Client – script is for exploratory ancestral regression. However, indicated in italics is where the issues from the Soul Pattern and Belief reading can be placed to personalise it for client’s healing and



SAFE PLACE: ….as you arrive there, you find yourself in your safe place, your favourite place. This may be a garden with your favourite flowers…….or……maybe your favourite room in your home…..or maybe it is a peaceful and relaxing stretch of beach. It doesn’t matter what this place is, as it is your favourite place, a place where you can immerse yourself safely and peacefully.…… take a minute to look around you……..relax into this environment, knowing you are safe…….that your Guides and Higherself are present and here to support you. This is a place you can return to at any time should you wish, but you won’t want to, as you are about to go on an exciting journey of healing, one in which you are safe and protected. You are about to connect with an ancestor (state if known) and help them with (issue/primary thought statement), to take them resources for their healing. It is time to begin that journey now. Walk to the other side of this safe place, there you find a door, beside this door is a table with (object ), each of these is a resource you are taking beck to your ancestor. Now, open this door and move through. There is a set of stairs there. In a moment, I will count from 10 down to 1. When I reach 1, you will have arrived the bottom of the stairs where you will find yourself even more deeply relaxed, even more at peace than you already are, anticipating the exciting healing journey ahead. 10…begin to descend the stairs, 9…………………1, be at the bottom of the stairs now.


Opening up in front of you is an airport lounge …….but this one doesn’t have the busyness and noise of usual airport lounges, this one is peaceful and calm, and you are the only person there. Stop and look around you…..all the information around is for you, it tells your journey and the journey of your ancestors.

Looking around the walls, you can see many screens…….screens each listing one of your ancestral lines. Lines that go back into your ancestral past, a past that has brought you to where you are now.
One of these boards is beginning to draw your attention. This is the board that has the ancestral line for your journey today. Look closely at this board, there is a list of ancestors, of times in your family’s past…… of these ancestors is of significance for you in your journey today, it is standing out and drawing your attention ……(can replace with – add in the generation/ancestor if using a SPBR or add the ancestral issue they are looking to heal).

Near this board you will notice a door, open this door and begin your journey back to this ancestral time (include details if known). Moving through the door, a long corridor stretches before you. Along this corridor are other corridors off to the side, each one will take you to a different ancestor in this linage but there is one corridor that beckons you, the one you will journey along today…..move to that corridor now and nod your head when you are there.

Good, this corridor will transport you to meet this ancestor (include details if known), to a particular situation where they experienced (issue). At this time they decided they (add in primary though statement if SPBR or issue for healing) and this resulted in them feeling (add in secondary vibrational statements in SPBR or feelings/emotions to be healed).

I am going to count down from 3 to 1 and as I do you will begin to move down that corridor, to be drawn into this experience, into that time with your (ancestor). 3…..begin to be drawn into the experience now, 2 down deeper and deeper into the experience, and 1 (tap table/click fingers), be there now.
Take a moment to look around. Who can you see? Are they alone? What is happening for them? (continue clarifying questions).

Your (ancestor) did not have the resources they needed to have the experience they desired at this time……..but you have these resources, you have come back to give these to them.
In your hand you have (object), each one of these contains a resource your (ancestor) requires (list as appropriate to the issue/SPBR). Your ancestor accepts these as you pass them lovingly and slowly one by one………let me know when you have finished by nodding your head.
Good, now ask them are there any other resources you could give them…….………let me know when you have finished by nodding your head.

As your ancestor has been accepting these resources, the energy around them has been changing……take a moment to observe your ancestor now…….the situation is playing out as they want it to play out…….………let me know when you have finished by nodding your head.
Can you tell me what is happening for them now?

As you observe their situation now, is there anyone you recognise there from your current life? (pause) Do you recognise your ancestor? (pause)

Would you like to have a conversation with them before you leave? Are there any messages they would like to give you to bring back to your present? Nod when you are ready to leave.

It is time to say goodbye, and move back along the corridor, knowing your ancestor now feels your love and is empowered to manifest the life they desire, free to experience all they deserve, as they are now empowered with self-love, self-belief, wisdom (add in resources as appropriate).

As you move back along the corridor, you notice the other corridors you pass have changed, the list on the board in the airport lounge has changed……..the energy is more positive and empowering…….you know your life and the lives of your ancestors, and the lives of your future family have changed for the better…..the resources you gave your ancestor has made an impact on their life and thus the lives of those that followed them, your ancestors. Your life is changing as this (include core belief if SPBR/list issue/or appropriate description) is now transformed, removed from your ancestral past, your family’s energy.
Future projection


Time for you to return to your safe space………..find a place to rest for a moment to reflect on your experience . Pause and say thank you to your ancestors for the support they have given you, bringing you to this point in your life now, tell them you know they did their best with the resources they had at that time. Let them know you are here for them should they need your help, as you have resources you are willing to share. You might even feel a tingle of connection because your ancestors have heard you and are grateful to you for the changes you have brought to their lives.
In a moment, I will count from 1 to 10, and upon 10 you will be back in this room, eyes open and alert, ready to move into your day knowing that you have not only brought healing to yourself, but to your family in the past, present and future. This sense of peace (add in attributes from the resources) will empower your day and every day as you move forward with your life, and as you awaken each time from your sleep, the attributes (list again) will support your choices, and your knowing that in every way, life is getting better and better….