By Lynda Aghan

Now I would like you to get comfortable on this recliner chair.  Feel the warmth of the blanket upon you.  Close your eyes and start to relax your body.  Listen to the sound of my voice.  Any other sound you may hear is not important. You can let the sound just wash over you and take you deeper into relaxation. 

Your eyes are becoming heavier and heavier and you are finding it harder to open them.  So just allow them to close and relax.  Allow your conscious mind to wander as I talk to your unconscious mind.  Your unconscious mind is the part of you which remembers everything even when your conscious mind forgets.  It is the part of you that dreams when you fall asleep at night . . . the part that regulates your heartbeat, your blood pressure, your breathing, your brainwaves, your digestion, all the parts that you are not consciously aware of.  Your unconscious mind will remember all the times when you have been unsure, anxious or frightened of an uncertain future and how you overcame those feelings.  It will remember all that you did and what resources you called upon.

As you are becoming deeper and deeper relaxed, I want you imagine a golden light coming down from the top of the head.  This light is warm and gentle.  This golden light flows over the face and the back of the head and neck.  Feel it waft down the body… over the shoulders, collar bones and shoulder blades… gently down the chest and back… feel it travel down the arms, elbows, wrists, hands and fingers… feel it waft down the stomach and bottom…  As this golden light travels down the body, it is taking with it all the stress, tension and anxiety that is currently stored in the muscles, leaving a sense of relaxation and peace in its wake.  Now this golden light is travelling down the thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet and exiting though the toes…  All the while collecting all the stress, tension and anxiety that is stored within the muscles and taking it out and away, leaving you feeling so deeply relaxed and peaceful. 

As you are listening to my voice, you may have noticed that your breathing and heart rate have slowed, that you are carrying less tension in your muscles and are feeling so very relaxed and peaceful.  You can relax deeper and deeper into the chair beneath you.  Any thoughts about your day which might try and intrude, you can just thank them and let them go for another time as you drift deeper and deeper in relaxation and peace.

As you now know your subconscious mind holds all your memories and your many capabilities . . . it’s all there for you to access at any time.  It can work in the background of any problem or issue and help you make any necessary changes that you need so that you can feel secure in where you are now and what you are truly capable of.  It will remind you of times when you were unsure and anxious but you ended up doing so much better than you first thought the outcome would be.

So let yourself go deeper and deeper.  I am now going to count down from 10 down to 1 and as I count down, you will go deeper and deeper into relaxation… 10, 9, 8, going deeper now…7, 6, 5, relaxing more and more…4, 3, 2, and 1,  you are so very relaxed…

Now I would like you to picture a large garden.  It is a sunny day with a refreshing breeze.  You can see a number of trees and bushes around you.  You are standing in a clearing and there are 3 pathways leading off into the distance.  At your feet is a backpack.  Open the backpack and you will notice inside that there are 3 different coloured orbs.  Close up the backpack again and put it on.  Now choose a path.  Make a note of the scenery, what trees and plants are there . . . what smells you notice . . .  what sounds you hear.  As you travel down this path, remember a time when you had an assignment at school or university.  One that you were stressed about.  Remember all your doubts, uncertainty and worry about passing this assignment.  Now remember how relieved you were when the assignment came back and you received a better mark than you thought you were capable of.  Remember the relief, excitement and joy you experienced.  Remember your surroundings, your feelings and really immerse yourself in that experience . . . Reach inside your backpack and take out an orb.  Capture inside the orb all the feelings you have about this experience.  Put the orb back into the backpack and walk back to the clearing. 

Choose a different path.  You will notice that your surroundings have changed from the path you just went down.  There are different trees, plants, smells and sounds.  I want you to remember a time when you stood on your own two feet for the first time.  It may have been when you left home, it may have been a relationship, it may have been speaking up for yourself, it may have been getting your first job.  Remember how scary it was, how nervous you felt, how uncertain the future looked.  Now remember how good it felt to express yourself, how strong you felt, how excited you were about your road ahead.  Remember your surroundings, your feelings, really immerse yourself in that experience… Reach inside your backpack and take out a different orb than the one you had before.  Capture inside the orb all the feelings you have about this experience.  Put the orb back into the backpack and walk back to the clearing.

Now travel down the third pathway.  Again you will notice that your surroundings have changed, different trees, plants, smells and sounds.  As you walk along this pathway, remember a time when your work situation changed.  You may have been fired or retrenched.  The company you worked for may have been sold and now you are working at a different location, have different management or new colleagues.  You may have started a business which went broke and had to start over again.  You may have felt that your world had imploded and nothing would be right again.  Now remember how it worked out for the better, how your learned new skills, maybe earned more money, got recognized for contributions, experience and expertise.  Remember how new bosses and colleagues became new friends and how you might never had gotten to know them if things had stayed the same.  Remember your surroundings, your feelings and really immerse yourself in the experience…  When you are ready, reach into the backpack and pull out the last orb.  Capture inside the orb all the feelings you have about this experience.  Put the orb back into the backpack and walk back to the clearing.

At the clearing, take off your backpack, sit down and take out the 3 orbs and put them on your lap.  As you look at them, feel them dissolve into you, filling your entire being.  You now feel exhilarated, filled with the knowledge that you have faced times of uncertainty, stress, fear and anxiety and have come out the other end better than you thought you would, able to stand on your own, confident in your abilities.  You realise that the future may be uncertain but know that you have the skills to make a bright future for yourself.  You are filled with confidence, certainty and excitement about what your future could hold in store for you. See yourself walking through uncertain times into a very bright future, which is part of your life right now.  As you travel down the road of your journey, allow those feelings of confidence, excitement and anticipation to infuse into every cell of your body so that they are part of you now and into the future, enabling you to have all that you want from life.  You are stronger and more capable than you thought possible and now it is time to stand in your own power, truth and wisdom.  Allow not only yourself but your world to see what a bright soul you are.

Now it is time to back to this place and time, bringing with you all that you have learnt and experienced.  I am going to count down from 1 to 10 and when I reach 10, you will be fully awake, feeling great, energized, alert and eager to continue your day. 

10, feel a tingling in your toes and feet…9, feel the energy travelling up your legs…8, 7, feel the energy travelling up your thighs…6, 5, feel the energy travel up your stomach, feel your heartrate and blood pressure return to a normal rate for you… 4, 3, feel your arms and shoulders… 2, feel your neck and head…1, open your eyes (click fingers).