Taking a moment to relax now… Making any minor adjustments you need to be completely comfortable and at ease… Taking a moment to be grateful to yourself for making this time just for you… knowing that, for this time, there is nowhere you need to be, nothing you need to be doing… but just relaxing and allowing… Allowing yourself to just be… And every time you hear the word allow you relax into deeper state of relaxation, allowing yourself to gain more from the experience. Shutting your eyes, feeling the eyelids heavy over your eyes, it feels like such a relief, to just let go and allow yourself to be guided by this experience… guided by your higher self and your guides… Knowing that your subconscious mind is able to access all experiences, all emotions and thoughts from every life, from all dimensions. And with this knowledge you can just allow you conscious mind to drift, or maybe it will stay and observe. Taking a couple of deep and slow breaths in, relaxing more into the surface beneath you with each breath. Feeling so peaceful, so relaxed. You might imagine breathing in a peaceful and calming steam that soothes every cell and every fibre of your being. Just smoothing out any tension held as it moves through your body. Imagine this calming steam now enter the mouth and throat, moving down into the lungs, surrounding the heart. Just allowing any tension or even feelings of apprehension to be released on the breath out. With every breath more and more relaxed, with every breath just allowing the experience to unfold, knowing it will be perfect for you. Now imagining this soothing steamy energy moving up into the head, relaxing the scalp, moving over the face, releasing, letting go, relaxing the brow, the eyes, the mouth and the jaw. Allowing the tension that is held in these areas just to melt with the soothing steam and be released with the breath out. Feeling the energy moving now down the neck and across the shoulders, feeling the relaxing steam just ironing out any tension any weight you may be carrying, just releasing that now. As the energy moves down the arms they become heavy and relaxed, sinking deeper and deeper into the surface beneath you. So relaxed, so peaceful. Allowing this healing energy to move to down into the abdominal and pelvic organs, just welcoming the sensation of letting go on the breath out, relaxing deeper and deeper. The energy moves across the hips ironing out any tensions and just releasing more and more on the breath out. Feeling the thighs becoming very heavy and relaxed now, just letting go, deeper and deeper. The calves, the ankles and the feet become heavy, letting go of any remaining tension. The soothing steam now fills the body and surrounds the body, continuously relaxing and letting go. With each breath you can imagine all of the tensions and heaviness that have been released from the body being pushed further and further away from you. Using the breath to blow them further and further away until you feel so light and so relaxed. So light now that you are able to move to any experience with ease. Feeling aligned with your authentic self, feeling excited for the journey we are about to go on.


Now I’d like you to imagine yourself walking by a river. Feel the smooth pebbles under your feet. Hear the water moving effortlessly, just allowing the natural flow of life to occur. There are tall eucalyptus trees all around you, shading you from the sunny day. Just allow the smell of the moss and the leaves to relax you more and more. You feel comforted by the wildlife around you, the animals just allowing themselves just to be, just to move through life without resistance. You can see there is a beautifully crafted raft on the river tied to a tree. It has been made just for you. Climbing aboard the raft now and untying the rope, just allowing and trusting your guides and higher self to take you where you need to go. And as you start gently floating down the river you become more and more relaxed. And as I count down from 10 to 1, you allow yourself to float to the deepest part of your subconscious mind, where you have access to all experiences across all dimensions of time and space. 10, floating gently now, 9, 8, deeper and deeper, 7, 6 allowing yourself to relax more and more, 5, 4, deeper and deeper, 3, 2, allowing, relaxing and 1. Noticing the raft coming now to a gentle stop by the river bank. You leave the raft here and follow the path along the river bank to a small cave in the distance.

Safe Place

Making your way along the path you allow yourself to relax more and more into the experience. Allowing whatever awaits you with curiosity. As you reach the cave’s entrance you notice it has a special area just for you. It has comfortable seat for you to relax into. It is a place where your guides and loved ones can come to meet you whenever you need them. It may even have your pets. This is a safe space just for you to come to whenever you need it. Take a moment to absorb your surroundings, adding in anything that might bring you comfort, just allowing whatever comes to you. You may be able to visualise it, you may be able feel it or you may just know what this safe space means for you. However it comes to you is perfect and just as it should be, just for you. Knowing you can return to this space at any time you continue your journey.

Mode of Transport

Moving through the safe space now you notice a small tunnel at the back of the cave where a train awaits. This is train that is designed especially for you. It is powered by your higher self and your guides. It is no ordinary train, it can take you to any experience from anywhere and anytime. You can know that the less you try to force the experience the more you will gain, the more you allow it to unfold, the deeper you will drop into the experience. Climb aboard now and find a comfortable spot to sit, allowing you subconscious mind to lead you through this time. Letting go of any ideas of how it should be. Just allowing what comes to you. You will notice there is a lever beside you with many different stops. Today we will be visiting several significant times for your soul. We will first visit a happy time in your childhood, then we will visit the special time, just before you came into this world when you were in your mother’s womb, finally we will be visiting a time in a past life that has a message for you today. You are supported through this experience by your higher self and your guides, who know exactly what you need to experience and learn from this journey. So pulling the lever now and just allowing the train to start moving to an early childhood memory in which you experienced happiness and joy. Moving there now, 5, allowing, 4, 3, going back, 2 and 1. Be there now, at a happy childhood memory.

Regression to happy childhood memory

Just allowing any images or sensations to come to you. Taking a moment to feel your surroundings and getting a sense of where you are, who you are with. In a moment, I am going to ask you to describe your experience and you will be able to communicate with me easily. You can know that the more images or sensations that come to you, the easier it will be for you to allow more and more to unfold. The more you are able to communicate, the deeper you will drop into this time, allowing whatever comes to you. Ask questions:

– What is happening around you, what do you notice?
– Are you inside or outside?
– Who is around you?
– Look down at your feet, how big are they? What are you wearing? How old do you perceive yourself to be?
– How are you feeling?
– Do you need to absorb anything else from this experience? Any other moments of joy or happiness?
You are doing so well. Just take a moment to absorb these feelings of happiness, feel them become you, integrate into your cells, making you feel even lighter and more relaxed. You are going to bring these positive feelings with you to your next experience. Making your way back to the train, to your comfortable seat, feeling more relaxed, more able to allow memories to come to you. Pulling the lever now to go back further in time to when you were in your mother’s womb. Moving back in time now, 5, 4, further back, 3, 2, just allow and 1. Be there now, in your mother’s womb.

Regression to womb

Just allowing any sensations to come to you. You may get a sense of if it is dark, or maybe you can make out some light or colours. Allowing whatever comes to you to unfold with ease and when you’re ready, tell me what you’re experiencing.
– What can you see? Is it light or dark, any images?
– How are you feeling? Are you comfortable or uncomfortable? (If uncomfortable, make necessary suggestions to become more comfortable)
– How are you feeling about being here?
– How are you feeling about coming into the world?
– As you very recently joined this body in the womb, you may be able to access the time before you were here? Maybe you can remember why you chose this family, this location and this time to be born? Maybe you even know your purpose in this life?
– I’d like you now to connect with you mum, how is she feeling? How does she feel about the pregnancy? (If needed give some resources to mum, may even need to surround self in healing divine light if unable to soothe mum)
– Is there anything else you need to learn from this time?
You are doing so well. Saying goodbye to this time, to your mother. Returning now to the train where you will be able to transcend time and space. Allowing yourself to access all dimensional aspects of yourself throughout all of time with the support and love of your higher self and your guides who know exactly where to take you and what you need to experience. Pulling the lever now to your past life, a life in which your soul needs to understand and experience in order to heal in your current life. You can know that you may choose to observe your experience inside your incarnated body or you may choose at any time just to observe as a spectator. Just know that, at any time, you may choose to change your mind, you are in control. Now allowing yourself to feel the train moving, until your surrounds become blurry and you can feel yourself easily reaching your past life, in 5, 4 moving back now to another time and place, 3, 2 just allowing yourself to be guided there without thinking or forcing, and 1. Be there now, in the past life.

Regression to past life

Taking a moment now to allow any sensations or images to come to you. Knowing that the more information you can access the easier the experience will unfold and the deeper you will relax and allow. Looking around you now, getting a sense for where you are, or maybe even who you are. Just allowing any information to come forward knowing the rest will follow.
– Tell me what you are experiencing?
– Look down at your feet and tell me what you see, how big are they? What is on them? Shoes or barefoot? What colour is your skin? What else are you wearing? Describe as much detail as possible (Ask any relevant questions to ascertain details)
– Do you feel yourself to be male or female in this life? How old do you feel yourself to be?
– Where are you? Are you inside or outside? Are there structures or is it a vast landscape?
– At what time in history do you feel this to be? Maybe a number will come to you or maybe just a knowing, just allow the first thing that comes to your head. And maybe you can get a sense of where you are?
– Who are you with? What do they look like? Take opportunity to look them in the eyes, are they familiar to you? You may know them from another life. What do they call you?
– How are you feeling in this situation? What about this situation is important for you to experience?
You are doing a great job. Now allowing yourself easily to move to another significant time in this life, a time you need to experience to gain greater clarity. Going to this time now, 3, 2, 1, be there now.
– Again, tell me what you are experiencing, any sensations or images that come to you
– Looking back down at your feet and at your clothing, describe in detail what you are wearing
– How old do you feel yourself to be now? How are you feeling?
– Where are you? What can you see or sense around you (explore surroundings)
– Who is around you and what is playing out?
– How are you feeling about this situation?
– What is important for you to know about this experience?
Good, now we are moving to the last day of your life in this incarnation. Again, knowing you can choose to leave this incarnated body at any time and view the scene as a spectator. You are in control and you are completely safe. Go there with ease, 3, 2, 1 and be there now.
– Describe your surroundings? How are you feeling? Who is around you?
– How old do you feel yourself to be?
– Do you get a sense of why this is your last day?
(Moving through the death scene – again reminding client they may leave the situation at any time, take this opportunity to heal and reframe any experiences that you feel the client unable to come to terms with, not always necessary. You may wish you ask the client if they wish to heal any aspects of this lifetime or if they are happy to just understand the experience and lessons learned)
– Looking back on this life, what lessons have you learned?
– How do you feel you lived this life? What would you change if you could?
– What gifts or skills did you develop in this life? What was your greatest accomplishment?
– What else could you learn from this life that may be valuable to your current experience?
Now since your death in this lifetime, you may notice your soul leaving your body, allow the following scene to play out and relay to me what happens next.
– Have you left your body? Where are you going? How are you getting there? How does it feel?
– What else can you tell me about this experience? (if the client reaches afterlife ask who is there and if there are any messages for client before directing them back to train)
Returning to the train after achieving so much and learning so many valuable lessons. As you find your seat for one last time, the train gently moves you back to the current time and place bringing with you all of the memories and lessons from today. Knowing any pain experienced in your past life has been healed by your very presence and awareness. While on the train you absorb all of the positivity and new perspective from today’s journey, recalibrating each cell and each fibre of your being with a new blueprint, more aligned to your higher self, more wise, and empowered. More full of love and acceptance of yourself as a divine being and all of those you meet. (Add any relevant lessons, feelings and gifts).

Post-hypnotic suggestions

In a moment, I am going to count from 1 to 10, and when I reach 10 you will be fully awake, fully alert and feeling refreshed and excited with all that you have gained from today’s special experience. You will bring with you all of the wisdom from your previous lives, you will have a greater awareness of your authentic self. Your higher self and guides will assist you in integrating new beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that align with your higher self. Every day you will attract situations that allow you to feel aligned, empowered and wise (add any other relevant feelings and lessons here). Every day in every way it gets better and better

Wake up

1, feeling returning to your feet and your ankles, 2 to your knees and thighs, 3 to your hips, pelvis and abdomen, 4 energy returning to your chest, your heart rate, blood pressure and respiration returns to normal for you, 5 energy moving across your shoulders and down you arms, 6 to your neck, 7 energy moving up to your head now, 8 feeling more alert more awake, 9 eyes wanting to open now and 10, fully awake, fully alert and back in the room.