My client is in an abusive relationship and wants to get out of it but loves the person deeply and cannot bear to leave but wants the abuse to stop. The issue my client is facing is impacting their relationship, health (physical and mental), and their self-worth – my client is belittled to the point where they have no trust in themselves to be able to do anything.

My client has recently started seeing a psychologist, opening and receiving information and suggestions to help them become strong again and try and handle the situation better. From this, my client just needs to do the hard work, which they won’t do. They are waiting for someone to come in and do the hard work for them. My clients end goal is to be happy in life again and to feel love, but they won’t leave the current relationship and they won’t stand up for themselves enough to make the change.


My Metaphor

The farm

On a beautiful sunny day, there was a family of cows in the paddock. Mumma cow, dadda cow, and 3 baby cows. The birds were singing and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky but mumma cow was sad, she was being picked on and bullied by dadda cow. He would say nasty things to her, and then act really nice to all the other cows in the paddock. One day mumma cow had enough and went to the barn to see Mr. wise old Owl. Mr Owl told mumma cow that no matter how much she ignored dadda cow that the bullying and teasing would never stop, and she had to stand up for herself. Mr Owl told her that she is in charge of her own life, and no one can tell her what to do, Mr Owl told her that for her to be happy again in life she must regain control and be strong, even if that means moving paddocks away from dadda cow, Mr Owl told her it might be hard but mumma cow will have so much support and cows around her to make her feel better. 

Mumma cow took all of this advice on board, packed up her hay and moved to a different paddock. The grass was so much greener over here and there were so many lovely cows in this paddock that had been through similar things and were able to work with her and share stories of advice. Mumma cow felt herself becoming stronger each and every day until she was able to see her worth and realise, she was in charge of her happiness, and she couldn’t let anyone dictate that for her. Mumma cow was so grateful for all the advice she received and for everyone who has been there for her. Mumma cow now lives her life to the fullest and loves all the beautiful sunny days and listening to the birds singing.