This script is for a child of approximately five years old and while written for a boy, it could be used for a girl, especially if they are adventurous.  The script is to overcome the anxiety of going to school for the first time or returning to school, especially after a long break during times such as the Covid pandemic.  The child should be familiar with the ABC program, “Bluey”.  It’s important to know if the child has a best friend from kindergarten or some other part of their life and the name of the friend. 

The hypnotherapist would have finger puppets on his/her fingers for the induction, in this script they are butterflies, which symbolise transformation. 


Just sit back in the big chair and get really comfortable, like you would if you were watching television or reading a book with your Mum or Dad.  Take a deep breath in and breath it out with me in a big blow out through your mouth…. Now take another big breath in and let’s breath it out slowly together like we are slowly blowing out a candle. 

Now I want you to look at the butterflies that are just above your head.  Don’t move your head up, just use your eyes, look up with them and then keep watching the butterflies as they slowly fly down to your chest, 3…2….1 and close your eyes, as they might feel a bit heavy.  Now open your eyes again and look up again at the butterflies, just with your eyes, and watch the butterflies fly down again to your chest, 3….2….1 and close your eyes as they get to your chest, your eyes are starting to feel heavy now. 

Once again, the butterflies are above your head, look up at them with your eyes and now they are going to flutter down to your chest, 3….2…..1 and close you eyes, this time your eyes feel really, really heavy and you just want them to stay shut because it feels really good.  I’m just going to lock your eyes shut now, you can feel me do that as I just make a little circle of your forehead here, locking your eyes shut until we unlock them later. 

With your eyes shut, I want you to pretend to see a big magical flying carpet in front of you.  It looks really exciting, and it even has two seats on it which are like the seats your Mum puts you in when you go in the car.  The magic carpet must be safe if it has seats like those.  When you have a really good look, you can see that your best friend, insert friend’s name, from kindergarten is sitting in one of the seats on the magic carpet and he is waving to you to come and sit in the other seat next to him.  While you feel a little bit scared, you know that if he is there it must be OK and that if he’s allowed to be on the carpet, your Mum would let you on the carpet too. 

Hop aboard and buckle up, it could be really good fun and friend’s name, is looking so excited and saying how much fun this is going to be.  The magic carpet starts going up and up into the air.  You fly out of the open window and when you look back, you are flying away from your house and over the park you like kicking the football at and now you are heading over your school, you can see the other school kids in the school yard but you and friend’s name are having a great time flying up and up on the magic carpet. 

Off you keep going, whizzing over the houses and seeing the people doing things below, whishing over the streets and now you are starting to come in for a landing, going down, down, down, 5….4…..down, down and deeper and deeper, 3….2…., down, down, 1….

You land and you look around and when you look up the hill you see Bluey’s big house where she lives with her Mum and Dad and sister Bingo. 

You and friend’s name can hear someone crying and when you look around you see Snickers crying.  Snickers is standing there with his school bag and he looks very unhappy.  He has his lunch box in his school bag and a drink bottle and you can see his new hat that he has to take to school with him so that he doesn’t get sunburnt at play time.  But Snickers looks really sad. 

You see Bluey come over to Snickers house.  She has her school bag too, all packed up with her lunch box and drink bottle and hat and nicely on her back ready to walk with Snickers to school.  Bluey asks Snickers what the matter is and Snickers tells Bluey that he hasn’t been to school because he has been doing school from home with his Mum and he feels funny in the tummy when he thinks about going to school.  He says he feels really scared to go and just wants to stay home, he knows when he is home with his Mum that he can see the other kids on his computer and talk with their teacher but he is really feeling funny in the tummy about what to do at play time out in the school yard. 

Just then, Winton comes along and he is looking a little bit worried, he doesn’t really have a smile on his face as he walks along with his bag on his back. Bluey calls him over and asks what’s going on.  Winton says that he is worried about what the day will be like at school as he hasn’t been before and Snickers says he knows how Winton feels. 

Bluey says that Winton, Snickers and herself should go up the hill to see Calypso, their very smart, very nice, very friendly teacher because she will know what to do.  So Bluey, Winton and Snickers walk up the hill and see Calypso sitting on her beautiful chair at the top.  Bluey tells Calypso that Winton and Snickers are feeling worried and funny in the tummy about coming to school.  They are worried about what to do in the play yard, they haven’t been at real school before. 

Calypso says that she has talked to some other children that are feeling the same way and so she has got a game for them all to play outside to help them feel good.  She calls all the children together and they all stand in a circle and hold hands.  She gets them all to take a deep breath in, this breath is so big that it fills up their chests and their tummies and then they all blow it out in a long blow as if they were blowing out the candles on their Mums’ birthday cakes.  Then they do it again and Snickers and Winton could feel themselves starting to feel a little bit better.  Some of the tight feeling in their stomachs was starting to go away.  

Then Calypso tells the children to find someone to they don’t know very well and to go over and tell them their name.  When they introduce themselves, they should shake each other’s hand.   The Calypso tells them that together in their pairs they should go and have a look under the rocks in the play yard and they will find cards with drawings on them and when they find a card, the two of them should bring it back to the circle. 

Calypso tells them how good they all are as they come back to the circle and now, they start looking at their cards.  The first one is of two friends playing together and sharing a toy.  Calypso tells them that this is how they will all play in the yard, happy and sharing toys.

The next card shows a boy with his arms in the air as if he is lifting something happy.  Calypso says that this is to show them that they are all strong, not just in their body but in their mind as well. 

Then there is a card with lots of different children on it all playing together, everyone involved and this was about all the children belonging and joining in and the last card showed a child smiling and happy and Calypso says that is because all the children at school may feel a bit funny in their tummies before they come but they know that once they get to school that they have fun and feel like they can do what the teacher asks as well as they can do it and that makes everyone happy. 

You know that it is time now for you and friend’s name to fly back home.  Everyone at Bluey, Snickers and Winton’s school are going into class knowing that they have friends to play with, they can share toys and feel really strong in their body but also in their mind and know that they will do as well as they can and be happy at school. 

Up and up and up, goes the magic carpet and you leave Bluey’s school behind, you fly back over the streets and parks and houses and your school and when you look at your school, you know that you are like Bluey, Snickers and Winton, and will go to school feeling happy to be able to play with your new and old friends, you will share your toys and feel strong and happy to be at school and will do the best you possibly can. 

Friend’s name looks at you and says that he can’t wait to go to school because its going to be so much fun.  He says he feels happy to be going and be able to play with you in the school yard and that the two of you can share and play with some of each other’s toys at school.  You know that you will belong there and even though you might have the funny feeling in your tummy on the first day, you’re not the only one like that but once you get there it will all be Ok, it will be fun to be in the classroom and fun to be in the play yard and great to be with friends that you know and new friends as well. 

The magical carpet lands back in your room and you hop off.  Friend’s name flies off on the carpet back to his house.  You feel happy and excited to be going to school and you know that when you wake up, you want to tell your Mum how much you want to go even if you have a funny feeling in your tummy because you will have such a fun time once you are at school playing with your friends and learning from your teacher.  When you wake you will feel so happy and so excited, you might even feel like you can jump out of your skin. 

So now as I undo the lock on your eyes, you can slowly feel yourself waking up, 1 your toes and feet, 2 your legs are starting to feel like they can wriggle, 3 up to the top of your legs are awake now.  4 your tummy and back are waking up, 5 your chest doesn’t feel so heavy and you take a deep breath in, 6 your arms and hands are starting to feel like you can wiggle your fingers, 7 your shoulders can now go up and down, 8 you can feel that your face could twitch, 9, you feel awake up to the top of your head and 10, your eyes are open, you look at me and your feel happy and full of energy.