Let us begin an exploration of times gone by. An adventure where you will explore the depths of your past life history. During this session, I will guide you to a past life — a time in your soul’s journey that will help by giving meaning and insight into this present life.

Take a moment to close your eyes and begin to relax. Allow any distractions of the external noise to fade away as you direct your attention to your breath. I want you to feel a sense of safety and peace with each breath. Then, as you exhale, release any tension or anxiety that may be lingering. Today, we will examine your internal memories, offering insight into the choices you have made that will help you overcome any limiting beliefs that you now carry.

As you relax further into this experience, you may notice internal emotions begin to surface, connections to a time that produce a feeling of familiarity. A wish for healing and personal development that has been shaped into the deepest parts of who you are. If feelings of unease or uncertainty arise, you can take comfort in knowing that you are protected by this space that you are sitting in. Know that I am here with you all the way and that your higher self is a guiding force to help you in your search for personal transformation and a fulfilling life.

Breathe in through your nose slowly to the count of three: – one two three, relax and exhale out through your mouth slowly, one two three… again in through your nose slowly and deeply, one two three… and out again through your mouth, deepening into a feeling of total relaxation, one two and three….

Now, I want you to imagine yourself standing at the edge of a forest. The trees tower above you, their branches stretching up all the way to the canopy above. The air feels heavy with the odour of vegetation. You desire to take a further look and explore the unknown. You know that something seems vaguely familiar to you, and as you feel a sense of ease, you begin to absorb all you see around you.

With each step, you feel the earth’s energy heavy under your feet, connecting you to the feeling of times gone by. As the sunlight filters through the leaves of the canopy, it shapes patterns of light and shadow on the forest floor below. The sound of a gently rippling stream in the distance produces a feeling soothing all your senses; it guides you deeper and deeper into the enchanting forest that now stands before you.

As you continue to explore, you come across a hidden clearing that shifts with flecks of soft, golden light created from the flowing branches above. In the centre of this clearing, you notice a luminescent-coloured pond; its surface is as motionless as glass. You are drawn to this pond; you sense that it holds the key to unlocking any hidden portions of your mind.

With each passing moment, you feel yourself becoming more deeply relaxed, more in touch with the rhythms of the forest and the secrets that lay within. As you stare into the still waters, you sense that it is a doorway to the inner depths of your subconscious mind, a portal to a memory forgotten, a hidden memory offering insight and clarity.
You are ready to step through this gateway, explore your memories, and uncover the hidden truths that lie inside.

You can sense the magnetic pull that is enticing you forward. The pond’s surface mirrors your image, encouraging you to take the next step. You feel a change in your consciousness with movement forward, as if you are passing a point into a world of discovery and self-awareness.

As you reach the edge of the pond, you notice that the water is becoming clear, offering a glimpse into its depths below. You bend down to touch it; you notice that it feels cool and calming, soothing your mind and relaxing your body even further, taking you deeper and deeper with each ripple your touch creates. You can feel the magic of this sacred place, and with each deep breath, you start to sink into the waters of the pond, taking you further and further, lower and lower, deeper and deeper below. As you descend, you notice that you feel weightless, as if you are being pulled into the depths of your own inner universe.

You are aware that you are now on the brink of a profound journey that will allow you to explore your memories and tap into the core of your inner being. As you surrender to the stillness of the waters, I want you to allow yourself to be pulled deeper and deeper into this now expansive space. Again, it pulls you lower and lower, deeper and deeper, and you feel fully trusting of this experience because this pond is your safe space, and you can return to this space whenever you need throughout this experience.

I want you to continue to float downwards, lower and lower, deeper and deeper, descending into your inner world; keep this image of floating, descending, lower and lower, as you become more and more relaxed, deeper and deeper, floating down and down and down.

With ease, you quietly find yourself surrounded by a breathtaking view of hidden wonders. Crystals and treasures twinkle with magical brightness, casting a shimmering glow upon the endless space that now surrounds you. Visions and holograms begin to materialise, showing stories of your existence through time and space. These holograms and images are like a kaleidoscope of your soul’s journey, each representing a different chapter of your past life experiences. You watch as scenes from various lifetimes flick like a turning a TV channel before your eyes, showing moments of joy, sorrow, love, and transition. These experiences have shaped who you are today.

As you observe these holographic images of your past, you can feel the connecting strings between them. Each hologram holds a clue to understanding who you are. And now, as I count down from 5 to 1, you will be guided to a hologram containing a happy early childhood memory from this lifetime, a memory that brought you profound happiness and one that you wish to visit again.

Going back now, 5… 4… 3… 2… and finally, 1…

Be there now.

You find yourself focused on the holographic scene of your happiest childhood memory. This is such a happy experience from your youth.

I want you to observe this scene, take your time to view what is happening before I ask you some questions. When you are ready, nod your head to let me know to move forward.


What events are happening around you?

Are you with your family or are you with friends?

How old do you think you are?

Who is with you in this experience?

Describe the scene playing out in front of you as you watch this holographic happy childhood memory.

(Pause and allow the client to take time in this experience)

Now we are going to move on from this experience, and as we begin, I want you to again imagine yourself floating downwards. Floating again lower and lower, deeper and deeper into the vastness of your inner world and subconscious self. As the holograms continue to play out snippets of your life, let us now go back to an even earlier memory from this childhood. Imagine yourself floating gently, weightlessly and surrounded by warmth and darkness. You are travelling backward through time, returning to the earliest moments of this experience.

You find yourself now in the space of your mother’s womb. Here, in the darkness and safety of her belly, you feel connected to her. You can sense her thoughts, emotions, and experiences and can sense the rhythmic beat of her heart, a comforting feeling that has been with you since the very beginning.

As you explore this connection, do you feel love and kindness from your mother? Are her emotions full of positivity and devotion, or are they feelings of apprehension and anxiety? Do her sentiments, dreams, and hopes for you come from a nurturing mother? Or from someone who is not of a loving nature?

Take a moment to explore this experience to understand the bond between mother and child in this life. Allow this experience to give you clarity on your relationship with your mother from the very beginning. When you’ew ready, nod you head to let me know to move forward.

(expand further on what the client is telling you)

Great work, well done.

Now, we are going to continue onwards, and this time, we are going to a hologram you wish to explore further. As you continue to float, you descend deeper and deeper into the layers of your inner world. I am going to count from 10 down to 1, and with each count, you will arrive closer and closer to the hologram that contains the events from a past life once lived.

10… Floating downwards lower and lower, descending into the depths of your inner world.

9… Holograms are playing before your eyes, like fragments of memories gone by.

8… You get a feeling that one particular hologram holds the key to your past life, and it begins to pull you in.

7… As you approach, the hologram becomes vivid and detailed, and you can feel the essence of a life once lived.

6… The sounds and feelings of this past life start to embrace you as if you’re stepping into a different time in space.

5… The hologram raises its energy, and you sense a connection to this distant time as if it’s a part of your soul.

4… The scene within the hologram becomes focused, showing glimpses of people, places, and events that shaped this past life.

3… You can feel the emotions as if you’re reliving them all over again.

2… The threshold between your current self and your past life starts to entwine.

1… You have arrived at the hologram, and you are now ready to explore the details of the past life you once lived.

Take a moment now to witness what is taking place before your eyes.

(pause for client viewing)

Watch the scene happening in front of you.

Look down at the ground. Tell me, what is the ground like beneath your feet?

Now, look at your feet. Do they look like the feet of someone young or old?

Are you wearing shoes? Are the male or female shoes?

Take a look at your clothing. What are you wearing?

What colour is your skin? Is it a darker colour or a light colour?

Now, take a moment to explore the scene before your eyes… immerse yourself, and take your time to have a look around even further.


Do you know who is with you? Tell me when you’re ready.

Where in the world do you think you may be?

What era in history is this time?

Do you see anyone from your current life who may be with you in this past life?

Do you think you know your name?

Tell me as much as you can about this past life.


When you are ready, I want you to nod your head and let me know you are ready to move forward.

We are now going to explore the last day of this life experience; you will relax and feel safe and secure as you go deeper with ease, deeper and deeper, lower and lower, and remember that you can return to the safety of your magical pond whenever you wish…. three, two and one… be there now…

(explore the scene)

Where are you?

What is the scene around you?

How are you feeling?

Is there anyone there?

Tell me how you feel about this time and what emotions surface within.

Sit here for just a moment and reflect on what is playing out in front of you.

(explore the scene)

And pause…

Therapy Insert (if required)

Now, from this day on, as you move forward in this current life, remember that being true to yourself is the key to a life of self-love. Your identity is simply you, but remember, you have content within.

Some only show their surface to the world, a front if you like, but we all know there is internal dialogue and stories underneath the surface that have shaped who we are. The stresses of daily life and past traumas have influenced us along the way.

As we move forward, try to stay conscious of this. Through prayer, journaling, meditation, or self-reflection, we can become more attuned to our own awareness and commence our lives with confidence.

At times, life can present itself like an epiphany, those light bulb moments when something that your soul has always known hits you like a bolt of lightning – it gives insight into who you are physically and who you are at the soul level.

When this happens, and you no longer identify with what you have always thought to be true, past traumas and childhood conditionings are no longer relevant or have a hold over you.

Through action and self-awareness, seek to stabilise yourself by living your truth, start to live authentically and give yourself love. After all, we are here to lift ourselves, living in the physical to experience all that life can bring.

As you level up your awareness to change your way of life, the process can flow through you. You may question yourself and maybe look to spiritual practice if this is what you are open to. Revelations may start to show themselves and start to transform you, giving strength of character, living your truth, and living authentically.

Realise that experiences are happening for me to learn, grow and take conscious action. Set positive intentions like setting goals for yourself. Maybe you might want to make a difference before leaving this life. Follow your gifts and passions and show the world your brilliance.

It is happening through me – start to live authentically. You will realise the experiences are happening for you, understanding that nothing is personal, and those who have presented with grief and trauma are shaping you to learn and grow; surrender to the old ways of conditioning.

What do I have of myself to be in service to who I am? What no longer serves me that I need to let go of? Give with gratitude and know that You are truly unique; You are truly remarkable.


Now, start to visualise a source of light above the crown of your head. See it shining brilliantly, casting a gentle blue glow just above you. As you take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, and then exhale, imagining this blue energy descending over you like a soothing cloud. It enters the crown of your head and flows gracefully down you, filling up your entire spine.

With each breath, I want you to welcome this energy, and with each exhale, feel it flood every fibre of your body. As this energy fills you, it engulfs you with a profound sense of love and acceptance.

Now, envision yourself standing beneath a radiant, energetic waterfall, washing away any remnants of old, stagnant belief systems that may linger within you. As you breathe in this experience of peace and light, silently affirm to yourself, “I manifest my own happiness. I am resiliently minded. I am the navigator of my own destiny.” With each exhale, release any lingering stress and burdens, reminding yourself that you are a vibrant, energetic being, allowing love to flow through every cell of your being and empowering every fibre of who you are.

From this moment forward, you will recognise that the responsibility for your happiness lies in your hands. You possess the key to unlock your potential and embrace the abundance of inner strength you have within.

Now, in a moment, I’ll guide you through a gentle transition from this state of relaxation to full alertness. As I count from 1 to 10, you’ll gradually reawaken to the world around you, carrying with you the newfound awareness this session has provided today.

With each number, you’ll step into a brighter, more awakened mindset.

1 – Begin by wiggling your toes, slowly bringing movement to your feet and ankles.

2 – Now, shift your awareness to your knees and thighs, feeling their presence.

3 – Sense your pelvis and lower back, grounding yourself in this moment.

4 – Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, connect with your belly, feeling the gentle rise and fall.

5 – Bring your focus to your chest, becoming aware of the rhythm of your breathing.

6 – Feel the steady beat of your heart and the flow of your life force within.

7 – Gently move your shoulders and neck.

8 – Shift your attention to your face, noticing the muscles around your nose and eyes.

9 – Tune in to your ears, listening to the sounds around you.

And finally, at 10, open your eyes, fully awake and fully present in the room around you.