Know that today you are going on a very special journey with me. This is an opportunity to gain greater clarity and awareness over this issue we’ve been discussing. This is a journey that will give you peace of mind and help overcome any anxieties you may be feeling. I want you to imagine now that you are floating up. You have come to a beautiful land within the clouds…This land is safe to walk on even though it is in the clouds…You see a sign as you enter this land…notice any symbols or images on this sign….You notice that there is a scooter next to the sign…get on this scooter…this scooter is going to take you to any cloud you wish to explore….You see so many different coloured clouds… just like the colours of the rainbow but these colours are shimmery… There are many clouds all around you, reach up to touch one… surprisingly, it feels like soft silk as it passes through your fingers… Watch these clouds as they are floating around slowly… You notice that they are all moving in a line… you see some far away to the left and some far away to the right… one of them is standing out to you on the left-hand side…go to that cloud… scooter over to it… what colour is it? ‘answer’ Wonderful…touch this cloud and as you do you see that some steps come out of it… they are coming down for you to step on… step up onto the first step…good, they feel sturdy and safe… Lean your scooter on the bottom step and now walk up these stairs one by one and you find yourself emerging into the cloud itself. You are now within the cloud and you have come to a situation or event in your life that is from the past…You are a child…. you will find yourself IN this experience… observe…. Feel the feelings of this experience for a short time…. keep observing this situation…. Can you tell me what you are doing? How are you feeling? (If it is a negative experience, remind them that they have come here to find answers and that they are safe) You now see adult (name) walking towards you… She/he is here to reassure you and explain to you that what your experiencing is a reasonable reaction for this time and that she/he is protecting you and always will. Adult (name) has learnt all the tools and techniques to deal with this situation. She/he is carrying a bunch of balloons… in each of these balloons is a resource that little (name) is needing to help you cope in the situation you are in now…. Take one of the balloons from adult (name), this ballon is filled with self -orth… breathe in this ballon and all the self-worth that it holds… this self-worth is now in you…take another ballon… this ballon is full of courage … Breath in this courage… good… you are filled with courage….take another ballon… this ballon is full of love… breathe in this love…. wonderful… you are full of love…. Is there another ballon that little (name) is needing right now? Take that ballon from adult (name) and breath in all its resource… good… is there another one that little (name) is needing? Great… now adult (name) is giving little (name) a big hug and thanking you for being so brave… say thank you to adult (name) and say goodbye…. You are now going to replay this scenario again but this time with all the resources you have just gained from the balloons and all the love you have received from adult (name)… play out this scene again and tell me what is happening now…. (answer)… How wonderful! 

We are now going to leave this cloud and come down the stairs…..pick up your scooter and look around at the other clouds… you see another one that is to your right….it is shining very brightly… scooter towards this cloud…nod your head when you have reached it….(wait for nod)… good… now touch this cloud and watch as the steps come out for you to step on… step up onto the first step… and walk up into this cloud… Now imagine yourself in a moment in the near future…. where you are successful with all these new resources you have gained…. you are full of happiness and great achievement… find yourself in that time now! Notice the scene…. And observe it fully…. Notice how you feel and what is happening… Are you feeling happy? Great! Take a photo of this moment, frame it and take it with you. You are leaving this cloud now and we are returning to the present time… scooter over to the sign where you found the scooter… Look at the sign…. have the images or symbols changed? Wonderful. Leave the scooter near the sign. 



You are going to float back down to the present time… taking with you all the self-worth, courage and love (whatever other resources they named) that you have gained with you. When you wake up you will remember that this journey was a learning experience and you gained a little more clarification to the issues we talked about before we started this journey…. You will wake up feeling lighter, happier and ready to start the rest of your day with these wonderful new resources you have gained. And when you go to sleep tonight you will fall asleep easily with no worries, stresses or anxieties…you will have a deep sleep and wake up feeling re-energised, well rested and ready to tackle what the day holds before you with self-worth, courage and love.