There was once a small caterpillar crawling on a large tree branch, surrounded by other caterpillars that were big and small, they all ate the leaves around them and crawled back to cover to rest. Days went by and the small caterpillars became big caterpillars and the big caterpillars encased themselves and hung from the branches. More days went by and the caterpillar wondered what was happening to the others that were hanging from the branches as they hadn’t moved or done anything in awhile. The caterpillar had gotten big and fat and then the others that were encased suddenly started to move, but to the caterpillar’s horror, what appeared from within their casing was different, with huge colourful patterns on large wings with long legs. He wondered what had happened to his caterpillar friends and what those strange beings were.  He was worried and scared and continued to eat leaves to feel comfortable. A couple more days went by and he fell into a deep slumber, he woke weeks later but now he too was different, he had long legs and colourful spots adorned on a set of wings he had now grown, he realised that his friends were fine and he had nothing to fear as his new wings made him beautiful just like his other friends. 

He found he could now fly and roam as freely as he wished. As he now embraced his transformation he was the happiest caterpillar that ever lived.