By Sheridan Sandow

Take a deep breath… Now exhale… Continue to breathe in… then out…. With ease… Without conscious thought… Each breath in feel the relaxation spread through your body… Each breath out releasing tension and tightness… Continue to breathe. In… and out…. Now focus your attention on the small spot between the eyebrows… As you focus on this spot you will find that the body gets more and more relaxed… Know that you will continue to breathe and relax with ease while you focus completely on this spot between the eyebrows… This spot is often referred to as the third eye… It is also the location of the sixth chakra, the centre of our wisdom and intuition… This spot represents the inner self and the connection to the universe. As you focus on this spot imagine it is balanced. Balanced spiritual awareness… Balanced inner guidance… Continue to focus on the spot between the eyebrows and relax more and more… This spot is the intersection between the conscious and subconscious mind, but as you focus you may find that that the conscious mind drifts off… That is ok…. The conscious mind can rest knowing that the subconscious mind is there. Keeping you safe, allowing you to relax… The subconscious mind can call on the conscious mind if and when it is needed. But for now, it is not needed so just allow the conscious mind to drift away as you relax… If any thoughts come into your mind just allow your focus to drift back on to the spot between your eyebrows and you’ll find that the thoughts just drift away as you continue to relax. More and more relaxed…

Imagine now a ball of string. Any colour you like. Any thickness. Any texture. Wound round and round to make a ball. One string, wrapped over and over itself, into a tightly wound neat ball. Imagine now a gust of wind blowing past, picking up the end of the string and carrying it away. As the wind continues to blow the ball continues to unravel. The string carried away on the breeze. Unwinding the ball… Unwrapping…. Loosening… You continue to watch the ball as it gets smaller and smaller. The string carried off, in the breeze. Disappearing into the distance… Further and further away… The string light as a feather… Carried away by the breeze, until the ball of string is completely unravelled and stretched out into the distance… The wind dies down and the string comes to rest on the ground. You cannot see the other end of the string so with a sense of curiosity you follow it now. Completely comfortable, safe and at ease follow the path the string has made. Not knowing where it leads, not knowing where it ends. Continue to follow it now. You continue to follow the path descending down… Further and further down… Completely at ease… Completely relaxed… Completely comfortable… Going down… Following the string… Deeper down… Knowing that where the string leads is exactly where you are meant to be. As I count down now from ten, by the time I get to one you will have reached the end of the string. 10… 9… going down… 8… 7…. further down… 6… 5… so relaxed… 4… 3… almost there… 2… and 1… you are now at the end of the path and you find the end of the string… It is tied to a balloon. Not just any balloon. This balloon allows you to move through time. You will easily be able to go back to a time in your life when you first experienced the issue of (insert relevant issue). You will be completely safe and completely comfortable as you go back to this time. Now take hold of the balloon, and untie the string. You begin to float with the balloon… Floating back in time… Feel yourself travelling back… Travelling back to a time that you first experienced (???)… Going back now. 5…4… going back… 3…2…1… be there now.

Experience the thoughts, feelings and sensations. Allow the images to come.

  • Tell me what is happening…
  • How old do you feel yourself to be?
  • Is there anyone else there or are you alone?
  • Are your surroundings familiar?
  • What are you doing?
  • How are you feeling?

Confirm it is the ISE

Now I want you to look to the door (or wherever relevant) and you will see adult (insert client name) walking towards you. He/she is so happy to see you. He/she understands you completely and carries so much kindness and compassion for you. He/she is carrying a big bag… In the big are many gifts, wrapped in beautiful paper and ribbon. Each gift is a resource that you did not have access to back then, but you do have access to now. One by one adult (???) hands you a gift. As you open each one the resource inside washes over you like a wave. The first gift is love. You feel love wash over you… The next gift is self-worth. You feel self-worth wash over you… (Continue giving all the appropriate resources).

Are there any more resources you need right now?

Are there any more gifts in the bag?

Now you have all these resources and adult (???) is there to support you. I want you to go back to the beginning of this scene and experience it again but how it would have been had you had access to all these resources back then. Experience it again how you want it to be. Let me know when you have finished by saying the word finished…

Good…What happened this time? How do you feel now?

Now thank adult (???) for coming back for you. Adult (???) responds by giving you a big hug and telling you that he/she loves you and will always be there for you to bring you any resources you need so you can grow up feeling (insert relevant resources). Now that you know you can grow up feeling (???) you say goodbye to adult (???) for now. You again find the special balloon. As you take hold of the balloon and find yourself floating… Floating back to the present time and place where you began this journey… Floating back now…

In a moment I will count from one to ten. On the count of ten you will be awake, revived and refreshed, and back in this room. You will awaken feeling (insert relevant post hypnotic suggestions)... You can move forward easily in life knowing you are (???). And as each day passes you will only grow more and more (???).

1… conscious feeling returning to your feet… 2… travelling up your legs…. 3… feeling returning to your hands… 4… travelling up your arms… 5 heart rate and breath returning to a normal healthy level for you… 6… 7… becoming aware of the sounds in the room… 8… eyes wanting to open… 9… 10… fully alert and awake and back in the room.