Welcome to our Emotions Questionnaire

What is the Emotions Questionnaire for?

This tool is designed to help you gain greater understanding of your emotional health and stability. It will provide an explanation as to what that means and how it might be affecting your perception and leading you to make choices that are not necessarily good for you, and advice on how you can start to change your thought patterns and develop a healthy flow of emotions.

How do I complete this questionnaire?

Select a number from 1 to 10 with 1 being LOW and 10 being HIGH. After your selection the next question will automatically appear. Only use the ‘next’ or ‘previous’ button if you wish to skip forward or backward. This is a comprehensive questionnaire, so please allow time to complete it.

The entire questionnaire will load before you begin so please be patient whilst this happens as once it has loaded, each question will then appear instantly. We hope you enjoy this process and trust you will find it beneficial.