By Sheridan Sandow

(Ask for the parent to bring the child’s favourite toy with them, if they don’t bring a toy you can provide one)

If they don’t bring a toy:
I want you to hold on to this toy (name of toy). This toy is so special and was made especially for you. And you get to name this toy, anything you want to. What do you want to name this toy? (Wait for response)… Ok, good… (???) is special because he/she is going to go on an adventure with you.

If they bring their own toy: Did you bring a special toy with you?… And what is their name?... (Ask any other relevant questions)… I’m so glad you bought (???) with you because you are going on a big adventure, and (???) is going to go with you!

But to be able to go on this adventure you will need to be really, really comfortable. So get yourself comfy now and I want you to look at (???)’s nose. Just keep looking at the nose now. And you will notice that (???) is helping you get comfortable, the more you look at him/her the more comfortable you feel. So comfortable that your eyes feel heavy and want to close. I want you to keep looking at (???)’s nose. What a lovely feeling to be this comfortable and relaxed. Your eyes feel more and more tired and heavy. When your eyes feel so heavy you can’t keep them open any longer just let them close. Feeling so comfortable… Let the legs and feet get heavy and floppy… Let the head, neck and shoulders become heavy and floppy now… Also let the arms get heavy and floppy too… The whole body relaxed and comfortable… And (???) is relaxed and comfortable too!

Imagine now you are standing in a playground. There is a slide right in front of you. This is no ordinary slide – this slide is magic! This slide is where you begin your adventure. Go to the slide now and begin climbing the steps to the top. Up and up you go to the top of the slide. Sit down on the slide and when you are ready push off and on your way down the slide. Down you go, as fast or slow as you like. Weee! What fun! Going down… All the way to the bottom… 5… down the slide. 4… 3… going down. 2… further down. And, 1… there! You’re at the bottom of the slide.

You have landed in a special magical place… A beautiful forest… But not just any forest – a magical forest! In this forest the trees are not just green, but also pink and purple, and orange and blue! The path you are standing on is made of golden, shiny pebbles, and leads into the forest, as far as the eye can see. You begin to walk down the path, and as you do, suddenly a little mouse pops out from under a leaf. “Hello!” it squeaks to you and gives you a big smile. “Follow me!” he says.

He stops in front of a whole patch of toadstools. Bright red with white spots, in all different sizes… As you look down you notice something shining on the ground. You pick it up and brush off the dirt… it is a beautiful, shiny red gem. The mouse tells you that you are sooo lucky! You found the red gem that keeps you safe and protected. You put the gem in your pocket, and the mouse tells you the forest is full of gems, but only special children can find them.

Next, he leads you to a stream of clear blue water, bubbling gently through the forest. You see lots of little fish swimming in the water, and as you get near you see just underneath the fish another shiny gem! This one is orange, and you reach into the stream and pick it up. The mouse again with excitement, tells you this is the gem of joy and happiness. You add the gem to your collection and continue on your way.

You and the mouse now come to a big field of flowers of many different colours and shapes and sizes. You bend down to smell the flowers and there! Another bright, shiny gem sitting in the centre of a big flower! It is a wonderful sparkling yellow gem, and you pick it out of the centre of the flower. This gem gives you lots of energy! You put it in your pocket and keep following the mouse down the path.

You notice some pretty white birds sitting in a nest on the branch of a tree. As you walk nearer, the birds suddenly take off and fly up towards the sky. You stand on your tippy toes and look into the nest. Another gem! This one sparkling green. As you pick this one up it feels like a big wonderful hug from someone you love. So you put it in your pocket with the other gems.

Suddenly a green frog hops out in front of you on the path. He gives you a big smile and then a big ribbit! And as he does a little blue gem pops out of his mouth! He hops away back into the forest. The mouse picks up the gem and hands it to you. This gem helps you to speak about your thoughts and feelings. You add it to your collection of gems.

Now the mouse leads you to a big tree and tells you that no one else has ever found all of the gems, so you must be special! But there is still one gem to find to finish your adventure. You must climb to the top of the tree. Luckily the branches reach close to the ground, each branch like a rung on a ladder. Up you climb with ease. As you reach the top you poke your head through the leaves, and there it is! A shiny purple gem sitting on the highest branch. You reach out and pick up the gem. What a feeling of calm and peace you now feel. You put it in your pocket and climb back down the tree.

When you get to the bottom, you pull out all the gems and show the mouse. He is so happy that you have found them and tells you now it’s time to take the gems home with you, to continue your adventure there. The gems will continue to make you feel safe, happy, full of energy, loved, confident, and peaceful…  You thank the mouse and he says goodbye, gives you a big smile and scurries back into the forest.

You look up and see a big sign that says ‘home’ on it. You follow the sign, on your way home. I’m going to count from one to ten, as you follow the path, and by the count of ten you will be out of the magical forest and back in the room with me.

1, leaving the magical forest far behind… 2, feeling your legs tingly and awake… 3, feeling your arms tingly and awake… 4, 5, feeling your lungs breathing in and out… 6, 7, feeling awake… 8, feeling like you want to open your eyes… 9, back in the room… and 10, open eyes, feeling awake, and have a big stretch! What a great job you did on your adventure!