Induction & Deepener 

Knowing you are safe here in this place, and comfortable in this trance state, you feel excited to know that you can connect with your ancestors whenever you wish… here in this vast space, you will be able to connect with an ancestor that is relevant to your healing in this life (or relevant to you in this point in time)… there are certain thoughts and emotions that have carried over in your cell memory, which are affecting you today and they can be healed energetically by travelling back through other dimensional states to get a glimpse into the history of our lineage… where time is non-linear… this is how a soul experiences time. There is a part of a soul that is always in this empty space, even if it is currently incarnated into a physical body. It doesn’t mean that the soul is split into two places, but what it does mean is that you are able to connect together in this place at any time. 

So as you float here in this space, your surroundings are becoming more and more vast, there is a large nothingness to the air around you, and this only comforts you more… float around here peacefully, noticing how easily you float… and becoming aware now of two energetic ropes that are coming from your heart centre…  these ropes represent your lineage, one rope links you to your father’s side and so on, and one rope to your mother’s side… have a look along each rope and you will see a knot… these knots are shining brightly… these knots represent your mother and father… and if you look out connecting from either one of your parents are two more ropes that lead to two more knots… a knot for your grandparents and your great grandparents… and this continues on and on, the ropes and knots multiply as they go out further with each ancestor, to create a giant web like structure of ropes and knots, sprawling out before you… all connecting right back to you … this giant web extends out, way out further than your line of sight… you might be able to see it clearly, or you might just have a feeling of this, whichever way is perfect for you. 

You will notice that you can float quite easily and quickly here if you wanted to… follow the rope of your (insert relevant parent who’s lineage is to be explored)… and in a moment I’m going to get you to float to a bright knot that is relevant to you (OR to the bright knot that represents your ______) , you will know instinctively. As soon as you reach that bright knot that ancestor will show you a particular time in their history… a time when they experienced (insert issues if needed). I’m going to count down now from 5 to 1 and as I do you will be drawn to that knot, to that ancestor (or insert relevant relative), you will move into their light and into that time… 5 being drawn to that knot now 4, 3, almost reaching that ancestor 2 and 1 (clicks fingers) be there now. 

For exploratory:

Who are you with? 

How are they feeling?

What do they need?

Give Resources 

For specific:

your (insert ancestor) did not have the resources they needed at this time in order for them to experience things the way they wanted to. But you do, you have the knowledge and wisdom needed, and you also have the ability to bring these resources to them now. Give them a big hug. You might be experiencing them as a person or just as an energy. Whichever way is fine for you… As you embrace now they can feel your love and you can feel theirs, you are connected here… What resources would you like to give them? …They are infused now with all of the resources they need to live out their life the way they would like. 

And now with these new resources they will be able to manifest whatever they need to live their life abundantly… in more alignment with their soul’s true nature. This will, in turn ripple down through your ancestors that came after them, trickling down to you. Any negative energy that has been stored in your cells as a result of the life this ancestor lived will now be transformed because they now are able to carry out their life in a way that is always full of self-love, wisdom, and empowerment (insert relevant resources).

Take as long as you need here with your (ancestor). Is there any other wisdom you would like to share with them? Have they given you any messages? Let me know when you are done by saying the word ready. 

Good, now say goodbye… letting go of this experience now…floating back to the beginning position of the rope… getting a good view of the big web… and becoming aware now that the entire web is starting to grow brightly as a rush of light spreads from this ancestors knot and spilled out to every other knot along the ropes…spreading to your parents now, and now feeling this light spread into your heart centre, feeling a tremendous loving energy fill your entire being now… feeling that transformation occurring… 

Wake Up