First of all, take a moment to thank yourself for being here today. For understanding the importance of giving love to yourself…for there is no one more important than you. And the work you do here today, is going to trickle out into all areas of your life. So, just let everything else go for now…knowing there is nothing more important than your relaxation…in this moment…and the wonderful healing journey you are about to embark on.

Make yourself comfortable now…feeling so relaxed…so safe and supported by the surface beneath you. Becoming aware of your breath… notice the subtle sensations of each breath you take in…the cool air through the nostrils…the soft wave through the back of the throat…notice the subtle raising of the belly. And with each breath out…you might notice the warmth of the breath on the upper lip…and the gentle inversion of the belly. And you know…each breath you take, provides you with a new moment…a new opportunity to see just how relaxed you can become…As you begin to go deeper…and deeper…into relaxation. Become aware now of any subtle sensations throughout the body…you might feel a vibration at the end of the feet…or a subtle twitching sensation in the hands or fingers. Whatever you notice, or don’t notice, is completely perfect for you…and just another indication of just how deep you are beginning to go. And as you continue to relax more and more…I want you know that there is nothing else you need to do, but to listen to the sound of my voice, and to follow my safe and reasonable instructions. Or you may choose not to listen…it doesn’t really matter whether you do or not, as for the next few moments…. I will be speaking directly with your subconscious mind. And you know…your subconscious mind is always aware of my instructions…and can follow these instructions so easily and effortlessly.


Imagine now that you are standing in front a big golden door…it is made of pure gold, and there are intricate patterns and symbols carved into it. The symbols represent your subconscious mind. Don’t try to create the symbols or work out what they should be…just allow the images and pictures to appear on the door. Look down and you will see a handle…In a moment I am going to ask you to turn the handle…but when you do…you will notice that the door is in fact locked. Turn the handle now…and notice that the door is unable to open. I want you now to reach into your pocket…and you will notice a beautiful golden key. This is the key to unlock the door…only you have access to it…and you may use this key, to enter into your subconscious mind. So, use the key to unlock the door, and when you are ready…step through to the other side.

As you step through the door…I want you to take a look around, and you will notice that you are inside a very large and beautiful temple. This is the temple of your mind…and as you continue observing your surroundings…you might notice objects here and there…objects that represent who you are…and your life. You might notice photographs of yourself hanging on the walls of this temple. It is a beautiful space…and you feel completely safe and comfortable within here…ready to explore just how much deeper you can go…Continue walking through the temple and off to the side, you notice the top of a beautiful staircase. The staircase can look however you like…as this staircase is indeed your own…and a way for you to go down into even deeper parts of your subconscious mind. Make your way over to the staircase now…and even though you cannot see what is at the bottom of the staircase…you know that it is completely safe for you to begin descending…knowing that each step you go down…you will go into the deeper and deeper parts of your subconscious mind. The part of the mind that holds all your answers…that holds the truth of who you are…and the place where wonderful healing can occur. So, begin making your way down now…10…9…going down…8…. deeper and deeper…7…6…. down, down, down….5…4…deeper still….3….2….and 1…all the way down…into the deepest part of your subconscious mind.


Ahead of you, you see another door. This door has been carved out of wood…and you get sense of a wonderful earthy aroma… almost as though you can smell the freshly cut wood…and the musky scent of oak. Put your hands against the door now…and feel the beautiful texture…so smooth…so relaxing…I want you to begin preparing to enter through the door…and as you do…you step through into a beautiful tropical forest.

There are tall trees all about…with big broad leaves…and you can hear the sound of these leaves rustling in the wind, and the calls of the birds as they fly about. The temperature is warm, and calming. As you walk deeper into the forest, you notice brightly coloured flowers…and small streams of water flowing in between the rocks…. you even hear the sound of the water as it trickles beside you, and you feel so safe and comforted in this place.

As you continue walking, soaking up the wonderful energy in this forest…you soon approach a look out, at the edge of the forestry cliff. Standing there at the top of the cliff…you look out at the sun setting…and it is so beautiful. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin…and the light of the setting sun is gentle and soothing…like a warm embrace. As you continue watching the sun…you notice soft colours of pink and orange. The colours begin to swirl in and around each other…creating a mesmerising vortex…like a portal to another world. As the colours continue to dance with each other…you notice ethereal lights radiating from within the sun…. opening itself up for you to explore what is through the other side.

You look slightly over to the right of the sun…and you notice what seems to be a beautiful angel…full of light…love…and protection…gusting its big powerful wings as it flies towards you. Watch as the angel flies so gracefully through the sky until it reaches you at the cliff. The angel hovers in front of you….and lays out one of its big beautiful wings…inviting you to rest on. He tells you that he is here to take you on a journey back in time…that you may be the observer if you wish…or you may choose to participate…he tells you that you may rest on his wings at any time that you choose throughout this experience…knowing that you are always in control…and always safe.

You step over and on to the wing. The angel holds you in its loving wings and it begins to fly gracefully and smoothly through the sky…towards the vortex in the sun. As you are flying, you look down and notice that everything you look at is beginning to become hazy…losing its form…turning into swirls of colour and light. Every bird and butterfly you fly past are turning into streaks of light…. transforming faster and faster…every cloud…everything becoming hazy…turning into pure energy…. pure light. And as you get closer to the vortex in the setting sun, you notice how beautiful and inviting it is, and you can feel yourself being drawn in…and you and the angel are getting closer… the angel tells you that he is taking you through the vortex in the sun, back in time to an experience in your early childhood, where you felt happy and joyful. So you can just let go now and let your angel take you back to this time…when you were a child…feeling happy, and having an enjoyable experience…going back now….10….9….getting closer and closer to the vortex….8…7…going back to the happy childhood memory….6…5…closer and closer to the vortex…4…getting drawn in….3…2…feel yourself being drawn into the vortex within the sun…1…Be there now! (click fingers).
Just allow the images and sensations to come…don’t try to force or analyse anything. Know that the memories and images will come easily….
Explore your surroundings…notice what is happening…where you are…and in a moment I’m going to ask you to speak and when I do, you will be able to do so easily, and at the sound of your own voice, you will drop into even deeper levels of consciousness.
– Take a look down at your feet, notice are your feet bare or are you wearing shoes?
– How old do you feel you are?
– What is happening?
– Where are you? Describe your surroundings
– Are you alone, or there others around?
– How are you feeling?

You are doing so great…and when you are ready to leave this experience just let me know by giving me a nod of the head.

Okay, great…and now just look over to your side and you will notice that your angel has arrived again, ready to pick you up on his beautiful wings…to continue your journey and bringing all these wonderful feelings of joy and love with you. So, make your way over to your angel again…as he places his wing out in front of you…. hop on and make yourself really comfortable…taking a nice long stretch, from your toes to your fingers…stretching yourself out onto the wing…allowing yourself to just let go again…surrendering to the experience and to the wonderful trust you feel with your angel. Your angel tells you that now you’re going to go back even further…. before your birth…back to that special time in your mother’s womb where you are getting ready to enter this world. The angel reminds you that this experience might feel a little different…but that it will be so comfortable and safe…and that all you need to do is to relax deeper…and deeper….as you see the vortex within the sun approaching again…as your angel flies backwards towards it…and you go deeper and deeper….10…9…going back…8…deeper and deeper…7…6…back in time…5…4…going back…3…going deeper still…2…going through the vortex in the sun…back inside the womb… there now! (click fingers).

– Is it light or dark? What colours do you see, if any?
– Do you feel like you have enough space, or do you feel cramped?
– How are you feeling? Do you feel excited to begin your journey in this world? Are you feeling nervous or what else is going on right now?
– And what is your purpose for coming?
– In this sacred place within your mother’s womb, you will be able to connect with her on an intuitive and deeper level. You may notice that you are able to easily identify how your mother is feeling…take a moment to explore this…and tell me what is your mother experiencing with this pregnancy? How is she feeling?
– Take a moment to connect with your mother in any way that you like. You will notice that you will be able to influence her feelings quite powerfully. Take some time now to try and reassure her, and comfort her in whatever way she needs. When you have finished, let me know by nodding your head.

You are doing so wonderfully…and it’s now time to leave here….and once again you see your angel approaching, with his big beautiful wings…you lay out again on to his wings….as he begins flying and soaring up through the sky….going higher, up… and over the clouds…higher and higher as he flies up into the atmosphere…away from the planet…away from this dimension….in to the dark empty sky…where there is nothing, and it is so peaceful…so safe, just you and your angel…in a void of pure emptiness…a place that transcends time and space…transcends the third dimensional reality that you have came from. As you float here in the void…your angel tells you that he will be here to guide you and ensure your safety, as he takes you back even further this time…to another lifetime. You will have an opportunity to heal potential hurts from this past life, maybe discover new meanings, or you may even recollect some gifts and talents that you might have.

So once again, you see the vortex appear again in front of you…but this time it looks a bit different. The energy in the vortex appears even stronger than before…and its whirling motion is powerful and hypnotic…as it creates a vacuum at the centre…pulling you and your angel in…stronger than ever before…knowing that as you enter…you will move away from the earth….you will move through different dimensions….and find yourself within a past life…able to gain new understandings and wisdom….going back now to another life…..9…8…through the vortex and its so powerful…7..6…going back faster and faster…5..4..feeling safe and in control….3…2…1 Be there now.
Letting all the images and sensations just flow to you…let it play out exactly as it does, and begin by looking down at your feet.
– What do you have on your feet, if anything? Shoes, sandals? Describe what you notice.
– Become aware of your clothing…what are you wearing? How does the texture feel on your body? Do you feel yourself wearing clothing for a male, or female?
– Roughly how old do you feel yourself to be? Are you an adult, or a child?
– What name do people call you by?
– Where are you? Become aware of your surroundings now. Are you inside or outside? What is the temperature like? Warm or cold? Where in the world do you feel yourself to be? Try not to over analyse it…you may surprise yourself with knowing exactly where this place is. What is the first place that enters your mind?
– What is going on around you? Are you alone, or are there others? What is happening?

Once the scene has been explored, move client to a significant event in this lifetime.
We are now going to move to a significant event in this lifetime…3…2…1…be there now! (click fingers).
Explore the scene and determine what makes it significant.
– How old are you? What is happening? How are you feeling? Etc.
– Let me know what you are experiencing, including any insights.

We are now going to move to the last day of that life…3…2…1 be there now! (click fingers).
Explore the scene and determine how and why that life ended.
– How old are you?
– What is happening? Is there anything going on that tells you that this is the last day of your life?
– How are you feeling? Ensure the client is comfortable participating in this process and if required, offer the client the option of being the observer as opposed to experiencing the event directly.
– Provide relevant healing (if required), asking whether there is anything your client might need at this time.

Explore the client’s perspective about their life, including any new found awareness, insights, or any realisations they may have had.
– What do you believe was the purpose of that life?
– Why do you believe you have been shown this lifetime today?
– Looking back on that life, what are some lessons or teachings that you may have learnt?
– How do you feel about this life that you lived, the person that you were, and the experiences you had?
– What were some things that you were especially good at during this life? Any special gifts or abilities that you might like to bring back with you to your current life? (Take client back to a scene where they can experience and retrieve their gift/ability)
– Is there anything that you may have required in that lifetime that you did not have? Any resources that you would like to share with the version of yourself in that lifetime?
– (If yes) We will now go back and revisit a significant event in that life, where you can equip yourself with the resources that you may not have had back then, but that you would have wanted to have, in order to experience what you would have liked to.

If you are ready now to let go of that life, let me know by giving me a nod of the head.
Good…leaving that life behind now…drifting and floating…up and away….leaving behind anything that is no longer serving you…any negative thoughts or beliefs…any trauma or regret…any negative energy resulting from this life, and that has been stuck within your field…any residue from this life within your emotional body…your mental body…your spiritual and physical body….just letting go of all of these energies now…feeling lighter….complete….drifting and floating…up and away from this third dimensional experience…describing this journey to me as you do.
– Where are you in relation to your body?
– (Once client has left their body) How does it feel to be separated from your physical body?
– What sensations are you experiencing?
– Where do you feel yourself to be going? How do you feel about where you are going?
– Is there anyone guiding you, or are you alone?

In a moment, you’re going to return to the current lifetime, and when you do…you will return bringing this new found wisdom and insight with you. You will feel lighter, and more present…knowing that you have released any and all energies from that lifetime that you no longer require. Leaving behind any emotional or physical trauma, of any extent, and thus creating room for healing…growth and expansion in this current life. The lessons you had learnt from that past life will be integrated easily and readily within your current being, as you acknowledge the lessons as complete. Leaving behind all that is not relevant or beneficial to your souls’ journey and growth during this current time and place. You will return with a deeper understanding of yourself, your experiences, and your absolute divinity…returning with a greater sense of clarity, and acceptance for all that you experienced, and all that is. The experiences you have had today will lead you toward a higher awareness…and a stronger sense of direction toward your purpose…towards your souls’ desires.

I’m now going to count from 1 to 10, and when I reach the count of 10, your consciousness will return back to this current time and place…where you will awaken feeling alert and refreshed, energised and excited to continue on your journey in this current life time. You will awake feeling more present, and engaged with your experiences…knowing that during every moment of every day, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. 1…energy returning to your feet and ankles…2….moving up the lower legs, towards the knees and thighs….3….energy and awareness returning to your pelvis and abdomen…4…the tummy….5….heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration returning to a normal healthy level for you…6…becoming aware of the noises around you….7…8…energy moving up your head, in and around your eyes…9…eyes are wanting to open…and 10….opening your eyes, feeling alert, energised and joyful.