By Laura Omar

Induction and Deepening of choice

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered just how many stars are up there? Did you know that because of the finite speed of light, when you gaze up into the night sky, you are looking into the past. The bright star Sirius is 8.6 years away which means when you look at Sirius…you are seeing it, as it was 8.6 years ago.  It would be incredible to be an astronaut…could you imagine the adventures. The Universe never ceases to amaze.

I want you now to think of a time when you felt calm…the calmest you have ever felt. I want you now to experience those feelings again…let the feelings come back and I want you to sit with those feelings. I want you to also imagine putting those feelings into a little vial so that they become an elixir that you can drink from should you feel the need while we do this regression. If at any time you need to feel calm…all you do is drink from the vial. I will get you now to pop the vial in your backpack.

I want you now to visualise yourself floating up…heading towards the stars. Keep going… You can see Earth beneath you now. As you float…you get to a point where you are comfortable. You start to see a row of stars form. This row of stars is your timeline…your past, present and future. I want you to visualise yourself floating above this timeline. Excellent… I want you to look at your past, present and future. I want you to focus on the present…you will see a flagpole…float down to it…you will see a harness attached to the base of the pole. Put the harness on. Now…look at the flag…you will find a symbol. I want you to take a note of the symbol…notice it with no attachment…

Float back up now…and look back from the flagpole…you will see a series of stars. These stars indicate situations or events in your life. I want you to go to the star closest to you that represents an event in your life where you felt those feelings of (insert client issue). Float down to that experience, feel those feelings again… (If traumatic then do not get them to float down- just observe).

Float up again… now imagine you can look back further over the many stars until you find the star that shines the brightest. Let me know when you have found it on your timeline. Tell me, what age is it?..

Excellent… I want you now to float down and be there in the experience 3, 2, 1… be there now!

  • Are you alone or with someone?
  • Is it day or night?
  • Are you inside or outside?
  • What are you doing?

Ok, are you ready and willing to let go of the emotions around this event?..

If you look now, you can see adult (insert client’s name) floating down to meet you. Adult (insert client’s name) comforts you now and gives you a hug. She/he tells you that the (insert relevant emotions) you felt during this moment was a reasonable reaction…and that this (insert relevant emotions) has protected you ever since. But as an adult you have now learnt tools and techniques to deal with the (insert relevant emotions) and no longer require that thought-feeling response for protection. Adult (insert client’s name), I want you to thank young (???) for holding onto that emotion because all she/he was trying to do was to protect you. But now you know… that old thought-feeling response is detrimental to your current life.

(If there is time and if appropriate say):

I want the CHILD (insert client’s name) to float up now and move to the present day on the timeline. Let CHILD (insert client’s name) float down into present day. Let her/him feel all the happiness and joy of the present. I will let CHILD (insert client’s name) sit with this for a moment. Okay, it is time for CHILD (insert client name) to float back to the past. ADULT (insert client’s name) please let CHILD (insert client’s name) know that you will always be there to protect her/him so all the thought-feeling reactions associated with that incident are no longer required for protection and can remain back there as a memory only, only to be used for positive purposes that can benefit your current life.

(If there is no time say):

I want you (insert client name) to float back to the flagpole. Now I want you to imagine yourself doing something that indicates you are successful. What does success look like to you? What area are you looking for success in…is it career, finance, romance? I want you now to take a photo with an instant camera. Take the photo, frame it and pop it in your backpack. Move to the star on your timeline that indicates when this success will occur. Go down and have the photo come alive. Watch as the event unfolds. Feel the success. Take a note of what you are seeing…the colours…if there are people with you – who they are…the action you are taking. Absorb as much as you can of this motion picture…..(pause)……

Now take the photo out of your backpack and leave it on the ground. It is time to leave now…and what I want you to do is to leave all the feelings there except the excitement and enthusiasm for achieving that goal. I want you now to float up and look towards the flagpole…watch as the stars start rearranging themselves for this process to occur…for this success to come to fruition…(pause)…

I want you to float back to the flagpole now…and look at the flag…tell me, what is the symbol like now? Has it changed at all?


Wake Up