Imagine yourself now in a seemingly familiar but not that familiar room. The reason why it’s familiar is because you recognize a lot of stuff lying around that actually comes from your own house. It either belongs to you or one of your family members…It doesn’t feel that familiar because of many other objects you have never seen before. Don’t try to work out why you are here …just allow yourself to be…it doesn’t matter that you don’t yet know what you will do next…the only thing of any importance for you to know is that you are here to communicate with one of your ancestors. Thus, this unfamiliar stuff could belong to him or her…As you explore each corner of this room, you see an incense stand vertically inside an incense burner at the far end. Walking towards that incense now and looking closely at the incense burner. You notice different names engraved on it. Some you know, some you don’t know…But intuitively, you realize they are all your ancestors. Besides the incense burner is a matchbox with a pattern on it. If it seems appropriate, take note of any symbol, picture, colours, or writing on the box. Just notice it without any need for analysis… I want you to open the matchbox and grab a match, gently lighting up the incense… From this point, take a seat in front of the incense burner… and really immerse all your five senses into this room…the smell of the incense, the stuff you can see lying around the room, the floor you are on right now…Try to make a connection with all of them…Again, let your subconscious mind and your higher self do the work…Sooner, you start to notice the name on the incense burner is changing to a specific name with a number on side. The name indicates your xxxxxxx(insert the relevant ancestor), and the number indicates how many generations apart…
As this incense continues to burn, smoke fills the whole room. Strange things start to happen. The whole room begins to change to a specific time in history… a time and a place when your xxxxxxx(insert the relevant ancestor) had an experience involving xxxxxxx (insert relevant trigger). At this time, your ancestor decided he or she had no xxxxxxx (insert primary thought statement). He or she felt xxxxxxx (insert secondary thought statement). I am going to count now from 3 down to. On the count of 1, you will be completely in that time and space with your ancestor…3… room starts to change now…2..going deeper and deeper…1…be there now… (click the finger).
Your ancestor did not have the resources that he or she needed at this time in order for him or her to have the experience that he or she wanted. But you do. You have the resources, the knowledge, the wisdom, and the understanding…and you bring these back for him or her now. Give your ancestor a big hug. You may experience him or her as a person or an energy. If as a person, he or she may be a child, a young adult, or an older person at the time of this experience. Just know that in this dimension time is not liner, and as you hug your ancestor, he or she feels your love, he or she feels your support, and he or she is infused with the resources he or she needs to choose the experience he or she wishes to have. He or she is now filled with love, self-worth, confidence, self-belief, strength, empowerment and wisdom (insert relevant resources).
Now, with these resources at his or her disposal, your ancestor can choose to manifest the life he or she wishes to experience because your ancestor now has the perception and self-belief to align with who he or she is. Take as long as you need to be with your ancestor and when you are ready to leave, let me know by giving me a nod of the head.
Good, now say goodbye.…watching the incense is about to finish burning…The room is now starting to change back again…Stay with this process. Feel the healing spread from your ancestor through every generation to the present time, present room, present you…Feel the transformation occurring as incense now finally burns to the end………………………
I want you to have a look at the matchbox again. You may be curious as to whether the symbol or the picture has changed. You will find now that your reality has changed as you resonate with the transformed energy within your DNA. You now resonate with self-worth, love, (insert relevant positive core belief). You now attract respect and can sense that others value you and want to include you in their lives because of who you are.
In a moment, I am going to count from one to ten….

Wake up