Okay, let’s get comfy for a moment now and lay in a position that will let us feel good for a few minutes.

You can move anytime you need to, to get more comfortable. How’s that? *Checking in*

Great, now when you’re totally comfortable and feeling safe, go ahead and close your eyes. We’re going to go on a little adventure using our imagination soon to find our special, safe place, but first, let’s make sure the body is nice and relaxed. Does that feel okay? 

Okay, awesome. Get ready to relax now. Focusing as best you can on my voice, great. Let’s start my taking big deep breaths first.  

Big breath in…. and out…. Big breath in…. and out. Beautiful, again. Deep breath in… filling like a balloon… and out… awesome job.  

Notice how that feel much more relaxed. Right?

Okay let’s bring our attention to our feet, I want you to squeeze just your feet nice and tight… squeeze, squeeze, squeeze… and relax, good.

Now point your toes and stretch out your legs, stretch, stretch, stretch… and relax. Great.

Now making fists with your hands, squeeze your fingers together like 2 balls. And squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and slowly relax and release. Well done. 

Now the shoulders, squeezing them up towards your ears, holding it there and relaxing, letting go. Feeling the shoulders slowly relaxing and feeling heavier. Good.

And wiggling your hands and toes now to feel how nice and relaxed they are. That’s it, soft and mushy. 

Now your teeth, go ahead and squeeze your teeth together, feeling your mouth strong like rocks and your face squishing and squeezing, hold… awesome and releasing, relaxing your face.
Feeling now how soft and smooth the little muscles in your face feel. Great. 

Let’s take another balloon breath like before, deep breath in… and making a sound as you breath out… beautiful. 

Okay, now that we’re nice and relaxed, and our bodies are feeling soft and heavy let’s start our little journey using our imagination. I might ask you some questions, and when I do, you can feel free to answer them if you wish to share, just so that you can help me see what you see. And if you don’t want to share, that’s totally okay too. Does that feel good? 

I want you to imagine that in front of you there’s a magic carpet (or any other mode of transport that resonates with the child i.e., plane, flying car, clouds). Noticing its colours and how big it is. This magic carpet is here to take you to your special place, your own space that you have created with your imagination. Soon we’re going to hop on the magic carpet and let it take us there, but before we do, can you tell me what colour your carpet is? *response* Awesome! And does it have any patterns on it?… Great 

You notice how soft and comfy your carpet is. It feels like a warm cushion! Go ahead and step onto it now and feel yourself comfortably sit on it… just nod your head for me when you’ve done that. Great. 

Sitting on the carpet now, notice it’s very slowly and safely starting to move. Hovering a little, ready to take you to your private place. You don’t need to know what that is yet, because your carpet will take you there soon.

You go for a short ride, feeling the warm breeze in your hair, warm sun on your skin. And you feel peaceful, enjoying this little journey to your special place. Wonderful. 

You notice now, the carpet slows down more as you’re arriving at the door of your special place. You notice on the front door its say “Sophie’s Special Castle”.

Hop off the magic carpet now and thank it for taking you here safely. You go over to the door and open it. Let me know when you’ve done that… Awesome. 

You’ve arrived at your special place. The castle of your internal world and imagination. Notice all the colours and what it looks like. Let your imagination create it. Great. 

Now your castle has many rooms, a room for each emotion and experience, but today we’re going to take a walk inside our castle to the main room. The biggest room in the castle that is where we go to fill ourselves with love, confidence and fun!

Okay let’s go walking through our castle, not opening any doors just yet, until you find a door that says “Pink Healing Room”. Let me know when you’ve found it… Great! 

Go ahead and open that door now and step in. Notice this room is filled with a glowing light and it is the colour pink. This pink light is warm, soft, inviting and peaceful. This light is here to fill you up with protection, safety and calm feelings.

Feel yourself absorbing this beautiful pink light. Mmm doesn’t that feel good? You can feel it filling your toes and legs, your tummy and heart, your arms and shoulders… all the way up to your face and hair!

This light is the light that reminds you, you are safe and protected. And now that you have absorbed all of its magic, you now know you always are.

You can come back to this beautiful pink light whenever you need to, now that you have soaked it all up inside you. So that anytime you are feeling big emotions or uncertainty around you, you know its OK because you are safe with pink light within you.
This pink light also reminds you that when you are feeling overwhelmed you can breathe slowly and deeply, and the pink light will activate for you again, to help you.

Take your time here, noticing how the pink light is making you feel so good. So strong and so held. Well done. 

Notice how it makes you smile on the inside. Beautiful. 

Now remember, this room is always here for you, in your special castle, for you to come to when you need to feel more safe and more confident. No matter what is happening. It is always there for you, and you know this.

Great, in a moment we’re going to leave this room and begin to head back. But first lets thank the pink light and the “Pink Healing Room”. 

Okay, lets go back towards the door now and open it.

And start to walk back to the front door of your castle where the big “Sophies Castle’ sign is, and find the magic carpet again. 

Notice how different you feel now, walking out of the castle. You feel nourished and happy, full of beautiful pink light. You know that you are protected and held no matter what. You feel like you are capable of being in big spaces where you can shine your light and know that it is encouraged. Your castle is always here for you when you feel you need a moment to relax or fill yourself up a little bit more.

Let me know when you have found your magic carpet again. Great. 

As you leave your special castle you wave goodbye, saying thank you with a smile on your face. 

Slowly the magic carpet begins to take you back to this moment, where you are in the room with me. 

Feeling yourself taking a short ride, the warm breeze and sun again on your skin, feeling so safe, so nurtured, so protected and so strong. 

The magic carpet fly’s you back. Landing softly. Beautiful.

In a moment I’m going to count from 1 to 10. When I reach 10 you’re going to open your eyes and come back to the room here with me, okay.

Here we go, 1…2…3…4… slowly feeling yourself come back… 5… 6… 7…8 getting ready to open those eyes…9 and 10! Coming back fully present and ready to be with the day and share your magical light! 

Welcome back! Great job!