Envision, within the canvas of your uniquely creative mind, a serene meadow nestled amidst towering peaks, embraced by an expansive blue sky. Inhale the essence of purity, acknowledging your unity with the surroundings. The cosmic wisdom, intelligence, and consciousness that course through nature is mirrored within you. Picture, by your side, the comforting presence of spirit guides or other beings radiating unconditional love, guiding you on this journey. There exists no predetermined right or wrong in experiencing this moment; your unique perception is the correct path. Permit it to unfold organically, free from expectations, trusting the unfolding process.

As you commence a leisurely stroll towards the edge of the grassy meadow, each step reveals the grounded support of Mother Earth beneath your feet, the invigorating richness of the air, and the radiant allure of the surrounding nature. Recognise the untarnished tranquillity filling this space. Upon reaching the meadow’s edge, descending into a gentle slope, your attention is drawn to a valley hosting trees on the brink of lifelessness. Once teeming with vitality, they now echo the ancestral burdens – restrictive beliefs, rules, and karmic entanglements – yearning for survival through you. The inevitable cycle of life and death unfolds, where each tree symbolises a distinct ancestral constraint. Your guide aids in perceiving these trees with love and compassion, reshaping their significance in this moment.

Acknowledging that these trees siphon life force, hindering the emergence of new life, a subtle breeze graces your face. Your guide signals that the moment has arrived. Imagine, with the potency of your loving intent and the support of your guide’s unconditional love, the ailing trees gracefully uprooting, hovering above the ground. Disconnected from their roots, they naturally wither away before your eyes. Permit yourself to embrace the emotions surfacing; all feelings are valid. Progress has been made, a culmination of a prolonged journey. The trees and the forces of nature recognised this inevitability. The residual dust from the trees’ demise settles, transforming into a golden light – a repository of knowledge, wisdom, and learning spanning generations from time’s inception. A resource now available to nurture new growth, waiting to blossom.

Imagine an encircling violet light, within which materialises the figures of your ancestral lineage, embodying the purity of children holding hands exuding love, wisdom, and light. Their compassionate smiles acknowledge the path you’ve chosen. They foresaw this juncture, anticipating the arrival of a soul with the power to release obsolete beliefs and rules. Your ancestors radiate a luminous golden light from their hearts, enveloping you in the core of the violet brilliance. This amalgamation births an orb of violet light, now elevated to the frequencies of forgiveness, compassion, and mercy. Your guide underscores that this moment was preordained at a soul level before your earthly incarnation. Your soul blueprint designates you as the awakener, destined to live as the spiritual light warrior you were born to be. Submerged in your subconscious and energetic field may linger vows and contracts hindering your connection to source and expression of your divine self. Now is the time to relinquish these constraints. The violet light doesn’t merely surround you; it permeates every cell and energetic expression of your body, purifying your mind, heart, and being. You emerge cleansed and pure, a vessel of source, love, and soul.

Your guide gazes into your eyes, placing one hand on your heart and another on your forehead, your third eye. As you close your eyes, a profound trance ensues, initiating a cellular upgrade. Within your DNA, dormant awakening codes stir, fostering a heightened consciousness, unveiling higher truths and perspectives in your body, mind, and heart. The ancestral burdens that once burdened you have dissipated entirely, leaving behind the teachings and insights that pave the way for a more fulfilled and extraordinary existence.

Wake Up