Moving down now… 10…9..8 going deeper…7…6… deeper and deeper….5…4…3…2…all the way now…1…you find that you are lying in a meadow full of grass and beautiful spring flowers.  You can hear the bees busy flying from one flower to another and hear the birds in the trees trilling and chirping to each other.  The sweet scent of the flowers and grasses are in the air.  The day is warm and you are looking up at the blue sky thinking how great it is that summer is on its way.  You must have dozed off as when you awake you find that you have a weird sensation in your back and as you sit up the heaviness you feel there becomes apparent, you now have the most beautiful pair of angel wings attached. As you think of the wings, they open and flap slightly in the spring breeze.  You are entranced with the feeling of the wings and what that means.  The more you think about the wings, the more they flap and soon you find that you are above the ground, just a foot or two.  The issue of x,y,z that we have been discussing comes to your mind as you levitate there.  Would it be possible to fly back and find out the cause of this issue. 

So now you are thinking about the wings and the issue of x,y,z and you find that not only are you rising but you are moving and you can see the ground is way below you but you also feel like time is moving as well.  You think more about the issue and more about the wings and you are moving swiftly higher and higher away from the Earth and quicker and quicker with the sensation that time is moving backwards and you are fine with that.  Intuitively, you know that you are being taken back to the start of the issue x, y, z and that its not in this lifetime. 

You feel completely safe as the wings are definitely in control and you know now that between the wings and our thoughts that you are zooming along and so is time and suddenly you are coming back down to Earth but the world looks different  and you know that you are back in the lifetime where you were  experiencing the emotions, the feelings and the circumstances that led to you having the issue of x,y,z in your current life. 

Your wings and your inner knowing have taken you back to exactly where you need to be so that you can learn from the experience.  Slowly you lower to the ground 5, 4… lower and lower… 3, 2… even lower and 1, be there now! Back to where you need to be. 

Allow yourself to orientate and start to feel and see and hear where you are.

Look down at your feet.  Are you wearing anything on your feet?

What do you feel you are wearing?

Are you male or female?

Are you inside or outside?

Tell me what it looks like where you are?

Are there people around you? Or are you alone?

What situation do you find yourself in?

What are you feeling? 

We are now going to the last day of that life. 3…2…1 Be there now!

How old are you?

Do you know what is happening and what you are dying of?

Where are you?

Are you alone?

How do you feel?

Have you learnt anything from this life?

How do you feel about the life you have lived? 

Now we are going back to original experience you have had in this life.  Suddenly you look up and you can see a chorus of angels coming towards you.  They let you know that they care for you and provided you with your wings so that you could come back and re-experience what has happened in this life.  They want you to be able to heal this experience so you can move on from it in your future lives.  They know how you have been feeling and experienced and they offer you many gifts to help you.  The first angel offers you self-love, the second – self-worth, the third – self-esteem, the fourth – confidence and the fifth – empowerment, etc, etc.  You accept these gifts from the angels with much thanks and gratitude. 

Now with these gifts, your inner knowledge and the assistance of the angels, go back and replay this experience the way it would have been if you had these gifts to use the first time around.  Have it play out how you would like it to for your best intentions.  Let me know when you have finished by saying “finished”. 

Great, what happened this time?

How do you feel now?

What have you learnt?

Now, I would like you to move to the last day of this lifetime with the gifts and knowledge the angels have given you.  3..2…1…Be there now!

How old are you this time?

What happens this time?  Are you alone?

How do you feel?

What have you learnt from this lifetime?

What can you take back from this lifetime to help in future lifetimes? 

Now it’s time to say goodbye to the chorus of angels.  You thank them for all their assistance and gifts and you can feel the love they have for you emanating from them.  They tell you how much they love you and want you to be healthy and happy in your future lives; how confident you will now be able to feel and how you will be empowered, wise and……in the future. 

You now feel your angel wings beating again and you lift from the ground, you feel yourself flying higher and higher and time once again moving, but this time it’s moving forward and returning to your current life and time.  You bring with you all the learnings and growth from this previous life and will be able to remember all that you experienced so that it can be integrated into your current life.  You feel loved, safe, confident and empowered.  You know that when you awake you will feel worthy and ready to move on in your current life with your inner knowing and wisdom.   These feelings grow within you and you feel warm and fulfilled. 

In a moment, I’m going to count from 1 to 10 and your will be fully alert and fully awake, knowing what a unique and wonderful soul you are and how much you believe in yourself.  You will know that you deserve abundance and happiness and success in your life going forward and that every day in every way, things will get better and better.  You will have more energy and vitality and your health will improve and you will feel secure in your future. 

Wake up