Note: This script has been written for a nine-year-old girl. The child’s Mum explained that she will be participating in soccer trials soon and the aim is to help her to believe in herself and to adapt quickly in different situations. She enjoys the series ‘Mako Mermaids’ and the script has been written around this concept. NB: delivery method is virtual, so the script has to work for delivery over Zoom.


As we start, take a few big deep breaths. Notice that with each breath, your body is starting to feel relaxed, floppy, and very comfortable.

I want you to listen closely to what I’m saying now, without moving your head. Keeping your head still, look up toward the ceiling, and focus on a spot on the ceiling. It doesn’t matter which spot, but keep your eyes very focused on that spot. This spot is a special spot that will help you to relax even more, and as you look at that spot, you might notice it’s magically starting to change shape. Tell me when the spot starts to change shape (pause for response). Good. Now you may notice the spot starts to magically change colour. Tell me when you notice this (pause for response). Fantastic! You’re doing really well.

As you watch the spot, your body is getting even more relaxed, and you might notice that your eyes feel like they want to close. Those eyelids are feeling very heavy, but don’t close them yet. Instead, still keeping your head very still, see if you can find another spot, and notice that your eyes start to close as you look at it. That’s great, let those eyes close over now. And you will notice that even with the eyes closed, you can still see that spot, and it may even change shape, it may change size, or colour. Whatever you see if perfect. And seeing that spot changing makes your body even more relaxed, even heavier and more comfortable, and even more floppy. You might you notice that the spot starts getting smaller, and smaller, and that it is disappearing completely. And as it disappears, you get sleepier, feeling heavier, feeling relaxed.


So, feeling relaxed and floppy, see if you can imagine a white fluffy cloud. This is a magical cloud. We know it’s magical because when it floats down next to you, you can actually climb onto it, and it’s perfectly safe. It’s a magical cloud because it’s going to take you for a ride. The other thing that’s really great about this cloud, is that you’re in control. You can make it go fast or slow, you can make it turn left or right, you can go up or down. You are completely in control. And the reason you’re completely in control is because it’s your mind that’s controlling the cloud.

So I want you to test this out. First climb onto the cloud. Now that you’re safely on the cloud, I wonder if you can now fly up to a height that feels comfortable for you. Going up to the height that feels safe and fun. The view is amazing. You can see your house, your backyard, and now you’re moving above the soccer pitch where you will do your soccer trials, and you feel super safe. Now that you’ve been flying around for a while, you’re ready to start moving down to land on the soccer pitch. You are in complete control of your cloud. So, starting to float down. 10, floating down, 9, lower and lower, 8, 7, 6, floating down, easing down, 5, easily and safely floating down, 4, 3, lower and lower, 2, lower still, and 1, landing gently on the soccer pitch, and feeling super relaxed.

And on the soccer pitch, you notice with no surprise at all that your team is waiting there for you, only it’s not your usual team. It’s a team that has four very special team members. Three of the special players are the Mako Mermaids, Nixie, Sirena, and Lyla, and the fourth special player, as you step off the cloud and onto the pitch, is actually you. Now while it might seem strange that there are mermaids are on the soccer pitch, ready to play, but with legs and feet, and not with their mermaid tails, the really strange thing is that it doesn’t seem strange at all. In fact, it feels perfectly normal. And that’s because the very special thing about the mermaids is that they are very good at adapting to wherever they are. When they’re in the water, they have their mermaid tails, and on land, they have their legs and feet. And the really cool things about the mermaids, is that they are not only excellent at adapting, they are also really good at learning what they need to as they go, as things change. So, when they didn’t need legs, they didn’t know how to use them. But when they came onto land and needed their legs, they learned how to use them, they practiced and improved, and knew that they could learn and get better as they needed to. And while they didn’t feel as confident on legs and feet as they did in the water, they got better and better at walking until it felt really natural. So, like when you first started playing soccer, and you didn’t know how to play, and you got better and better, to become the excellent player you are today, the mermaids also want to learn to play soccer. Being your team mates, you are now going to teach them, telling them what you know, showing them your skills and helping them to become excellent soccer players, just like you. So, take a bit of time, and I want you to give them some tips and imagine teaching them the basics of soccer. Say finished when you’ve taught them just a couple of things (pause for response). Excellent!

Now, I imagine that as you were teaching the mermaids, you realised just how much you already know about soccer, and what a fantastic soccer player you already are. And you might know there are some things you are very good at, and some other things that you still need to learn and practice, just as the mermaids still need to learn. And you know this is ok, because you don’t expect the mermaids to be able to do everything without learning and without practice, and you know you can’t improve without learning and practice either. You also remember how much you already know, and how you were able to learn new skills when you needed them, just like the mermaids did when they learned to walk, to cross roads safely, and other land like activities as they needed them.

And just like the mermaids have some special powers, you have some special powers too. You know that you can learn, you know that you can improve, you know that even if you make a mistake, it doesn’t matter because it’s a great way to know what to do differently next time. Just like when the mermaids fell over when they were learning to walk, and they got up and tried again, you know that you can just try again and get better and better at anything new as well.

So, I want you now to imagine that the soccer trials are starting. Give me a nod when you can imagine this (pause for response). Great, and the mermaids are there with you. Imagine you are helping them, and they are helping you, and you are all doing so well. And you know that even if you make a mistake, everyone knows that it’s no big deal, that you are great at learning from any mistakes, and great at learning in general, and that you are already a fantastic soccer player. So, see yourself pass the ball to Nixie. Great. And see yourself receive the ball from Sirena. Good. And now see yourself kick a goal. And I want you to take the feelings of confidence, pride, happiness, focus and fun that you are feeling on the soccer pitch and place them in your heart. And know those feelings are always with you, and you can bring them back just by touching your heart.

Now that the trials are done, knowing you have done a brilliant job, say goodbye to the mermaids. They are going to go back into the water to transform back into mermaids with tails. And you are going to climb back aboard the cloud, getting ready to wake up.

And as you climb back onto the cloud, you feel confident, knowing you are a brilliant learner, and that you get better at anything you try. You know that like the mermaids, you can adapt to any environment, learning as you go, whether it’s on the soccer field, at school, or somewhere else. You realise you already know more than you thought you did, and you feel excited to keep learning more, knowing you will do this really easily when you need to. And you know you will always have what you need within you to feel confident in any situation you find yourself in. So, when you are at your soccer trials, you will feel confident, excited, and ready to have fun. And every time you see a soccer ball, or watch Mako Mermaids, you will feel confident, super skilled, and able to learn and to improve. And every time you touch your heart, you will feel confident, proud, happy and focused.


So, as the cloud brings you back to the chair, 1. Starting to feel your feet 2. Feeling your legs, 3, Energy moving into hips, 4. Energy moving into your tummy, 5, feeling your back waking up, 6. Feeling your shoulders, arms and hands, 7. Noticing your face and head, 8. Feeling more and more awake, 9. Feeling the chair under you now and 10. fully awake, back in the room, opening your eyes.