The client has bilateral tinnitus, it is constant and quite loud but she is able to not hear it if she is concentrating on something.  However, it is always there and she would like it to be turned down at least and at best for it to disappear completely.  The tinnitus has been with her quietly most of her life but has been exacerbated after she suffered a beating around the head from a boyfriend.  

In the past, her tinnitus would be worse if she was stressed or anxious, however, since it became worse, it always seems to be at the same volume.  However, her stress now provokes bowel issues instead, these were not there previously.  She has had a brain scan and they cannot find any physiological reason for the tinnitus.  There may be nerve damage from the attack but this was unable to be verified from medical testing.

Recently, she discovered from her mother that her deceased father also suffered from tinnitus.  Research shows that bilateral tinnitus could be genetic.  It has only just been discovered that this is the case as prior to this it was thought to be due to nerve damage due to noise or physical injury.  It may also be a component of anxiety.  My client’s father did suffer from alcoholism and while my client does not, she does have some form of underlying stress which she tries very hard to hide. 

My client has been hypnotised before and is quite easily induced and deepened, so I decided to use a rapid induction and as the staircase or elevator deepeners are her favourites, I also placed that in the script.  Lastly, I placed the anchor in the middle on the cockpit sequence as I didn’t want her to turn down the tinnitus and then for me to increase it again during the anchoring process.  Her feedback was that this seemed to flow.


Relax into the chair and take a deep breath in and out, let out all the tension you have been feeling during the day.  Now take another breath in and feel peace and calm entering your body with this breath.  Breath out the stress and tension of the day.  Take in your third deep breath and as you breath out I want you to close your eyes.  Feel the chair enveloping you, every muscle in your legs and back are relaxing into it, it feels so good.

I’m going to place my hand above your head, in a moment I’m going to ask you to breath in, open your eyes and then follow my hand with your eyes.  As my hand stops, I’d like you to close your eyes and breath out.  Each time that you do this, you will feel more and more relaxed and you may find yourself wanting more and more to close your eyes and keep them closed.

Ok, take a breath in, open your eyes and see my hand, follow my hand as it moves, just with your eyes.  Close your eyes, breath out.  Feel yourself becoming more relaxed, sinking deeper and deeper into the chair.

Now let’s do it again. Take a breath in, open your eyes and see my hand, follow my hand as it moves, just with your eyes.  Close your eyes, breath out.  Feel yourself becoming more relaxed, deeper and deeper into the chair.  Your eyes may feel very heavy, like they just want to stay closed.

Last time, take a breath in, open your eyes and see my hand, follow my hand as it moves, just with your eyes.  Close your eyes, breath out.  Feel yourself becoming more relaxed, deeper and deeper into the chair.  This time your eyes are so heavy that they feel that they are locked shut.

I’m just going to touch your forehead and as I do you can feel me locking your eyes shut from the outside.  Even if you tried to open your eyes now, you would probably find that they are so heavy, you don’t want to open them and they stay relaxed and shut.

Now with your eyes shut and you feeling so relaxed and calm, imagine you are in an airport.  You have entered from the car park, and you are on the top level.  To get to the plane you will be travelling on you need to go to the lowest level of the airport.  You find the elevator and press the down button.  The elevator comes and you step inside and touch the button for ground, seven floors below.

The elevator gently lurches and you can feel it start to move down, down down, seven… six… down to a deeper level of relaxation, down to a deeper level of consciousness, five… four… deeper and deeper now, feeling relaxed, feeling calm, feeling peaceful, three…. letting go now, deeper and deeper, two…. feeling double as deep as you were before, relaxed, calm and one…. Deep, deep, deeper.

Now that you are on the bottom floor of your consciousness, you see a small plane and walk towards it.  You hand the stewardess your boarding pass and walk up the stairs to get on board the plane.  It’s a safe plane, you saw them check out all the safety features before you got on board.  The stewardess takes you up to the front of the plane and instead of seating you in the cabin, she leads you into the cockpit.  The pilot is there, and she asks you to sit down next to her.  The cockpit door closes, and the pilot readies the plane for take-off.  You hear the engines start up, first one and then the other.  It’s such a small plane and you can feel the vibration go through the plane and your body as the propellers increase their speed.  The plane moves off and down the runway to the end.  The plane turns the corner at the end of the runway and starts down the runway, gathering speed as it is goes, then all of a sudden you are in the air.  It’s so good being up the front and able to see out the window to what is ahead.  It feels quite exhilarating.

The plane levels out once it has reached a good height and the view from the air of the landscape all around is magnificent.  The ground below looks so far away but it’s so beautiful to see the houses and trees and the scenery all around. There are slight puffy clouds in the air but otherwise, it’s a wonderful clear, sunny day and you are mesmerised by the view and the feeling of being free.  Have a look out the front window and see what course has been set for your flight.

Suddenly, the pilot touches your arm and lets you know that she is leaving the cockpit in your capable hands.  She tells you not to worry, nothing you touch can cause a problem, the cockpit is yours, it’s the cockpit of your life.  You hear the door close behind you as the pilot leaves and you are alone, alone and safe in the cockpit of your life.  You look around and there are lots of knobs and dials, they all seem to have labels on them and as you look at the labels you notice that they have nothing to do with flying a plane but more about your emotions, attitudes, physicality, spirituality and feelings.

You can set these dials and knobs to whatever you would like them to be so that the path ahead of you, the horizon that you can see out of the window of the plane, will be a positive path, a successful path and a path without tinnitus or anxiety or bowel problems or messy relationships with people that don’t have your best interests at heart, a path where you are the person you want to be, flying to where you want to go.  You can set the plane on the course you want it to be on in the cockpit of your life.  As you start to look at the dials, I’m going to guide you through some of them.  I will ask you to speak with me and you will be able to do so easily and clearly and the sound of your own voice will drop you deeper and deeper into this experience, surrounded by the cockpit, knowing exactly where you would like to set these dials and knobs for the best outcome for you.

First of all, I would like you to find the dial for self-love.  You have a look for the dial and once you find it, you will instinctively know where the dial is set.  You might be able to see the number on the dial or it might just be a number that comes to you, or you hear in your mind.  Tell me what that dial is set at now.  If you feel its necessary to change this setting, take hold of this dial and, turn it up to where you would like it to be.  Tell me what you have set it at.

Now find the dial for self-esteem and tell me what that dial is set at.  Does it need to change?  Turn it up or down if you feel you would like to reset it.  What setting is it now at?

Now find inner strength and tell me what that is set at.  Does it need to change?  Turn it to where you would like it to be and then let me know what this setting is.

I’d like you to find the knob or dial for that internal feeling you get before your bowel gets upset.  Is it anxiety or fear or grief or shame?  What is the label written on the knob?  What is that setting at?  Now its up to you how far you would like to turn this down, you can even turn it off.  Turn this down, and now tell me what setting it has.

I want you to find the dial for discernment, discernment of people and whether they are good for you to be around.  What is this dial set at?  Would you like to change it, let me know what you decide and what you set it at.

Now, find the dial for belonging, belonging within your family and in this life.  Where is that set at?  What would you like to do with this dial?  Tell me what you set the feeling of belonging at?

Now find the dial for the ringing in your ears, your tinnitus. I want you to hear the tinnitus at its worst.  How does that make you feel, is it jarring to the rest of your body, is there an underlying emotion associated with it?

Now imagine what it is like if the tinnitus is turned down to a level that is in your best interests.  Your inner self, that soul level self, knows what that level is.  Feel that level, how do you feel now?  Feel the difference in your body, see the difference on your face, experience how you feel without those underlying emotions of the tinnitus.  From now on, whenever you touch your left elbow as I’m touching it now, you will be able to feel this way.  The tinnitus will be reduced to your safe level, you will feel how you feel now, relaxed and happy. No anxiety, no fear.  Feel this, notice the feelings, what are your senses doing, how great do you feel!!  That feeling of stress has disappeared, it’s like finding silence all over again, calm, peaceful, relaxed and happy.

Now that you are feeling this way, I want you to touch your left elbow and hold it until I tell you to let go.  (Wait 10 seconds) 

Ok, let go and just open your eyes slightly, count to 10 and now close them again. Let’s go back to that feeling again of your tinnitus being turned right down to the best place for you.  The physical relaxation, the happiness, peace, calm, silence.  Now touch your left elbow again until I tell you to let go. (Wait 10 seconds) 

Ok, now let go and open your eyes and count to 10.  Close your eyes again, breathe deeply and lets go deeper again, back in your unconscious.  3..2…1… Clear your mind.  Now touch your left elbow again and you will notice that this positive state, this peace and calm and happiness will come back as soon as you do.  Take in that deep breath, feel it again. 

Think now of what it is like when the tinnitus is loud and annoying and stressful.  Imagine being in that situation now and touch your elbow.  Now you can see that the tinnitus goes down to a level that is right for you, the relaxation comes, the stress goes, and you feel, peaceful, calm and happy. 

Let’s also set the dial for tinnitus down. I want you to turn this down to the level that is in your best interests.  You know what level this should be at, turn it down, down and if it’s safe for you, turn it off.  Now tell me what you set this dial at. 

Continue with settings for confidence, empowerment, joy, happiness, success, clarity, anger, fear, resentment, guilt, grief, shame and confusion.  Are there any other dials or knobs that you would like to adjust?  If so, tell me what they are and what level they are at before and after you adjust them. 

So now you have set all your dials and knobs in the cockpit of your life.  The knobs and dials will stay how they are set.  You may even notice that the labels have faded, so no one else can adjust them and the normal flight labels have returned.  

I’d like you to see yourself now with the tinnitus turned down to the level you decided was in your best interests.  What do you look like? How does it feel?  Has the inner annoyance the ringing has caused gone away?  Now look out the front window.  Has the course the plane was on, the course your life was going to take, changed?  What does it look like?  What do you look like?  Are you more relaxed? Are you happy? Smiling?  Tell me what it looks and feels like. 

The pilot re-enters the cockpit and you know the time is right for you to return to Earth.  You feel great within yourself.  Your levels of stress, anxiety, confusion and grief have been lowered within you.  You feel full of self-confidence, self-love and self-worth.  You have seen for yourself how these changes have changed the course of your life.  The success in your life, the peace in your life, the calmness and stillness.  

Soon I will count from one to ten and you will awaken feeling refreshed and relaxed.  When you go to sleep tonight, you will sleep peacefully and awaken when you would like in the morning, at a time that suits you.  You will feel great when you wake, full of energy for the day and ready to go on with your happy life.  You will feel loved, special, confident and worthwhile. 

One, the feeling is returning to your toes and feet.  Two the feeling is moving up your legs, three to your thighs, four to your abdomen and pelvis.  Five the feeling is returning to your chest and shoulders.  Six, down your arms to your elbows and fingers.  Seven feeling returns to your neck and face.  Eight you take a deep breath, nine, pulse returns to normal for you and ten, your eyes are open and you are fully awake and alert.