Now that you are relaxed and in a state of deep consciousness, you can feel that time is no longer linear and you are in a place where the energy around you is strong and healing and interdimensional.  In this place of beautiful, weightless, peaceful energy, its as if your body no longer exists and you are just your inner wisdom, inner guide, your Soul. 

You call on your Spirit Guide, the one that assists you in this place of energy and space, the one that takes you where you need to go, to meet other souls or visit places of learning and wisdom. You can feel your Guide’s energy as he/she comes towards you and you greet your Guide by name, the name you have inherently known across many lifetimes.  You are surrounded by the love of your Guide, enveloped, glowing, calm and peaceful.  You give your own love back to your Guide. 

He/she knows what has been troubling you, this sense of mental and emotional defectiveness and feeling broken, of things being wrong and unfixable; a sense of doom, mixed with sadness, grief and frustration.  He/she is aware of your struggles in your present life, the love and support and care you have given to those closest to you who have passed.  He /she knows you have felt ridiculed and feels the sadness and grief this has created within you.  The fear that this is your lot in life, the anxiety and worry of it happening again. 

But he/she is also aware that you have worked to resolve this issue and you have the resources within you from your healing….self-love, self-worth, acceptance, confidence, empowerment, safety and security, wisdom and knowledge.  You are now able to help others within your ancestry that suffer from the same sense of being broken and defective from having been ridiculed.  

Your Guide takes you on a journey, you can feel movement through the energy field, you can sense other souls and see their light and as he takes you back through your ancestors, you know these souls, they have been with you before and they wish you well, you can feel their love through time and space. 

You now come to another Spirit Guide, the Guide that your paternal Great Grandfather has and the two Guides bring you both together in a sphere of love and healing.  You embrace your Great Grandfather and can feel the same anxiety that you have experienced, the same feelings, the same worries. As you embrace, there is a transfer of your new energy, your new learnings, wisdom, knowledge and resources such as love and self-worth, confidence, acceptance, empowerment and safety and security.  Your Great Grandfather accepts these gifts with love and you can feel the healing energy pass between your soul and his. 

The energy of your ­­­­­­­Great Grandfather changes as he integrates these resources.  His light becomes brighter.  He is able to assess the experiences of that lifetime and understand how the resources and knowledge you have provided can bring about a different outcome.  You know that this has helped your Great Grandfather’s soul to look at that life back in time and see it from a new perspective, one of resolution of the issue of feeling defective when ridiculed.  Anxiety is replaced by calmness, worry is replaced by certainty and contentment, grief by acceptance.  You can feel the sense of peace flow between you, the knowing, the understanding.  The same sense of healing you have within yourself is now within your Great Grandfather.  

You say a farewell to your Great Grandfather with another exchange of absolute love.  You leave your Great Grandfather’s soul and return with your Guide back from where you have come, back through time and space and the souls that have been your ancestors, your spirit family.  You feel renewed and rejuvenated as you sense the change in your DNA from the transfer of resources, knowledge and wisdom.  Your Guide assists you to integrate these changes within you, a knowing that all will be well, that familiar sense of calmness and peace that your Guide instils within you.  You thank your Guide for the help and love he/she has given you through this lifetime and other lifetimes and once again you feel the unconditional love he/she has for you. 

Your way forward is lit for you to follow, so that you can use your self-love, self-worth, acceptance, empowerment, safety and security to be confident as you move onward.  You feel a great sense of happiness, love, healing and peace and know it is time to leave your Guide, this place of unworldly energy, the place between, and return to your body and current life, full of confidence purpose, calmness and control. 

In a moment, I will count from 1 to 10……