Feeling deeply relaxed, peaceful and enjoying this deep trance state, you know you are perfectly safe, perfectly secure as you prepare for a journey into other dimensional states. And the starting point for this journey is the picnic blanket you notice you are sitting on at the base of a giant tree. Only this picnic blanket and the tree aren’t on the ground, they are up in a state of nothingness. This nothingness feels calm, safe and peaceful and you enjoy sitting comfortably on the picnic blanket, next to the tree. This picnic blanket is large and soft. Just notice how it feels under you, the colours or pattens on the blanket, and how comfortable and completely safe you feel sitting on it. And you know you can come back to this picnic blanket at any point you choose to.

And next to the giant tree, and next to the picnic blanket is a post. And there is a harness attached to the post. I want you to put this on, knowing it will allow you to reconnect with your three-dimensional state whenever you’re ready. Notice too that on the post there is a plaque. Perhaps you notice what’s on the plaque. It might be an image, a symbol, words, or it may just be a colour that stands out for you. Just observe this if you choose to.

And now you take a few steps back and notice the enormous size of the tree next to you. You notice that it’s a very special tree, in that you can see all the way up into the canopy, noticing the branches and leaves, and you can also see all the way down into the root system of the tree, as the roots aren’t in soil, rather they are completely visible in the safe, secure, comfortable nothingness you are in.

As you look at the tree, you understand that this is your ancestral tree. The roots represent your ancestors’ lives, and the trunk, branches, and leaves, represent the present and future lives of you and your family. And perhaps you notice that from where you’re standing, one of the roots seems to light up, and that the root branches down into a line of roots extending out below you. This tree root is the pathway to your (include relevant ancestor). So, stepping towards the tree, I want you to start floating down to the part of the root that is lit up, that stands out most for you, the brightest part of that root, and once you reach that spot, nod to let me know you are there (pause for response). Good. And this part of the root indicates a time in your (insert ancestor)’s history when they had an experience involving (insert trigger) that led to (insert ancestor) believing (insert primary vibrational beliefs), and also believing (secondary vibrational beliefs). As I count down from 3 to 1, you will be drawn into that part of the tree root, into that time with your (insert ancestor), into your (insert ancestor)’s experience. Three, being drawn deeper and deeper into that time, 2 moving into the brightest lit part of the root and 1, (click fingers) be there now!

Take a moment, and just notice your experience of being with your (insert ancestor). You may experience this as images, as a knowing, as energy or in some other way. And you know that at this time, your (insert ancestor) didn’t have the resources she needed to experience her life as she wanted to. The benefit you have of being born at your position on your ancestral tree is that you do have these resources. You have the knowledge, wisdom, love and (insert relevant resources) that your (insert ancestor) needs, and you give these to her now. Take a moment and let your (insert ancestor) absorb these resources deeply into her DNA, into her being. And as she does, you may like to give her a hug, or to look into her eyes, or to hold her hands in yours. Whether you experience your (insert ancestor) as an adult, child, or simply as an energy, know that she feels just how much you love her, support her, and care about her. And with these resources, she is now able to choose the life she wants to live, to have the experiences she chooses. She is filled with love, confidence, self-worth, (insert relevant resources), and with these resources, she can choose the life she wishes to experience, knowing it is aligned with who she is at soul level.

So, take some time now to just be with your (insert ancestor). Take as long as you need, and when you know your (insert ancestor) feels ready and enabled to make positive and aligned choices in her life, choices made from a position of self-love, self-belief, wisdom, self-worth and empowerment, nod your head to let me know (pause for response). Great.

As you say goodbye, let go of this experience and float out of the tree root. And as you do, notice that the light at the point you’ve moved out of the tree root is brighter, and it starts to light up the whole root, moving up towards the base of the tree trunk, and as it does, it moves and heals your ancestors, from your (insert ancestor just visited), through every generation until the present time to you. So, back at the base of the tree now and sitting on the picnic blanket, take some time and feel the transformation taking place.

From here you could do a future projection by moving up into the branches of the tree to notice a point in the future which has been positively changed with the new perspective, energy and beliefs that have shifted through the visit with the ancestor. This part of the tree would be lit up. They would see themselves in an experience that is in alignment with the new beliefs. Have them experience and integrate that knowing and those emotions, and then return out of the tree canopy to the picnic blanket.

And before leaving the picnic blanket and the tree, you might be curious to take another look at the plaque on the post next to the tree. Just notice if the image, symbol, words, or colour has changed. And as you take off the harness, and prepare to come back into your current life, your current reality, and into conscious awareness, you know that you will find that your reality has shifted. You know your current reality is now resonating with the transformed energy within your DNA, energy that resonates with the beliefs that (insert relevant positive version of core and secondary beliefs).


In a moment, you will start to return to consciousness, bringing with you the knowledge that (insert positively framed beliefs), and that these beliefs are now programmed into your DNA, and into your energy field. You know that this shift in your ancestral energy is positively impacting you, will continue to positively impact you, and will positively impact future generations as a result of the positive choices you are making and will continue to make. And when you go to sleep tonight, or at a time that is right for you, you will fall asleep peacefully and easily, and you will continue to ingrate this transformed energy into your body, into your thinking and into your knowing. As a result, you will feel refreshed, energised, and ready to move forward. And from this point forward, your higher self, your soul knowing, will guide you in using this transformed energy to make positive choices now and into the future. And your positive choices will allow you and your ancestral tree to flourish, to thrive and to grow healthy and strong. And every time you see a tree, you will remember (insert positive beliefs). You know now and you will continue to know that every day, in every way it gets better and better.


Coming back into full conscious awareness now. 1, feeling the circulation and energy returning to your feet and ankles now, 2, moving up your calves and into your knees, 3, energy moving into your thighs, 4, into your pelvis, 5, energy returning to your abdomen and back, 6, noticing your shoulders, 7, energy moving down your arms and into your hands and fingertips, 8, blood pressure, pulse and respiration returning to normal for you, 9, energy moving into your neck, face and head, 10, fully alert, fully awake, back in the room, feeling great. Open your eyes.