By Carol Green

I would like you to get into a comfortable position and know that anytime you need to make yourself more comfortable that’s quite ok.  Now I want you to hold your hands in a comfortable position and start to relax… When you are ready let your eyes close down, feel them getting heavy, more and more heavy… Take a slow deep breath, hold…. and breathe out… again, a nice deep breath, hold… and let go of all tension on the out breath. Just one more breath in, hold….and let go of all remaining tension… Now just become aware of the rhythm of your breathing, become aware of your hands touching your body, and now become aware that your body is beginning to relax. You start to experience a sense of comfort, calmness and inner peace. Now become aware of the temperature in the room……become aware of any sounds you may hear around you…. in fact these sounds only serve to help you go further and further into relaxation, deeper and deeper… Allow the relaxation to increase, becoming even more and more relaxed, deeper and deeper… Now take another deep breath in and on the out breath you fall deeper again into relaxation, all the time your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier. Let that wonderful feeling of relaxation spread to your whole face, relaxing any tension there.  Spreading now to the neck… relaxing… the throat… relaxing… now down to the shoulders… coming down the arms, wrists, hands and into the fingers… Take another deep breath and as you inhale and exhale let the chest area relax. Soooo relaxing…  Feeling the relaxation flow down the spine, relaxing each vertebrae, relaxation spreading down to the hips, feel the hips relax, now down the legs, let the legs feel heavy and relaxed, down, down, deeper and deeper… Now all the way down to the feet, the top of the foot, the sole of the foot and into the toes… One more deep breath and on the out breath you realise that your whole body from head to toe is going deeper and deeper into relaxation, so relaxed, so peaceful…

Just focus on the rhythm of your breathing… just observe the inhale and the exhale and as you continue to focus your attention on your breath you continue to relax, relax and breathe and breathe and relax, deeper and deeper.  As you follow the rhythm of your breath you realise that your body is deeply relaxed and seems to be lighter. You feel lighter and relaxed, very comfortable, very calm, very peaceful. Your mind and your body are entering into a very pleasant state of relaxation. You may feel as if your body were asleep but your mind is relaxed, yet alert, yes, that’s it, very good…  I now want you to surround yourself in a beautiful, protective, vibrant white light, or this may be a colour of your choosing, good… Know that you are safe, you are secure and in charge here and that now we can move forward so that you can have the rewarding experience that you came here for. You are safe, secure and you are loved.

You are so much more relaxed now and in a moment you will find yourself at the top of a staircase, You will find that there are 10 steps down to the bottom and you are going to go slowly down this staircase and when you reach the bottom you will be in a state of deeper relaxation and trance, safe and secure, warm and comfortable… So find yourself at the top of the staircase….and going down those stairs now, 10, going down….deeper relaxed… 9, deeper still… 8, deeper, relaxed… 7, down and down… 6, feeling yourself sinking in the couch, wonderfully supported, allowing yourself to drift… 5, deeper and deeper… 4, down, down… 3, 2 and there is one more step left…and when you go down the last step you are soooo relaxed that you are cocooned in a wonderfully comfortable soft velvety feeling, so relaxed and at ease…and 1, your body and mind are completely relaxed and the only thing of importance is the sound of my voice, you can allow everything else to fade away.  Know that you are in control every step of the way and that you feel safe and protected by your light and that this experience is something that you want here and now.


So you have, deep inside your mind, many memories of other times in other places and you are able to bring forward these memories, and by looking into your unconscious mind, you will see, feel, hear or sense in some way scenes from the past… Now you are going to take a journey back in time… just let everything except my voice fade away… you are safe, you are secure, relaxed and calm going deeper and deeper, totally enjoying the sensation of sinking deeper…  I now want you to imagine standing at the entrance of a tunnel. This tunnel is big enough for you to walk through comfortably and light enough for you to see your way. Begin to walk through this tunnel, no hurry, in your own time and when you reach the end of this tunnel you will step out to a time when you are in your childhood, to a happy memory, perhaps when you were around 3, 4, or 5 years old… This will be very easy for you to do and you will be able to speak freely of what you see, feel, sense or hear. So begin walking through the tunnel now and let me know when you reach the end and find yourself in that early happy childhood memory, just let me know by nodding your head……Good…


  • Can you tell me how old you are?
  • Describe what you are experiencing.
  • What are you doing?
  • What are you seeing around you?
  • Are there other people?
  • What are you feeling?
  • What are you sensing?


Good…. now I want you to just check if there is anything else that may be important to you about this time….and when you are ready to move on let me know by nodding your head….

Good, now I want you to bring with you any wonderful feelings of (???) with you and we will continue your journey back in time.  So go back to your tunnel and this time we will go back to that very special time when you were in your mother’s womb… the time between conception and birth, going back now through the tunnel, 5, relaxing down deeper… 4, back in time… 3, deeper and deeper… 2 and 1, into the womb, be there now!


Just relax and let any images and sensations come.


  • Tell me is it light or dark?
  • Are you aware of any colours?
  • Are you cramped or is there plenty of room? (adjust if necessary).
  • Can you be aware of and connect to your Mother?
  • Can you sense what her feelings are about this pregnancy?
  • Are you excited about coming into this world?
  • Do you know why you are coming?


Good…You are doing really well… now you are going to go back even further now, so when you are ready let yourself float back, back at the place you were before you entered the body, go there now… It is an abounding space, a timeless place… no walls, no ceilings, a place of inner peace and gentle rhythms… you feel very comfortable and happy… you see a light and realise the light represents, love, peace, all that is good…you move toward it. The light surrounds and protects you and you feel energised and is ready to take you to another lifetime, one that would be most beneficial for you to visit at this time…Travelling back in time now 3…2…1…be there now!

Just allow any images and sensations to come…


I’d like you to look down at your feet…


  • Are you wearing anything on them?
  • What do they look like?
  • What kind of clothes are you wearing?
  • Is the material course or smooth?
  • Are they the clothes of a man or woman?
  • Look at your hands, what colour are they?
  • What colour is your hair, is it long or short?
  • How old are you?
  • Do you know your name?
  • What are you doing?
  • Are there other people with you?
  • Can you get a sense of what year it is? Maybe numbers just pop into your head.
  • If you were to look at a map of the world, where would you be drawn to?



Now I want you to move along to the events close to the end of that life – you can watch the scene as if watching a TV screen or you can choose to be part of it. If you can’t see it maybe you can get a sense of what happened. Do whatever is appropriate for you… 5, 4, deeper and deeper… 3, more and more relaxed… 2 and 1, be there now!


  • Is there anything that shows you this is the last day of your life?
  • How old are you?
  • Are you inside or outside?
  • Can you tell me where you are?
  • What’s happening?
  • Is anyone else with you?
  • How are you Feeling?
  • Looking back at this lifetime can you tell me how you felt about the person you were?
  • Do you have good feelings of that lifetime?
  • Tell me what were your greatest achievements? Did you have a gift or talents?
  • Can you tell me what your final words were, to yourself or someone else?
  • Did you learn any lessons in this lifetime? If you wish you can step into a scene where you learnt these lessons, so that when you come back you will remember them and be able to apply them in your life in what we call the present……….


Good. Now I want you to see or sense if there are any actions in this past life that you need to forgive or be forgiven for…….. I want you to perceive in the best way you can that you have completely forgiven and been completely forgiven, I ask you to accept this forgiveness with an open heart so that you can now live your current life without any guilt whatsoever. So now letting go of that body and leaving behind anything that doesn’t serve you, leaving behind any trauma, sickness, negative beliefs and emotions. Allowing your soul to leave that body now, you are at peace with this, you are ready to move on again, so let go now……..


  • Have you left that body yet?
  • Where are you now in relation to your body?
  • Are you still in the room?
  • Are you moving away forward looking up or backwards looking down?
  • Are you moving slowly or quickly?
  • Are you drifting or being pulled?
  • Can you see the earth beneath you?
  • Is there anyone coming to greet you?


So now in a moment you are going to prepare for the journey back to the present time. But before that I want you to know that you will be bringing back with you all the new positive insights that you have encountered. Free from any entanglements, feeling and memories that do not serve you, so that you retain in your conscious mind only that which is positive and helpful to you.

Let’s begin your journey back, slowly, slowly travelling through a comfortable and safe place. Slowly coming back through the years into your present life, the present day, and the present location.  You have done very well on your journey and you may bring back all the information that you have chosen to, that which is the most important to you.  And knowing that you have left behind all negative emotions and beliefs so that you can now move forward in your life happy, healthy, and full of self-love and confidence.


1, stepping into the present… 2, feel the life energy returning to your hands and feet…3, 4, moving the body, feeling the couch beneath you…5, 6 remembering your accomplishments here today…7 returning now fully into the room, hearing sounds… 8, 9 revitalised… and 10, slowly opening the eyes, wide awake now, refreshed and feeling great, ready to continue your wonderful life.