This script has been designed for a child that is struggling with anxiety at school and can be used for either gender. The script is suitable for ages 5 and up. 


To start I’m going to give you a gold coin that will help you to feel so relaxed before we go on an adventure in your imagination. Hold your arm out front of you and hold the coin between your finger and thumb. Very good! You’ll notice now that your arms start feeling really heavy, getting heavier and heavier. And at the same time it starts feeling so relaxed and comfortable too. And you will continue to feel so relaxed and comfortable now, and your arm will keep getting heavier. And you’ll notice that it will start to feel soo heavy that you will need to drop the coin. And you are going deeper and deeper into hypnosis now. Just let the coin fall when it gets too heavy, and as soon as it drops you will be in deep hypnosis. Good. 

You are feeling so nice and relaxed now. You feel so comfy in the chair that you are in. Now that you feel so peaceful, we are going to go on an adventure into the forest. This is a magical forest with lots of places to play. Let’s imagine we are in the forest now. There are lots of pretty flowers and things to see. I wonder what else is in the forest that you like? 

Look around at the green trees and the flowers everywhere. There are so many colours. As you keep walking, you come across a tiger jumping on a trampoline. But this is not a scary tiger, he is very friendly. Give him a pat now, his fur feels so soft! Have a play with this tiger now and bounce on the trampoline with him. It’s so fun flying up into the air. It’s time to leave your tiger friend now, but before you go he has a present for you. He gives you a big feather to take with you as a present. I wonder what colour the feather is? It can be any colour you like, maybe it is even rainbow coloured! Put the feather in your pocket now to keep nice and safe with you. 

Let’s keep walking in the forest now. You can see a beautiful peacock in front of you. Looking at  all of the pretty colours makes you feel so happy. He is singing a lovely song and asks you to join him. Sing along with your peacock friend now, it can be whatever song you want. It feels so nice to sing along with him. It’s nearly time to go, but before you do he also has a present for you. He gives you one of his feathers. And you notice that each time you get another feather, you feel happier and happier. 

I wonder who else you might see in the forest? Let’s leave the peacock now and see if there’s anything else that wants to meet you. Keep walking further into the forest now. You can see a cheeky monkey waiting for you with two bikes. He is on one and the other is ready for you to hop on. Imagine riding the bike with this friendly monkey, having such a good time. Your monkey friend also has a feather to take with you. 

It’s nearly time to leave the forest so wave bye to the monkey and take out the three feathers that you have. These feathers have special powers and they are yours to keep forever. You feel so happy holding your feathers and anytime you feel a bit scared or nervous you can think back to your special feathers and they will make you feel so much better. 

And you feel excited to try out your special powers next time that you go to school or when you are playing with your friends. And every day you will feel happier and happier and will love to go to school each day to see your friends and play. You know that Mum and Dad will always be there to see you once the day finishes.

It’s nearly time to return and wake up so in a moment I will count from 1 to 10 and when I reach the number 10 you will be feeling awake and excited to see what the rest of the day will bring. 

10, 9 starting to feel energy in your body, 8, 7, coming back now, 6, 5, 4 your whole body is feeling back to normal, 3, 2, nearly ready to open your eyes, and 1 open your eyes now, feeling great.