This particular hypothesis is for one of my clients, who is 9 years old and has an issue with anger management. He likes reading Harry Potter and is in love with the wizard world.


“Soon, we will start our journey to the real wizard world. How exciting! Look what I brought today (take out the wand)…Yes, it’s my special wand! Today I am going to tell you a little secret that I am actually from the wizard world. Since you have been behaving so well lately, you are invited to the wizard world. While you enjoy this wonderland, we will also go through some serious wizard training. Are you ready? …(wait for the child to say yes)…Simply close your eyes and sit whatever you want to sit as long as you are comfortable. Now, could you keep your eyes on my wand? Don’t move your eyes away from my wand. Every time I wave the wand down, I want you to close your eyes, and at the same time, I will count from 3 to 1. Every time I wave the wand up, I want you to open your eyes, and at the same time, I will count from 1 to 3. Let’s repeat the process a few times, and each time, your eyelid will get a bit heavier until, eventually, you will completely close your eyes. And that’s the time you will be in the wizard world… Okay, let’s begin…

3…2…1…close your eyes
1…2…3…open your eyes
3…2…1…close your eyes, and eyelids getting heavy
1…2…3…open your eyes
3…2…1…close your eyes, and eyelids getting sleepy
1…2…3…open your eyes…eyes don’t want to open now
3…2…1…close your eyes, those heavy lids feel ready to close now
1…2…3…eyes wont open anymore
3…2…1…closing, closing…close them now !


In front of you now is a giant gate with a pattern of a spellbook and a wand. Once you cross that gate, you will be in wizardland. Follow my lead; let’s cross that gate now…Immediately, you see a giant golem standing in front of you. He is so tall and big. The body is like a 10-floor building! His arm is big like your room. You don’t understand what he is saying, but he is keep making this “” sound. He is the gatekeeper to stopping any strangers from entering the wizardland. Don’t worry he is not there to stop you. Rather, he knows you will be here today…He is now slowly bending over and opening his right palm towards you. He wants you to stand on it. Me and you, let’s slowly walk over to his palm now. He is going to transfer us to his left shoulder in a couple of seconds. Hold my body tightly…Wooooh…It has so much space here on his shoulder! Take a sit with me now while the golem starts moving. He is going to take us to the training ground, slow and steady. While we are up here, let’s have a look at this wizard world. What a wonderful and magical place! You see different colours of trees everywhere. They glow light not only in darkness but also in bright daylight. There are floating rocks with beautiful waterfalls. The ground also has different kinds of beautiful flowers. You can see the wizards patrolling the road to keep this place safe. You can also see castle-like buildings everywhere from a far distance. Each building has a visible sphere around it to protect it from danger. The building itself is made of giant purple crystals radiating purple light. Wait…did you hear something? The sound of flapping… It’s getting closer and closer, louder and louder…Hoooooooh…a strong wind blew to us…A dragon! and another dragon! There are 5 of them…Woohooo…It looks like they are all welcoming you to this land!


Therapy (wizard wand- anger management/ control the emotion)

As the golem takes us to the first building, it’s the wand shop. Yes, firstly, we need to get you a wand. But the wand itself has to test whether you are strong enough to wield it. As you know, a wizard is nothing without a wand. The wand only chooses the right wizard, who is honest, brave, compassionate, self-controlled, friendly, resilient, caring, and understanding. When you are ready, let’s now walk into this wand shop. Wow!…There are hundreds of wands displayed on the shelf. Some are made of wood, some are made of crystal, and some are made of gemstone. They have different sizes, different colours, and different shapes. You can’t wait to have your own wand… But before you can have your own wand, like I said before, the wand has to see whether you are the person I described earlier: honest, brave, compassionate, self-controlled, friendly, resilient, caring, and understanding… I want you now to stand up and keep your eyes closed. I am gonna let you touch my wand in a second while I want you to say: “please tell me whether I am qualified to have the wand?”Good…now lets wait for couple of seconds…hmm…the wand is thinking…it’s checking… yes… you are honest, you are brave, you are caring, you are understanding, you are compassionate, you are resilient…hmm…but you have some issues with self-control, especially your anger management. If you want the wand, you have to control your anger better. I am sorry, but we must sort this out first. The wand says last week, you hit your mum because she doesn’t let you play on your iPad. That’s a big no no. Do you understand you shouldn’t do that to your mum? (wait for child say yes or nod the head)…Good…wand has forgiven you, considering you being such a good boy on everything else… However, it needs you from today to practice controlling your anger…The wand has also given you a list of suggestions it wants you to follow the next time you are feeling angry and out of control

• Rip paper
• Pop bubble wrap
• Squish playdough
• Wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze
• Write a letter to someone
• Jump on a trampoline
• Do wall push-ups
• Write down what’s bothering you and rip it up
• Squeeze a stress ball
• Talk about it
• Scribble on paper and crumple it up
• Do jumping jacks
• Put the palms of your hands together, push and release
• Do stretches

Remember, it’s okay to be angry but not to put that anger onto somebody else, especially your family. Do you understand? (wait for child to say yes or nod the head)…Good…Very good…
Waking up

You can now have the wand, but remember if you don’t practice or do what the wand suggested, you won’t have the full power from the wand and it won’t work with you. Do you understand? (wait for child to say yes or nod the head)…Excellent…After we head back to the real world, you will find your wand right in front of you…but keep your eyes closed for now, because we need to say goodbye to everybody…and let’s now back to the golem…and he is now taking us slowly back to the front gate…I want you to say goodbye to the golem… remember you can always return to this wizardland by yourself as you now have the wand…I am going to count from 3 to 1…on the count of 1, you will be back to the reality and open your eyes…3…2…1…

(Take out the prepurchased wand and show it in front of the child)…Look, your wand!…and this is the suggestion list the wand gave you before (take out the printed list)…Remember next time when you are angry, do all these things instead of putting your anger toward somebody. Do you understand?(wait for child say yes or nod the head)…Good boy…now go play with it…