Induction + Deepener

As you continue to drift deeper and deeper, lower and slower into blissful state of pure being and openness, I want you to imagine yourself standing in a place that is special to you. A place you feel safe and comfortable, it can be a childhood home or a favourite holiday destination, a space within nature or anything else you desire to place yourself within. Wherever it is and whatever it looks like, you are safe and you are so deeply relaxed and comfortable being here.

While you are in this space, absorbing all the detail and feeling deeply into the sacredness of this place, I want you to imagine yourself catching your gaze upon a photo album. It may seem peculiar to find one here in this space or it may feel like it is perfectly in place. You are drawn to it so you go over to it and pick it up. Immediately examining it. The photo album looks and feels quite old, it is also very full of photos. Upon the cover of it, it reads (insert clients surname). You may be starting to think of family members. Ones that have passed over and ones that are still alive today. What I want you to do is ask your ancestors, both those who have passed and those who are still alive to join you now, in spirit. Feel their energy and hold the photo album close to your chest. I now want you to hold the photo album upside down and shake out all the photos onto the ground.

As they fall to the ground, they all fall and land face down, except one. One falls and lands facing upward. You bend down and pick it up. Within the photograph is an ancestor of yours. Do you recognise them?
Are they male or female?
What is their name? What would you name them?
Are they still alive?
How many generations before you are/were they?
Great, now that you are familiar with whom it is you are connecting with, I would like you to now invite them to join you in this space. Allow them a moment to appear before you now and when they do I want you to embrace them as the family member they are, make them feel as comfortable and relaxed as you do. This may be the first time you both have ever met.

Now that (insert name of ancestor) and yourself are comfortable sharing this place, I would like you to ask them what it is they need from you. As the times of life change quite quickly, lessons learned between generations can be incredibly helpful for past generations. What you have learned and what you have gained in your life is so very valuable to this ancestor of yours. Ask them now what it is you can gift to them and please say these things out loud for me. (make note of the words spoken).
Amazing. You may have recognised some angst while they expressed what it is they need from you. The lack of these things may have been affecting them deeply, so deeply it could have influenced their choices and behaviours and may have even spread through the generations before you.

I now would like you to imagine yourself gifting (list off things mentioned) in the form of a gift, you may imagine yourself placing the energy of these things into a box and handing it to (insert name). At this time I would like you to have a brief conversation with them, their healing may require a little more interaction between you two, or the gifting of (list off things mentioned) may be enough. Either way spend a moment or two interacting with your ancestor, this is a perfectly safe space filled with love. Please nod your head (or other ideomotor response) when you have finished.

Well done, you are doing amazing. As you both finish holding space for each other, I want you to imagine a wave of energy passing through you both and into the rest of the photos that lay on the ground. This wave of energy is entirely made up of (list off things mentioned), it passes through every generation before you, healing everyone and changing the trajectory of future generations. All of your ancestors, those who have passed and those who are still here and those who are yet to come, thank you, they thank you so deeply with love and gratitude for what you have done. You have hosted a transformation and facilitated a family healing that was and will be felt through generations.

Your time with (insert name) is now at and end, take a moment to express your gratitude to them for arriving here in this space with you and aiding in the immense healing that has just occurred. Their role has been as equally important as your own. (allow a moment).

Facing them now and bidding them farewell as they return to wherever it is they came from, if they have passed wish them a peaceful return and if they are still alive, grant them the deep understanding to feel it within their own lives whether it be on a conscious or subconscious level.
The photographs returning to their rightful place within the family photo album.
You now return to observing the space you are in, absorbing the detail of this place. You know you can return here at any time you choose. You know and can feel that this space is emanating and vibrating with the energy of (list off things mentioned). You can return here and you can invite anyone who you think would benefit from spending some time in this place. This space is your healing place. Returning back to your waking life now.