By Carol Green

You have now become so deeply relaxed, so deeply relaxed that your mind is becoming very receptive with each and every word I say from now on, and everything that I say will stay in your mind and will go so deeply into the unconscious part of your mind, so much so that it will have a deep, deep lasting impression. These suggestions that I place into your unconscious mind will have a big influence on your daily life, each and every day from now on.


During this deep sleep you are going to feel healthier and fitter in every way, you will feel more alert and experience a wonderful feeling of well-being, mentally and physically. From now on you will have more energy, enthusiasm in whatever you are doing. You will approach daily life with a more positive attitude and any problems that come your way, you will see as a challenge and overcome them with the right decision and best outcome for you.


Your mind is becoming clearer and clearer with every day that passes and you feel more and more composed, and the more composed you feel, the more  confident in yourself you become.  You are in control of your feelings and emotions and you feel more centred and at peace with yourself knowing that your confidence is growing daily.


You will be able to think clearer, be more calm and able to achieve whatever you are doing in your daily life.


The future belongs to you, and know that from this day forward, each and every decision you make will be enthused with your new found confidence to execute the right choice for you.