Script suitable for approx. 5-10yo bedwetters who love Roblox (written for a boy, but can be appropriate for a girl who likes roblox!)
Note, there’s no “wake up” as such because I would intend it to be “played” as they’re going to bed as a goodnight story, possibly for a few nights until they’re consistently dry.

We’re about to embark on a magical journey tonight, and every morning you’ll wake up as dry as a well-played Roblox game! How cool is that? It doesn’t matter if you’re at a friend’s place, on a camping trip, or even on a virtual school trip in the Roblox universe – you can count on dry sheets, hooray!

Now, let’s dive into the magic. Do you know what we’re doing tonight? It’s called Robloxnosis! Robloxnosis is like a superpower that helps you stop doing things you don’t want to do (like wetting the bed) and start doing all the awesome things you do want to do in your real life, AND your Roblox adventures. Did you know that kids like you have super special brains? But sometimes, your special brain forgets to chat with your bladder. By the way, your bladder is like a tiny bag in your belly that holds all the water from your roblox drinks – oops, I mean, it holds all your pee.

No worries, though! We’re going to fix that in a snap, just like fixing a glitch in your favourite Roblox game. So, get ready for some magical Robloxnosis. Make yourself super comfy, snuggle up, put on your sleeping character skin, and pull up your blankets to keep you warm and snug. Let’s do a big stretch – reach out your arms, just like your Roblox character reaching for victory. Feels good, right? Now, uncross your legs and place your hands gently by your side. All set? Great!

Keep your head still, but let your imagination soar as you look up at the ceiling of your room – or imagine it’s the sky in your favourite Roblox game. Take a deep breath in and exhale. Let’s do it again – breathe in, and with every blink, you’re getting deeper into the magical Robloxnosis. Breathe out. One more time, keep looking up, breathe in, and as you breathe out, close your eyes down – all the way down. Fantastic!

Now, forget about your eyes. Imagine your body becoming as loose and floppy as a Roblox jellyfish. Feel yourself getting heavier and sinking into your fantastic, warm, soft Roblox bed. Your eyes are glued shut, sealed tight – they don’t want to open. Let’s leave your eyes alone and focus on your arms. They’re getting all sleepy, and so are your hands and fingers. Sleepiness is moving down your body, across your shoulders, down your back, and down your legs, all the way to your virtual Roblox toes. Perfect! You’ve got a seriously special Roblox brain.

Now, focus on your tummy. It’s rising and falling with every breath, just like your character in a thrilling Roblox adventure. Look inside your tummy and find your bladder – it’s like a balloon, maybe even a Roblox balloon! Notice what colour it is. Did you know that your special brain is always awake? Even in your Roblox dreams! See, it never sleeps because it helps you breathe and keeps your virtual Roblox heart pumping without you having to do a thing, so that your body can sleep soundly alllllll night.

Now, here comes the exciting part. Imagine your bladder sending a super strong message to your special Roblox brain, saying, “I’m full! It’s time to wake up and go to the toilet!” Tonight, as you dream your epic Roblox dreams, if your bladder gets full, it’ll send a strong message to your special brain. Your brain will wake you up, and you’ll know it’s time to get up and head to the toilet to pee – and the magic just happens!

Your bladder, which might’ve been playing in another server, now remembers its duty. It sends a signal to your genius, brilliant special Roblox brain, and you wake up to visit the toilet. You’ve got a newfound superpower, the ability to control your body with the direction of your special Roblox brain. You’re feeling thrilled, delighted, and excited – woohoo! Dry nights, here you come. You can go all night, every night, totally dry.

Imagine traveling through different Roblox games and sleeping anywhere, waking up feeling totally dry. You tell yourself how proud you are every day because you’re amazing, and your special Roblox brain is phenomenal. Your brain does this every night, making you the master of your Roblox ship. You’re in control with the power of your special brain, having dry nights and feeling happy. Your Roblox mummy is super happy and proud of you too – how awesome is that?

You’re doing great, little Roblox star! The past is behind you; the old pattern is gone, just like fixing a glitch in your favourite Roblox game. Your bladder is back on track, and you only ever use the toilet – never the bed. You’re doing things the right way, in the right time, in the right place. Well done, Roblox champion! Picture your bladder now – calm, relaxed, and happy. Your bladder loves its job of keeping you dry.

Visualise waking up every morning, totally dry, feeling so happy. Positive thoughts about dry nights excite and thrill you. Every time your bladder is full, your special Roblox brain gets the message, and you hop out of bed, walk to the toilet, and pee. You instantly feel tired again and hop back into bed, going fast asleep. Dry nights, every night. When you wake up in the morning, your bed is dry, your PJs are dry, and you feel warm, dry, energised and happy.

You’re back in control, the captain of your Roblox ship. You’ve taken control of your bladder, and you feel super excited when you wake up. You jump out of bed and race to tell everyone, doing a little happy dance – woohoo! Everyone is so proud of you. Well done, little Roblox star! Now, let yourself become sleepier. Listen to this recording every night before bedtime, and enjoy the power of being in control of your Roblox bladder.

Every night, as you listen, you feel so good about yourself. When your bladder becomes full, it’ll send a strong message to your genius special Roblox brain. With unshakable confidence, you’ll wake up, get up, and automatically go to the virtual toilet to pee. Now, it’s time, my fantastic Roblox star, to drift off to sleep and dream the most magical Roblox dreams. Rest easy, knowing your bladder is back on track, and you have complete control. You’ll wake up in the morning to a wonderful dry bed. Well done, little Roblox star! Sleep tight and dream those fantastic Roblox dreams!