To begin I’d like you to close your eyes now. And take a deep breath in….and out… Feeling your body and mind begin to relax. Take another nice, deep slow breath in now….and breathe out… as you relax more and more.

Now I’d like you to imagine a column of rainbow light about six inches above your head. This Beautiful rainbow light has the power toiler all negativity and lull you to a state of pure peace and relaxation. This light will allow you to deeply relax and guide you to access the deepest parts of your subconscious mind. Allow yourself to feel this beautiful light shining down, warming the top of your head. This may feel like sunshine or kind of liquid light…Whatever you feel, it is perfect for you.

This warming colourful light, now starts to move down filling the crown of your head. And as it connects, you start to relax even more now. All thoughts or concerns simply begin to melt away as this light warms and soothes you to the deepest level.

It slowly begins to move down now, moving down, down past your eyes… your ears… now filling your entire head and mind with its deeply soothing frequency. This sense of relaxation continues to move down your neck, and expanding into your chest now, spreading down through your arms…. Feeling it travel down the spine and filling your stomach. Allow yourself to feel how wonderfully relaxing it is as this light fills your torso with peace and relaxation.

This healing light moves through your hips now. All of your chakras are now cleansed and balanced, you aura cleared and refreshed. You are so relaxed. Down your thighs now…. Washing over your legs now and out past your feet. And as you feel your entire body glowing and filled with this healing light, you feel so deeply relaxed and at peace.

Imagine a staircase before you now. This could be a grand staircase or perhaps a winding staircase. However it appears, it is perfect for you. It has been designed to take you to the depths of your subconscious mind, and to access parts of your being that will result in the greatest healing possible for you. In a moment, I’m going to count from 10 down to 1. As I begin counting, I’d like you to start making your way down this staircase. And when I reach the number 1, you will have arrived at the bottom of this staircase, so deeply relaxed and at peace.

Let’s begin our journey down now.

10 stepping down, making our way down now

9 it feels so easy to glide down

8, 7 feeling soo relaxed

6 deeper and deeper down

5, 4 soo relaxed, soo peaceful

3, 2 nearly all the way down now

And 1

You have arrived at the bottom of this staircase now. Notice just how safe and at peace you feel. For you have arrived at a safe place that is special for you. Imagine now that you are in the most beautiful and serene garden. You notice a fountain up in a little lake just up ahead. It is so beautiful and the sound of the rushing water makes you feel so at ease. This place represents the peaceful state within that you have now arrived at, and moving forward, know that you can return here easily at anytime you choose by simply touching your elbow.

Now imagine before you a pair of beautiful angel wings. They are white and fluffy and so, so soft. They have appeared here especially for you to take you to another time and place. And just know that you are completely safe and in control at all times. You can immerse yourself in this experience if you choose, or you can simply remain an observer. Climb onto your angel wings now and get very comfortable. And with every breath you take, you become even more deeply relaxed. We are going to go back in time to a memory from your childhood now. This is a wonderful childhood memory, a time very early on in this lifetime where you felt loved and safe. Floating up and away now on these beautiful angel wings, you may get a sense of many memories and feelings as we travel through the memories of your mind. And know that these angel wings are guided by your inner being and guides, and you will be directed to the most appropriate memory to revisit.

No need to make any effort now, just floating along on these angel wings. And I’m going to count from 10 down to 1 once again, and when I reach the number 1 you will have landed at a beautiful childhood memory from when you were a young child. 10, 9, 8 feeling soo peaceful. 7,6 sinking into the softness of the wings. 5, 4, 3 so close to reaching the appropriate childhood memory now, 2 and 1. Be there now!

Just allow the any images, memories or sensations to become really vivid. What is happening around you? You could be at a familiar place, or maybe it is a special event? And even if you can’t see what is happening visually, just allow any information to become known to you in whichever way to presents. It might just be a feeling, or a knowing. Trust in the information you receive now and know that is has presented in the perfect way for you. You can trust that you feel. I’m going to ask you to communicate to me in a moment, and when you start to speak, the information will become even more clear.

– What is happening?

– What are you wearing?

– How old do you feel yourself to be?

– Are you in a familiar place?

– Describe your surroundings?

– How do you feel?

(Anchor positive emotions if client has conveyed positive feelings)

Very good, you’re doing so well. Take a moment to check if there’s anything else you need to experience from this time. When you’re ready to move on, just let me know by nodding your head.

Fantastic, now you can bring these positive feelings with you as you climb onto your angel wings and embark on the next stage of your journey. Get very comfortable as we continue our journey back in time. This time, you are going back to before your birth, when you were in your mother’s womb. This is a special time when you were preparing to come into this world as you in this lifetime. This may be a more sensory experience but you will experience it in a way that is perfect for you.

So… floating towards this experience now… This time I’m going to count from 5 down to 1, and when I reach 1 you will be at a time after your conception in the womb. 5, floating easily now, 4, 3, feeling so relaxed, no need to even try, 2 and 1. Be there now!

I’d like you to engage all of your senses now to glean any information your inner self is ready to access. Really feel how it feels to be in this place.

– Is there any light at all, or is it completely dark?

– Are you aware of any colours?

– You are connected to your mother and can now make yourself aware of how she is feeling.

Tune in now. What is she experiencing?

– Can you send forgiveness/love to her now?

– How do you feel about this upcoming life?

– Why did you choose to come? Is there a particular purpose?

(insert any other relevant questions)

I’d like you to let go of this memory now and settle in to your angel wings once more. This time we are going to journey to another place much further back in time, to another lifetime. This lifetime will be the most beneficial for you to experience on your soul’s healing journey right now. Your higher self is still here, guiding you through this process. I’d like you to surrender and trust that you will go to a particular experience from the most beneficial lifetime now. This is the lifetime that needs to be re-experienced now in order to gain the most clarity and wisdom for your personal growth. Revisiting this lifetime will enable you to heal and overcome any experiences that may be trouble you currently in this lifetime.

Floating up, up and away to this other dimension now. Feel the comfort of the soft wings you are sitting or lying upon as you surrender to this experience now. I’m going to count you down to land safely in this experience now. When I reach the count of 1, you will be fully in this memory from another life, experiencing that which you need to. Just know that you are completely safe through this process and that you are in control. Getting ready to arrive there now. 10, 9, 8, floating so gently, 7, 6 going deeper, 5,4 nearly there now, 3, 2 and 1. Be there now!

Allow yourself to fully experience any images, sensations, or feelings that arise.

– Do you know where you are?

– Look down at your feet. Are you wearing shoes?

– What clothing are you wearing?

– Are you male or female?

– What age do you feel yourself to be?

– Is there anyone else with you?

– Are you inside or outside?

– What is happening?

– How are you feeling?

– What happens next?

(Insert other relevant questions)

(If scene seems stagnant, guide client to another relevant event from the same lifetime.)

Good, you’ve done an amazing job. We are now going to move forward in this lifetime and go to the time when you passed on. We are going to the moment just before death. Using your angel wings, we will travel there now. 5, 4 moving forward, 3, 2, and 1. Be there now!

– What is happening?

– How old are you?

– Are you alone?

– Where are you?

– What happens now?

(Insert other relevant questions)

You have the opportunity now to experience the journey to the other side, straight after death. We will journey on your soul’s passage to the beyond now. Allow your angel wings to take you there, easily and effortlessly.

– How do you feel?

– What sensations are you experiencing?

– Is there anyone there to greet you?

– Do they have any information that can help you?

(Insert other relevant questions)

Fantastic. That seemed like a wonderful experience for you. We are going to leave this behind and go back to your safe place, in your garden beside the fountain. Allow yourself to be there now.

We are going to allow your subconscious mind to integrate all that you experienced on your journey. You don’t even need to do anything, as your inner mind knows exactly what it needs to do to heal and to integrate your learnings. Just relax and feel the peaceful sensations in your garden as this work commences within you.

Wonderful. You have gained so much from this experience. Now that this integration has occurred I’d like you to communicate from the perspective you have now.

– What was the general feeling you had in that lifetime?

– How did you feel about the person you were?

– What was the purpose of living that life?

– What was your greatest accomplishment?

– What were the main lessons you learned?

– Do you feel you learned the lessons that were intended from that lifetime?

Very good. As you spend this time in your garden, you notice that everything starts to seem brighter and it feel as if you are glowing and radiating light from the inside out. You are enjoying the pure essence of you, of your soul. And you know that deep healing has occurred within you.

And this healing will have effects in all areas of your current life. And you notice now that you see or sense the presence of you angels, guides and loved ones. They are here to support you and they are so proud of the person you are. You feel loved and a deep sense of belonging. You have come home to yourself. You feel so incredibly empowered and confident to move forward and to create the life you wish to live. And you can feel your connection to source, to all that is. Allow this essence to fill you up completely. Feel the healing as you allow all baggage and past memories that have weighed you down to completely release now. You are free. You are healed. You are so loved.

I’ll give you a few moments now to really enjoy this incredible feeling. It’s now time to prepare to return to normal waking life. As I count up from 1 to 10 you will start to feel more energised and invigorated. You will start to ground and connect to your body more and more. And when I reach the count of 1, you will reach full waking consciousness. You will be able to recall all that was experienced on your journey and will remember the lessons you learned.

When you awaken, you will be completely free of all trauma, symptoms and any negative emotions related to that life. Instead you will understand the lessons and feel so strong and empowered. You will be so grateful to understand the lessons and for the healing that has occurred. You know that you have forgiven yourself ands all others. You now have the wisdom, courage and foresight to move forward confidently. You are able to give love freely and receive love in return. You now have the ability to make positive choices that are aligned with your soul and lead you to the best life possible for you. To create whatever it is you with to create. To experience anything you wish. You feel so capable. So confident. And will notice that as the days, weeks and months go on, that your understanding and healing deepens even further. You feel overjoyed to be free.

Alright, ready to return to full waking consciousness now, feeling refreshed and alert.

1, starting to come back now.

2, 3 coming up

4, coming up further, feeling renewed

5, feeling the energy moving through your fingers and toes

6, energy returning and travelling through your entire body now

7, becoming aware of the chair you’re in

8, feeling even more alert now

9 ready to return to full waking consciousness now

And 10, open your eyes now, feeling fully awake and alert. Back in the room and feeling amazing.