Client: male 4.5 years old. He loves playing with a variety of things, especially cars. He does have challenges staying still for long periods of time. He gardens with his Nanny and enjoys hammering and being in the garden and garage with her. Shows are Paw Patrol, Fireman Sam and The Grinch. Lessons he has and enjoys – soccer and skateboarding/scooter at skate park with his Mum. Favourite place is Nanny’s garage. Has a dog Basil who he loves.

Healing sought is for improved behaviour & sleep pattern when he is with his mother.


Are you ready for a fun activity with me? Interesting and fun.

First, we are going to practice some of what we are going to do. Can you make your arms floppy? Can you make your body floppy? Can you shut your eyes at the same time as making your arms floppy? (do these and a variety of activities like this with the child and gauge their understanding of these terms – getting them confident, removing nerves and calming them at the same time).

Amazing! I knew you would be good at this activity.

Show the possible places they can be in – have at least 2 for them to choose and be part of the experience – e.g. treatment table/bed, beanbag/comfortable chair and have them try them to choose.

Have a variety of things for them to choose from to hold, maybe a reward they can keep at the end or something that they like – look at initial list from parent – such as a packet of seeds to plant with Nanny, a Paw Patrol figurine, etc. Object must be small and easily slip from child’s grip, making minimal noise. Explain – this object will slip out of your hand as part of the activity and that is ok and you will get it again at the end.


Ok, we are now ready to begin this fun activity. Pick the object you want to hold and hold it between your thumb and finger (like this), (maybe – I am going to hold one too). Now sit in your place. Now I want you to show me just how good you are at staying still, you won’t have to be here for long, just a little while. Place your arms beside you (if they can hang hands over the edge to drop object it would be better but not essential), still holding your object, and now make your arms go floppy, (mimic this with them) now wiggle your legs a bit and now make them go floppy too (mimic this with them).

I want you to look down at the object in your hand. That’s right….just keep looking at that object. Now something interesting is going to happen, your arms are going to feel heavier and this is ok, it is part of the fun activity. Your eyes are going to feel heavier and this is ok. Just keep listening to my voice.

Everything is ok and part of the activity. Your arms are so floppy and heavy now….maybe even your legs are feeling heavy and even more floppy….your eyes are becoming very heavy now….(work with this until the object falls or if object not possible or not working, say “pretend you can’t move at all and someone comes to move your arm but it is so floppy when they drop it back onto the chair, it just flops down. I am going to do this now” – then do this to them).
(As soon as the object drops…..) It is time to close your eyes now and pretend you are asleep. I know you are very good at pretending so can you lie there still and pretend you are fast asleep, even if you hear any noises, you are going to keep pretending you are asleep because I know you are very good at this. Just keep listening to my voice as you drop deeper and deeper into that sleepy feeling. You can feel your whole body becoming floppy now, very relaxed.


I am going to count some numbers now and as I do, you will get more and more floppy, more and more relaxed, dropping deeper and deeper into the relaxed and floppy feeling. 8……..your whole body is now very floppy…… …7… are so good at pretending to be asleep……..6…… are feeling so very floppy and relaxed now…….5……..maybe you can now pretend you are curled up in bed asleep…………4………how safe you feel ……3… are now falling deeper and deeper asleep…..2…..just keep pretending you are asleep and feeling floppy, because this is what is you are………1……deeply relaxed and asleep.


Now, I am going to talk to the part of you that looks after your behaviour. You don’t have to think about this, all you need to do is continue to pretend to be asleep and be floppy. You are doing very well at pretending. I want you to imagine that you are home with mummy and it is one of the nights you are running around and not eating your dinner……and you’re not going to bed when mummy asks you to. Mummy is feeling sad.

On the TV is one of your favourite shows Paw Patrol. Pretend you are watching this now, keep your eyes closed and imagine you are sitting on your couch watching Paw Patrol. Skye is on the show and she is inside her house with her mummy. She is walking around the house gently and gently playing with her dog. Skye’s mummy calls for her to come and have dinner so she comes and sits down to eat her dinner quietly. Skye’s mummy is there and says what a good girl she is. When Skye’s mummy says it is time to go to bed, Skye gets ready and hopes into bed. Her mummy says what a good girl she is. Skye can see that her mummy likes it when she is quiet inside the house and has her dinner and goes to bed when she is asked. Skye feels proud and happy with her behaviour.

Now I want you to imagine you are now home with your mummy and this time you are going to act like Skye has shown you, the very best way to act. Imagine that Basil, your dog, has come up to you and you pat him and play with him gently inside. You feel happy and calm as you do this. You are a happy and good boy. You have had a fun day at school with your friends and have come home, happy to be with mummy. You are running around the house but only the amount mummy is happy with, inside play amount. You sit with mummy and have dinner and have a fun night with mummy.

Now, mummy says it is time to go to bed and you say, “yes, mummy” and happily get ready for bed. Mummy gives you a big cuddle and says, good boy Ethan, everything is ok, I love you very much.
You then hop into bed and mummy reads you your favourite story about Paw Patrol and in this story Skye is in bed going to sleep with her mummy reading her a story. You fall asleep easily and peacefully, thinking about Skye in Paw Patrol and Basil your dog who loves you very much.
Mummy and you are both happy and your house is happy too.

You fall asleep knowing you are a good boy and you feel happy and pleased with that feeling, and you know that mummy, (daddy), nanny, nana and poppy love you very much.


You are very much loved by mummy, daddy, nanny, nana and poppy, and all you friends and teachers. You are a very loveable, happy, kind and beautiful boy, and each time you go to sleep, you will sleep peacefully, and your dreams will be calm and happy. Each time you wake, you will wake happy and rested, ready for your fun and interesting day ahead. It may be a day where you will learn at school, where you will sit and listen to the teacher and learn all the amazing things they are teaching you because you are a clever boy. Or it may be going on a fun day out with mummy or nanny, and may be Basil. Whatever the next day is, you will approach it with a positive attitude and enjoy your day.

Then, each evening when you come home, you and mummy will have a fun night together and you will play with inside play manners or maybe outside where you can run around more, and, when it is time to eat your dinner, you will sit and eat your dinner and when it is time to go to bed, you will go quietly and happily to bed because this makes you happy and is good for you.


You have done so well at pretending to be asleep and at imagining how each night is going to be for you and mummy from now on. I am going to count from 1 to 5 and when I say 5, you will open your eyes and wake up from pretending.

1….your legs are feeling less floppy….2…you can begin to move your legs…..3…..your arms are less floppy…….4… can move your arms and your head……..5….it is time to open your eyes and be back in this room.