Just allow your eyes to close now and scan your body to check for any discomfort or tension. Make any adjustments you need to in order to feel completely comfortable. Know that if at any stage you need to make further adjustments, you can do so. It will not affect what we are about to do here today. In fact, this will simply take you deeper and deeper to an even more relaxed state. 

Now bring your awareness to your breath. Notice how easy and effortless the inbreath and outbreath is … how naturally it flows and how peaceful each breath makes you feel. Your body and mind know what to do. You need not do anything now except listen to the sound of my voice … trust that your body knows how to sustain you whether you are paying attention to it or not. When you sleep at night, your body continues to function and when you wake, you are refreshed and restored. It is just the same with the work we are about to do today. Knowing this you can completely relax now and let go … no effort is needed on your part. In fact, there is no effort needed from your conscious mind either. You can give it permission to relax, drift off or simply listen without feeling the need to interfere, as it is the subconscious mind – the part that has infinite wisdom and knowledge, the part that is connected to your higher wisdom and all your memories and experiences – the subconscious mind is the part that we are going to speak to today. Know that you are safe at all times and that you will only ever hear what you are ready to hear, and you are always in control. Nothing I say to you can take away your control and anything I say to you will only be accepted if you wish it to be so… 

I want you now to bring your focus back to the body. Again, notice any tension or discomfort and make any further adjustments. Continue to breathe easily and effortlessly, feeling more relaxed with every breath. And now imagine that a warm, gentle puff of warm air flows over you – very gentle and soothing – clearing away any worries or concerns, bringing your awareness to your body as it flows over you. Feel the gentle breeze flow from the top of the head down the face and neck, relaxing every muscle and smoothing out any tension around the eyes, the muscles of the face and neck … so soothing. Feel how relaxed you feel as it flows down to the chest, the back – releasing tension from the shoulders, the diaphragm, and around the spine … relaxing the muscles of the stomach and pelvis. Feel it flow now to the arms and forearms, the hands … Feel all the tension leave the body as this soothing cleansing breeze flows down the legs, the thighs and knees, and finally the feet. 

You feel wonderfully relaxed now and filled with such blissful peace. And as wonderful as you feel now, you want to go even deeper and be even more relaxed than you are now. You know that the next gentle breath of wind will take you ten times deeper again, because it is so easy to just let it flow over you and take you deeper and deeper. As I count now from ten to one, deep relaxation will flow over you and through you, touching every cell and nerve of the body, and take you ten times deeper than you are now… Ten… nine… eight… seven… six… five… good … four… three… two… and one.  

I am now going to ask the subconscious mind – the part that controls your breathing and all your bodily functions and knows exactly what to do to keep you safe and comfortable – I ask that part of the mind to reduce the brainwave frequency to 5 Herts, or five cycles per second. Your conscious mind may not understand this instruction, but your subconscious mind knows perfectly what I am asking it to do. And as the brainwave frequency reduces you will go deeper again, so deep that you will easily and effortlessly find yourself in the deepest state of consciousness that you need to access the wisdom, the memories and knowledge and find the exact information you need today. Counting from five to one now … Five … four … three … two… one. So deep now, and so relaxed.



Imagine now that one final breath of wind has gently blown in, and this time you notice a beautiful, white butterfly joyfully bobbing up and down as it flies high on the crest of the breeze. This butterfly is carefree and so happy to just bob up and down as it flies across your line of sight. And you notice it is quite high in the air when it comes in, but as you watch it bob up and down, you see that it is slowly descending … going lower and lower as it effortlessly moves its beautiful white wings … you want to see where this butterfly lands, because you know it wants to take you to the deepest level of your subconscious where the wisdom you are seeking awaits you. 

Down it bobs, five … four …making its way lower and lower… three, two … bit by bit … with each flap of its wings taking you to a deeper level of consciousness as it descends lower and lower … and one, it hasgone as far down as it can as it gracefully lands on your chest. Let me know when the butterfly has landed with a nod of the head. [wait for a nod] …  

Good. Now a feeling of excited anticipation fills you as you realise this butterfly knows you and can help take you to the first time in this lifetime that you experienced the issue that has brought you here today. In fact, this butterfly has been sent by your higher self, to guide you back to the specific memory of the event that first caused this issue. When you are ready all, you have to do is ask the butterfly to takeoff and when it next lands it will take you directly to that first experience. 

Let me know that you are ready now [wait for nod]. All right … I am going to count from three down to one … And as I say one, you will be in that place, at that age, experiencing the specific event that has led to [relevant issue]. … Three … two … one [click fingers]. Be there now! 



Good … very good. Look around and let images and sensations become clearer … feel and know yourself to be there … and now look down at your feet. Tell me what you see … are you a child or an adult? Are you wearing shoes? Describe them to me… 

What else are you wearing? Where are you… inside or outside? Describe it to me… 

What are you doing there? How old are you? Are others with you? Who are they? 

What is happening? What are you feeling? 

[Checking for ISE now] 

Is this the first time you experienced [the issue] in this lifetime? Have you ever felt this way in this life before this experience? 

[If an RSE] 

You are doing great. This is a very valuable experience, and we will return to it shortly, but first I want you to go back even further in time, to the very first time in this lifetime that you had the experience of [issue]. 

[Once ISE has been re-experienced] 

You have done so well. You are feeling wonderful. Look up now and to your delight you see the present Mary coming towards you, smiling and waving. Looking so proud, with so much love and compassion on her face as she approaches you. She has such empathy for what you have just experienced because she knows you so well. She is so proud of you. 

She is carrying a beautiful brightly coloured box about the size of a small drawer, and you see the box has slits and holes cut into it for ventilation; and when she removes the lid you see many butterflies happily sitting there, all different colours, and each has a word written in delicate black dots on its wings … Each word is a resource you didn’t have when you had this experience, but the adult Mary does. One by one she gingerly lifts one butterfly on her hand and as she does it flies towards you and gently land on your chest … each butterfly brings you a gift. The first butterfly brings you love … see it fly and land on your chest, and feel love flow into your heart and soul… The second butterfly brings hope … see it fly and land on your chest, and feel hope flow into your heart [continue with all resources needed] … 

Are there any more resources you need right now? [let the subject name these and repeat as above] 

Now with these resources and the present Mary standing by to support you, I want you to go back to the beginning of this experience and re-play how it would have played out had you had these resources to begin with. Let me know when you are finished by saying the word “finished”. [wait for response] Tell me what happened this time? How do you feel about this experience now? What have you learned that you can take back with you today? 



Well done. I want you now to thank the present Mary for her support, wisdom and love. Let the present Mary tell the younger Mary just how much she loves and cares for her … that she will have whatever resources she needs. Know the present Mary is always here for you. Give her a hug and say goodbye for now. Thank her for the resources of [insert each resource] that will assist the younger Mary to grow into a happy, confident and loving person. 

And now you notice the white butterfly that first came to you is here with you, ready to travel back with you back to your waking state. And when you return you will remember all the healing and all the resources you have been given. Your conscious mind will experience the same peace and joy that you feel now, and it will remember and integrate easily what you have experienced today. The feelings of love, strength and joy will continue to grow with each passing day … your outlook will become more positive, and more confident, more self-assured, and more at peace in every way. As every day, in every way, your life becomes better and better.


Wake Up 

I’m going to count from one to ten to bring you back to full consciousness. On the count of ten you will be back in the room, fully alert, fully awake, and with the new knowledge that you have gained today. All the wisdom, the resources, the qualities that you have brought back with you are now available to you. 

One, circulation and energy returning to your feet and ankles … Two, moving up the calves, to the knees … Three, to the thighs .. Four, to the pelvis and abdomen … Five up the torso and spine … Six, heart, blood pressure and breathing all returning to normal … Seven, the energy moving down the arms to the fingers… Eight, full awareness returning to the mind and body … Nine, feeling clear headed and relaxed… and Ten … fully present, fully alert and feeling wonderful.