I have written this script for an 8-year-old, female client of mine. She has presented with multiple issues although my upcoming session with her will be focusing on her primary thought statement, which is “I am not real”. Furthermore, this session will be focusing on the Secondary Vibrational Thought Statement, which is “I am unsuitable”. I have chosen to replace the word ‘suitable’, with – ‘acceptable’. One of my client’s favourite hobbies is to play basketball with her friends, so I have chosen this as the theme for my script. My client is also a Divine Compassion, so I have chosen to briefly include some ‘friends’ in the script, to enhance her sense of connectedness. The aim of the script is to help her become aware of all the different traits she possesses that indicate that she is in fact acceptable, suitable, and very real.

I want you now to just close your eyes, or keep them open if you like (my client sometimes doesn’t like to close her eyes straight away during hypnosis…I have found her to experience the same effects with her eyes open), it doesn’t really matter because either way…you are about to feel very, very relaxed…
Let’s imagine that there is a very beautiful love heart floating above your body. This love heart has a bright and beautiful glow…like a light! The love heart can be any colour that you like…but just know that as it floats above you…it is sending relaxation to every part of your body. Starting at your feet…sending you peace and relaxation…. moving up the lower legs…the thighs…taking you deeper and deeper…tummy…and chest…feeling more and more relaxed…the glowing love heart is moving up over the neck…jaw…. going deeper still…over the eyes…relaxing the eyelids…the forehead…. the top of the head. You are now feeling totally relaxed…from head to toe.

I want you to imagine now that you are standing in front of your most favourite playground. You walk over to the slide and you notice that it looks a bit different. You realise that it is a lot bigger than before, but that it looks really safe and comfortable…for you to climb up towards it. So, make your way now toward the stairs, and climb your way up to the top of the slide.

You are now at the top of the slide…ready to slide down. But before you do, I want you to know that this is a very special slide…because as you slide down further and further…you will be going into a deeper and deeper sleepy state, that is going to feel so nice and comfortable for you. And as I count down from 10 to 1…you will slide down the slide…going deeper and deeper and feeling more and more relaxed. Going down the slide now…at a pace that is comfortable for you…10…9…going down…8…7…deeper and deeper…6…5…sliding down more and more…4…3…2…deeper still, feeling more relaxed than ever before…and 1. You are now at the bottom of the slide…and feeling so relaxed.

As you exist the slide…you realise that you are now standing in front of a very special basketball court. This basketball court was designed just for you, and you can see some people around who you know are your friends. You might notice who these friends are…or you might not know who they are…but you just know in your heart that they are your friends. Walk further in the basketball court now…and you will see a basketball hoop…this hoop is at the perfect height for you to be able to shoot some goals…and you’re feeling excited to play.

I want you to stand a couple metres away from the basketball hoop now…and one of your friends begins to pass you a basketball, so that you can have a shot. Get ready now…to throw the ball…and watch as it swishes right through the hoop…great shot! The basketball hoop begins to light up with bright and beautiful colours and it looks like it’s starting to print out a prize!! What a special basketball hoop this is. Begin to walk over to it…and you will see that a ribbon has printed out of the basketball hoop, as a prize for you. As you hold the ribbon in your hand, you notice that it says the word “generous” on it. And you realise…that each time you take a shot of the ball… you are being shown all the different things about you, that show why you are so accepted and valued as the person that you are. All the different traits of yours, that makes you who you are…and that are so accepted and loved by all those around you. What a fun game. So, pop that ribbon now in your pocket, feeling proud of the wonderfully generous person that you are.

I want you to step a few metres away from the hoop again, as your friend begins to pass you another ball. You take another shot and it goes right through the basketball hoop again! Watch again as the hoop lights up with beautiful flashing lights again…and begin to make your way over to grab your next prize. This time…two different coloured ribbons have printed out, and this time one says “kind nature” and the other has “joyful” written on it. Take a moment to be aware of just how kind of a nature you have…and how this is yet another reason as to why you are so accepted for who you are. You know as well that you are a joyful person, bringing joy to the entire world. Pop those two ribbons in your pocket…. Step a few metres back again…grab another ball…and take a shot. It goes straight through again and this time you receive two ribbons. One has the word “determined” written, and the other says “funny”. And you know in your heart…that you have always been very determined…and that you also have a very funny nature that loves to make everyone laugh. So, pop those ribbons in your pocket.

Your friend approaches you to pass you another ball now…but before she does…she looks you in the eyes and tell you that no matter what…every single one of your traits and the different things that make you who you are…is totally and completely accepted. She tells you even those traits that you think might be different to others…or that you might have thought badly about in the past…even those traits are valued and accepted… everything about you is true and complete… just like you are true and complete.
So, take that last ball now…and throw it through the hoop…knowing that as you do…you are filling yourself up with a sense of acceptance for who you are.

In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 10…and when I do, you will come back to this room and where we are…feeling positive about yourself…feeling very sure of the person you are. And from now on, and every day forward…you will go through life sharing your true self with the world…feeling complete…confident…and totally accepted.

1…feeling the energy coming back to your feet and ankles…2…as it moves up your legs…3…to your knees…4 to your thighs…5… to your tummy…6, 7…your heartbeat, blood pressure and breathing return to a normal healthy level for you…8…the energy moving down your arms…9…. around your head, eyes are wanting to open now and 10, full awake, fully alert, feeling great.