Feeling yourself free and weightless, you find yourself floating in a place of absolute peace, where you are connected to all of creation in its purest form as energy. A place where the limitations of time and space do not exist, where you are everywhere and nowhere all at once. This is a beautiful and healing place of truth and knowing, where energy in its purest form exists always. You are pure energy, a being of love and light connected to all that is.

Knowing that you are more connected to some energies than others, you now focus your intention on those that are connected to you through your earthly lineage of family … to your ancestry going back infinite generations on both your maternal and paternal side. As you focus you sense particular lights begin to emerge out of the nothingness, begin to gently glow around you in a web of pulsating, glowing lights of soft colours, all alive and filled with intelligence in this place of all that is …. Some are closer and somewhat larger, some further away and smaller … But all are aware of your presence and all pulsating in unison. You can sense their love, their connectedness to each other and to you…  their intelligence, and individual energies as they send you waves of love and encouragement …. They know you and you know them … This is your earthly family whose memories, beliefs and emotions you know, and carry in your cellular memory, in your DNA. 

You send waves of love and gratitude back to all of these lights, in recognition of every ancestor, acknowledging their presence and the contribution they have made to you and to each other. They are all loved and appreciated … but you are here to connect today to a specific ancestor in a particular time in history from your earthly lineage …. An ancestor who had an experience of rejection {insert relevant trigger; if no specific trigger identified, list some possible triggers from the chart} that led them to believe they had no value {insert primary thought statement; if no specific known, select one or two likely ones from the chart}. They felt worthless, etc. {insert relevant secondary vibrational statements}.

You notice now that one of the lights around you is beginning to glow a little more brightly than the others and pulsate a little more quickly … it is calling to you and inviting you to go to them to heal this very issue. You want to go to this ancestor … you know that you can assist them with the resources and knowledge that you now have. Knowledge and resources they may not have had in their time. I am going to count now from three down to one. As I do you will be drawn into that light … into that time to meet your ancestor. Three, being drawn into the light now … two, going deeper and deeper, and one {click fingers} be there now.

Sense or see your ancestor before you, feeling such love and compassion. They did not have the resources they needed to help them through the experience they want to show you now. Take a moment to let them share with you the feeling of rejection {insert relevant trigger; if no specific trigger identified, list some possible triggers from the chart} that led them to believe they had no value {insert primary thought statement; if no specific known, select one or two likely ones from the chart}.

Your ancestor did not have the resources they needed to have the experience that would have benefitted them in their highest potential. Instead, they created a belief about themselves that did not serve them and that has in some way affected all generations after them. You do have the resources now, however, and knowing that you have the wisdom and understanding they needed then, you present your ancestor with these resources as a gift of love. A gift that will help them have the experience they wanted to have and can now have thanks to your journey back to their time and place.

You give these resources to your ancestor now and feel them take your gift with such gratitude and appreciation for the love and support you have provided to them. Feel them integrate the resources they needed to have the experience they wished to have; to live the life they want to live … the life that can now be aligned to their highest potential and good. Their light glows brighter as they are filled with love, self-worth, confidence, self-belief, strength, empowerment and wisdom. {Insert relevant resources.}

And now, with these resources fully integrated your ancestor can manifest the life they want to have, with the wisdom and confidence and understanding to align to their highest good and potential. Stay a moment longer with your ancestor to hug and thank each other for the trust and unconditional love that has made this exchange possible, and let me know when you’re ready to say goodbye… Knowing that they are now able to make positive choices for their life, and in particular in this experience they wanted to heal … because they are now able to make choices that are aligned to their soul’s highest good, and to a perception of self-love, self-belief, wisdom, and empowerment. When you are ready to leave let me know by giving me a nod of the head. {Wait for nod.}

Good.  You leave your ancestor, back through time and space to the present, feeling transformed with the new energy of love, confidence, wisdom and clarity that you can sense has infused your DNA just as it has infused your ancestor’s DNA. You sense the benefit to yourself and all the ancestors in between, all gifted and transformed with the wisdom and alignment to what is for the highest good of all.

You thank your higher self for the gift you have given not only to your ancestor, and to all that follow, but also to yourself. Your present and future is already transformed, as is their past, with the knowledge that you have the self-confidence, self-love, self-worth and understanding to move forward with a greater sense of real peace, and happiness, and confidence that you can live your fullest life aligned to your highest potential. This gives you a feeling of calm, joy and a sense of divine purpose in this earthly plane of time and place. You feel new energy and confidence filling you as you prepare to come back to this room. And when you wake, you will continue to integrate the changes you have made, and these changes will be permanent, and profound as everything continues to get better and better every day.


In a moment, I am going to count from 1 to 10 ….