifetime whee you first experienced the emotions and triggers that created the belief within you that you are powerless. 5, preparing to go now, 4, 3, ready to go back, 2 and 1. Press go! 

Be there now! 

Just allow any images and sensations to come to you now. 

What are you wearing?

How old do you feel yourself to be?

Are you inside or outside?

Are your surroundings familiar? Describe them to me.

Are there others with you?

How are you feeling?

What is happening? 

(Once you have gotten a sense of the ISE) 

We are going to leave this memory behind now and go straight to the very last day of this lifetime, right before death. You are still connected to the Akashic screen and you will easily and effortlessly arrive to this point in time. Ok, 3, 2, 1, be there now! 

How old are you?

Where are you?

Are you alone?

What’s happening? 

Get a sense of your feelings regarding this life you’ve lived. How do you feel about it? 

You’re doing an amazing job. We are now going to go back to the first memory where you relived the experience of (…..). Go back to the start now. Everything looks the same as before except you now notice adult (name), the adult version of you from his current life coming towards you name.  You see (name) smiling at you and transferring son much love to you just from his/her presence. She understands exactly what you are experiencing and has so much compassion for you. She has come to help you and to assist your healing process. The adult version of you has live so many more lifetimes than the one that you experienced in this scene. He/she has gained so many resources and is well-equipped to offer these with you and to transform this experience onto one that is positive and has the best possible outcome. He/she brings these resources back for you now. Anything that you need, is available right now. He/she gives you a big hug and you feel so comforted and at ease. You notice that adult (name) is holding a bunch of white roses. Each rose represents a particular resource that will be beneficial for you now. She hands you one of the roses, and as you take this rose from his/her hand, unconditional love is transferred through to you to keep forever. He/she hands you another rose now, and you receive self-worth. Take another rose now, and feel confidence fill up your being. The next rose contains empowerment, feel that transference into you now. As you receive the next rose, feel self-belief filling you up. The next rose contains courage, and this becomes you now. Keep receiving as many roses as you need now. You are free to receive all of the resources you need. And you continue to add to your bouquet feeling the resources of deservance and forgiveness, clarity and understanding becoming a part of you now. 

When you have all of the roses and resources that you require, give me a nod of the head. You feel so empowered and confident now. You know that you have all the resources within you to change any situation for the better. You know that you are the marvellous creator who chooses the best experiences for yourself. And you decide now, with inner strength and self-belief, to create only the best.  

Now, with all of these resources integrated within you, I want you to replay the events again but this time it will be a lot different. Adult (name) will be here to support you, and you have these resources to e power you to change this whole memory so that it results in a positive outcome When I say go, replay the events again but in a. Way that they could have played out had you have had all of these resources that you do have now. You can choose this to play out anyway you wish. I’ll give you some time to allow this to happen. Once you’re finished just let me know by nodding your head. Ok, go! 

Great! What happened this time?

How are you feeling now? 

(Take note of positive feelings and if client replayed the scene to be better, and if necessary assist client in reframing again)

And now we are going to do the very same thing, but go forward again to the time of death in this lifetime but play it out again utilising the resources you have now. This time, you would have had the prior experience played out positively and you can change this memory for the better too. Ok, 3, 2, 1, be there now!

Allow this to play out differently now.

How old are you this time?

What is happening?

Who is with you?

(Keep exploring using relevant questioning)

Wonderful. You have done incredible healing work here. I’d like you to reflect back on this life with the new perspective you have now. What can you tell me? What was important about this lifetime?

What do you think the purpose of this life was?

Beautiful healing has occurred that will benefit you greatly. It’s now time to say goodbye to adult (name) but before you do thank for coming back to help you. And adult (name), tell past life (name) how much you love him/her and that you will always be there for him/her, bring whichever resources are needed at any time in order to live a life of the highest timeline which brings the greatest joy. I’ll give you a moment for both the past life version of you and adult (name) to say any other messages you would like to exchange before we go. After that say goodbye and give them a bug hug. Do this now and let me know when you are ready to leave by giving me a nod of the head.

Very good. You now feel such a sense of empowerment and purpose. You deeply understand now that you are the powerful creator of your life and you have the self-belief, wisdom and understanding to live your life confidently. You now utilise your power in the best possible way and you look forward to the new experiences you will create.

Return now in your mind’s eye to your Akashic screen. Locate the present life on your screen and find the ‘go’ command. You will return feeling so safe, love and empowered. You have now located your current life. Press go now and return with the clarity and understanding fully integrated within you.