Introduce Mode of Transport

And now, feeling relaxed and safe you are ready to let go completely … and go even deeper, to the deepest part of you … that part of you that can see back in time, further back than the life you are living now. Past the limitations of the present body … past the limitations of linear time even … to a place beyond time, to other dimensions … to connect with the infinite part of you … the part that has no limits … that is timeless. That wise and loving part of you that holds every thought, every feeling and experience you have ever had … the part that is your higher self, your soul … the part that knows everything … that nurtures you and has compassion and understanding for every experience … because this is how we learn … through experience – each experience has something to teach us.

As you continue to relax take another deep breath and feel your brain slow down to just the right frequency to access the subconscious mind … to the memories and experiences that will benefit you today. Feel yourself relax and let go … In a moment you are going to ask your higher self to take you to a soul memory that brings clarity and resolution to the issue you want to address … to a lifetime where you had an experience of [XXX] that first led to the belief of [YYY] which you are experiencing in your current life. You will do so easily and effortlessly because your intentions are to heal and transform negative energy and change limiting beliefs or patterns that no longer serve you in this present lifetime. You will understand the choices you made and the lessons you learned … and you will utilise the wisdom of the perspective of the divine soul and that experience to release and let go emotions or beliefs that no longer serve you.

Imagine the wise and knowing part of you now as a ball of loving, healing, pulsating light … descending towards you … merging with you … filling your entire being with love. Become the light … feel yourself expanding and merging … and as you become aware of the infinite memories … feelings … experiences stored there … merge with your higher self and feel yourself filled a wonderful feeling of peace; knowing that you are about to go exactly to a lifetime and specific memory that has affected you until now.


Past Life

Feeling even more peaceful now, you may sense the presence of a loving guide next to you … or perhaps there are several guides … Don’t attach any judgement … there is no right or wrong; whatever you sense or see is right for you and is exactly as what you need. Feel or see one guide in particular step towards you … this guide will be taking you to the lifetime where you experienced the issue of XXX … see them hold out their hand to give you a present for your journey … something to remind you that you are not alone, that you are safe … and that are taking this wonderful journey together. As you look down you see they are holding a beautiful, large diamond in the palm of their hand. It is very big … it has many facets and sides … each perfectly shaped and cut … polished and sparkling with purity … reflecting back to you the light of your soul as light reflects and dances through the precious diamond.

You take the diamond and turn it around in your hands … look at all the facets, see them reflect light …  you could just look and look at this diamond, it’s so beautiful … each facet, each side seems to have a depth that is limitless, as though you could fall into the diamond if just keep looking … deeper and deeper … You grow sleepy but your curiosity keeps you focused on the light of the diamond. And now you are drawn to one particular facet of the diamond … and as you look deeper and deeper into its depths, you find yourself letting go of all remaining sense of time or place … or gravity … and you feel yourself falling deeper and deeper still.

Feeling safe and very confident with your guide by your side, you now go back to the lifetime that is important for you to access. As I count from five to one you will be there instantly. Going back … five … deeper and deeper … four … going back further and further … three, feeling so good … two, letting go completely now … and one. Be there now!

Let the images and sensations come into focus as you become aware of your surroundings. When you’re ready, look down at your feet and tell me what you see. Are you wearing something on your feet? Describe it to me. Look up at your clothing now … what are you wearing? Describe the texture, feel, or shape. Approximately how old are you?

Look at your skin, what colour is it? Where are you – are you inside or outside? Look around and describe your surroundings. What country and time are you in? Is it hot or cold? What is happening around you? Do you recognise anyone? What is your name and what are you doing here?

Very good! Is this the first time in that lifetime that you had this experience of XXX that led to the belief of YYY? [If no] … Very well then. I would like you to move to another significant event in this lifetime, to the event when you first experienced XXX …. you can move forward or backward … both are as easy to do … and move to the time of this important event … Three, two… one [click fingers]. Be there now!

How old are you now? What are you seeing or sensing? What is happening? Why is this significant? [Repeat process if needed.]

We’re now going to go to the last day of your life … Going there now … Three … two … one [click fingers]. Be there now!

How old are you now? Are you aware this is the last day of your life? Where are you and what are you doing? How are you feeling – how do you die? Are others around you or are you alone?

From the perspective of a soul as you reflect back on the life you just had, what else can you tell me about this life? How did you feel about the experience of XXX in this lifetime? What lessons did you learn? What if any gifts in that life might benefit you in your present life?



Good – in a moment we are going to revisit the events you experienced. This time you will have the help of your future self. You see the future Mary coming towards you now … she is smiling and radiates such love and wisdom … she loves you unconditionally and she is here to help you replay these events with the wisdom and resources she has for you. She brings many resources, including compassion and understanding … and many more that are part of her soul’s growth since that lifetime … She gives these to you energetically now with a warm hug and a kindly look into your eyes. You feel empowered and confident and ready to go back to replay these events and create a more loving and positive outcome for yourself.

I want you now to go to the beginning and replay these events as they would have happened had you had access to the resources you have now … see things play out in a positive, loving way … and let me know with a nod of your head when you’re finished. [Wait for nod.] Good. What happened this time? And how do you feel now? What have you learned this time?

And now I want you to go to the end of that life again and see the last day of your life play out as it would have done with these gifts you now have. Three, two, one… Be there now!

How old are you this time? What is happening? Are you alone? How do you leave your body? With your new perspective how do you feel about the life you’ve just had? What if any wisdom have you gained that will benefit the future Mary in her current life?


Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Feeling gratitude for these experiences and the insight you have gained; I want you feel yourself absorbing all positive insights and understanding … leaving all trauma and any negative energy associated with this experience behind … You do not need these negative emotions anymore; they can safely stay in past. When you wake you will remember the learnings of this experience and you bring back only positive emotions, with a new and better outlook so that the negative beliefs of YYY that have been affecting you in your present life no longer exist. And when you go home today, you will integrate the learnings in your sleep … gently and thoroughly tonight and in the nights that follow … recalibrating your mind and body in your dreams to reflect the new, the healed you … the positive, optimistic and hopeful you. And over the coming days and weeks your understanding will continue to grow and integrate, as you gently and surely realign your current life with your soul’s highest purpose. Breathe in light and healing into every cell and every part of you now …