By Carol Green

Induction & Deepening of choice


So now it becomes more and more real for you, that you are a positive person and the reason for your positivity is because you now know that you are in complete control of your thoughts and the things you think about on a daily basis. You know that you can choose to be happy and open a new chapter in your life because you have turned the page on those negative thoughts because negative thoughts are now a thing of the past.


You now realise what a gift your life is and that your life now has new meaning and purpose, you are so happy that you are alive and so, so grateful that you can now think positive thoughts with a clear mind.  You are stronger now than any negative happening as you can accept that lots of situations cannot be changed or undone, but you can now, look at any situation that arises and see a positive side to find a resolution.


With the coming of every day you smile more and more, and you are finding more and more to smile about, to feel good about, because you are now a positive person, every day in every way you are becoming a more and more positive person.

Just imagine yourself now standing in front of a mirror…. now see your own reflection…. you notice that something is different, and as soon as you look at your reflection you are looking at someone who is positive, someone who is in total control of their thoughts and feelings, someone who is calm, relaxed and very, very happy. Their happiness emanates from them, filling the room.

As you continue looking at your reflection you feel the part of you that wants to feel positive, the part that wants to be in control of your thoughts and feelings……….so now, I want you to step into this image in the mirror, imagine that you are merging and becoming one with this reflection and you know that from this day forward you have all the resources that you will ever need at your disposal to be a happy, calm, peaceful and positive person.


So each day that passes… this real you… the happy, positive you will gain more and more confidence, more and more positivity , your future looks brighter and brighter and you are now moving forward in a wonderful positive way, in control, in complete control of your thoughts and feelings. These suggestions are growing stronger every time you hear them, stronger and more powerful, more real to you and you are feeling better and better about yourself as you relax into the knowing that you are in total control of your thoughts and feelings.


Every day in every way you are gaining more and more confidence in your abilities to take control of your life, to make your own decisions and do all these daily tasks with confident, positive conviction. Every day you are stronger and more determined, and you know the future is what you decide to make it. You overcome the challenges in your life and feel proud of yourself, as you rise to overcome the challenges of each new day.


You understand now that your life is precious and know that you are loved and that you deserve love, and you now welcome the support of family and friends and this love and support you receive from them empowers you from this moment on to heal yourself. You now see the beauty that is within yourself and others and as they give you their support you also love and support them.  It’s then that you realise that you matter to all of these people and that you bring a ray of light and love into their lives.


You are now so grateful for everyone and everything you have in your now positive and confident life and you know that everything is going to be fine… it’s all going to be alright. And instead of worrying about something you now take positive steps to deal with it and take proactive steps to better the situation. You feel great, you feel at peace with yourself and your surroundings… the future is what you decide to make it… you are courageous, you are strong and you are resourceful in all situations that you find yourself in. You can now overcome all challenges that present themselves to you in your life.


And with each new day, each fresh start, your future is what you decide to make it and you smile constantly because you are happy and alive.  It’s impossible, absolutely impossible for you to ever feel depressed again and you smile because your life is now absolutely amazing. You are in complete control of your thoughts and emotions, you salute and praise yourself knowing that you are in complete control now and have only positive thoughts about all things in your life. You are amazing, you are loved, you are appreciated and you matter in this world, life is amazing, life happens for you and not to you. You now sleep peacefully at night and wake up rejuvenated and grateful for every day knowing that you are in complete control of your wonderful, amazing and positive life.


Wake Up