Find a comfortable place to relax, either sitting or lying down. Close your eyes, and take a deep, soothing breath in. As you exhale, let go of any tension or worry. Picture yourself high above the world, floating among the clouds as the sun begins to set, casting warm, colourful hues across the sky. Feel the serenity and peace of this moment as you slowly drift downward.

As you descend, you notice a flock of birds flying gracefully across the sky, creating intricate patterns as they move in unison. These birds represent your thoughts, concerns, and distractions. Watch as they gradually begin to synchronise with the other birds, finding harmony and order in the group.

See how these thoughts and concerns become lighter, more organised, and easier to manage, just like the flock of birds soaring through the sky. As the birds move higher into the atmosphere, your concerns and distractions dissipate, leaving you with a clear and tranquil mind.

All right, just allow yourself to be as lazy as you want to be…listening quietly to the sound of my voice…and while you’re listening quietly to the sound of my voice concentrating for a few moments on your breathing…breathing slowly and steadily, just as though you were sound asleep, or pretending to be sound asleep…and imagining, perhaps, just how comfortable it might look while you’re relaxing there in the chair…using the power of your mind to see yourself in your mind’s eye…and then using the power of the mind to do whatever has to happen to make you look even more relaxed… and still thinking about your breathing, making quite sure that each breath in lasts the same length of time as the last breath in… and each breath outwards lasts the same length of time as the last breath out…even though each breath in will probably be slightly shorter than each breath out…and while you’re thinking about breathing, noticing, perhaps, the weight of the head against the back of the chair…and still listening quietly to the sound of my voice…

And while you’re listening quietly to the sound of my voice, maybe you’ll become aware that you’ve forgotten to think about your breathing…but that’s all right, you can just simply start thinking about your breathing again while you’re listening quietly to the sound of my voice and what I’m saying to you here…

And in psychology, there’s a rule called… seven plus or minus two…and that means that most people can think of seven things all at once…plus or minus two…people can only hold this many things in their head at once.

So you should be able to think of at least five things all at the same time…the sound of my voice…the steadiness of the breathing… the weight of the head against the back of the chair… and how you might look from the outside…and that’s four things…

So you can think of those four things while you’re listening to the sound of the music I’m playing in the background…so that’s five things, now…and I wonder if you can think about those five things and then at the same time notice the way the feet feel on the floor/bed/footrest of the chair…and perhaps how the arms feel… and that’s seven things now…

The sound of my voice…the weight of the head against the back of the chair…the music playing in the background…the way you look while relaxing…the breathing…and the arms… and the feet on the footrest…and I wonder if you can now add an eighth thing into all of that…

I wonder if your mind is powerful enough to think of seven plus one things…adding in, perhaps, an awareness of the temperature of the room…and then just testing to see whether you can add yet another input to the senses…so that you’re thinking of nine things all at once…

That’s seven plus two…thinking about all those eight inputs to your senses and then maybe adding an awareness of the way the eyes feel while you’re thinking about all those other things…the weight of the head…the breathing…the music in the background…how you look from the outside…the temperature of the room…the feet on the footrest…the arms…the sound of my voice…and how the eyes feel…

The weight of the head…the breathing…the music in the background…how you look from the outside… the temperature of the room…the feet on the footrest…the arms…the sound of my voice…and how the eyes feel…

And of course, when anybody thinks of all these things, what they are really doing is scanning round them one after the other…very quickly…so quickly, it feels as if you’re thinking of them all at once…

And in the world of computers, that would be called timesharing…sharing available resources between all the different tasks you are attempting to perform all at once…

And that’s why some people can think of only five things…because it’s the limit of their memory…the bandwidth they have at the time…while others can actually think of nine things…and I wonder how well your memory is working as you struggle to remember those nine things…the weight of the head…the breathing…the music in the background…how you look from the outside…the temperature of the room…the feet on the footrest…the arms…the sound of my voice… and how the eyes feel.

And now you can think how good it will feel…when you allow yourself to simply think of only the most important thing of all…concentrating all the energy onto that one most important thing of all…which is going to be so easy to think of, now that you are going to allow yourself to think of only one thing instead of nine…

And that one thing is how good it feels to think of only one thing…thinking how relaxed you can be now…the relief of only thinking about how you feel. That you’re only thinking of how relaxed you might like to be…relaxing in your mind…and in your body…no need to think anything at all, really…no need to do anything…nobody wanting anything and nobody expecting anything…and absolutely nothing whatsoever for you to do except to let all the tensions and thoughts to leave…nothing to do except to relax.


Now you are relaxed, so relaxed, imagine as the sun sets, the sky darkens, revealing a vast, star-studded night sky. The heavens are a canvas of wonder, and you are a part of this grand tapestry. In this cosmic stillness, you spot shooting stars, each one carrying a wish or intention. Make a wish upon these celestial messengers, sending your hopes into the universe.

Imagine your eyesight drifting away from the night sky, nearby you spot some fireflies. Let your eyes peacefully follow the path of luminous fireflies. These enchanting insects peacefully lead you through a moonlit forest.

It’s a warm summer night, and the moon is full and bright in the sky, casting a gentle, silvery light on the world around you. The forest is tranquil, and the air is filled with a sense of calm.

As you stand in this moonlit forest, you notice a staircase made of the smoothest, natural stone, gently leading downward. This staircase represents the path to a deeper state of relaxation, tranquillity, and inner exploration. With each step you take down this staircase you go deeper into hypnosis and this peaceful realm. More and more relaxed.

10…As you begin to descend, feel the texture of the stone beneath your feet, cool and comforting.

9…With each step, you go deeper and deeper into relaxation. The soft moonlight guides your way, and you can see fireflies dancing gracefully around you, their gentle glow enhancing the serenity of this place. They exhibit freedom and joy.

8…As you continue down the staircase, you leave behind the concerns and worries of the outside world. You go deeper and deeper.

7…With each step, you feel more and more relaxed, as if a warm, comforting embrace is surrounding you.

6…Notice how your body feels weightless, as if you are floating down the staircase, carried by a wave of relaxation. Each time you step down a step your relaxation doubles.

5…The soft, soothing glow of the moonlight and the fireflies caresses your skin, filling you with a deep sense of peace. Going deeper and deeper.

4…As you descend further, you may become aware of the sounds of the forest. Listen to the rustling of leaves in the gentle night breeze this sound only deepens your relaxation. So relaxed, so deep.

3…Feel yourself going deeper and deeper with each step, like a feather floating on a gentle breeze.

2…Your mind becomes more tranquil, your thought are slowing right down. Deeper and deeper as you descend further and further into this state of profound relaxation.

1…As you reach the bottom of the staircase, you find yourself in a tranquil, moonlit clearing in the heart of the forest. You are safe, and you are in control.

The fireflies twinkle softly, surrounding you with their enchanting light. You are now in a state of deep, peaceful relaxation, ready to explore the depths of your subconscious mind. In this state you time and space mean nothing. You can move through time and space with ease.

Remember, you can return to this safe forest clearing anytime you choose. This is your safe place. When you hear my voice or if there are background sounds, these make you effortlessly and easily go deeper and deeper into this state of calm and tranquillity.

Now, as you rest here in the moonlit forest, enjoy the deep relaxation and serenity that surrounds you.
Take a few moments to savour this state of relaxation and peace Then we will continue our journey together.

You look across the forest clearing and see light spilling out from the entrance of a magical cave. You move towards the opening. Draw towards the warm light. You step across the threshold and as you enter the cave, you find yourself enveloped in a warm, welcoming light. With each step, you are drawn deeper into the cave.

Past Life Regression

At the far end of this welcoming cave you see you see a large, heavy oak door.

The door is closed but as you reach out to push it open, the door begins to creak and slowly opens, revealing a room resembling a small library.

Each side of the wall is lined with books. There are hundreds of books. There are old books, new books, big heavy books and smaller, lighter books. Some are in pristine condition and others battered, well-read and well-loved. Walk through the small library, past the rows and rows of books.

Soon you are drawn towards a particular book. It’s a large, heavy, cloth-bound book and looks very, very old.

You reach up and carefully remove the book from its position on the shelf. There is a thick layer of dust on the cover of the book, you wipe this away and carefully and then carry it over to a very comfortable armchair. The chair is so soft and supportive. Maybe it’s made of leather, perhaps it is rich velvet. It could have a high back and headrest, it could be a wingchair, it could be a recliner. This is your chair, you decide what it looks and feels like. Just know that when in this chair you feel so comfortable, safe, protected and supported.

As you rest the book on your lap, you feel the weight. On the cover of the book is your name in old English typeface in embossing. You carefully trace the embossed, golden writing with your finger. You open the book up and seeing that some of the pages are yellowing from age, you take care with this precious book.

You already know that this book is the book of time. It is the book of your time and your many lives. Opening the book to the present date you see an entry for today, describing things that happened earlier in the day.

Turning back the pages you see an entry for your last birthday, and a picture there of how you looked. Many pages contain photographs, some in colour, some black and white, and further back the photographs are sepia. Maybe there are even painted portraits.

Carefully turning the pages of your life, you see photographs and entries of things that you had completely forgotten about.

Sitting in your safe and comfy chair you can remain the objective observer viewing from a distance the events and experiences of the past. Or you can choose to participate. The choice is yours. You are always in control. And at any time, should you choose to, you can remember you’re in your safe chair and return to it knowing that you are safe, protected and comfortable.

There are entries in the book of earlier times in your life, happier times and some sad times too perhaps.

The pages go right back to infancy, when you were just a tiny baby. I would like you flick through the book. You are driven by your higher self and directed by your guides and other helpers who are here today to assist you to achieve your desired outcome.

Your book is now taking you back to a time in your early childhood. A happy, enjoyable time. Maybe it’s a memorable event when you are about 3, 4 or 5 years old.

Going back to that time now
7, 6…going back now
5, 4, 3…an happy early childhood memory
2 and 1…Be there now <may wish to click fingers>

Allow the memories, images, and sensations to become more vivid. Notice what’s going on around you. It may be a special event or an occasion. You may be able to see or feel or you may just know what it is that is happening.

Trust the way in which this information comes for you. This is your journey. In a moment, I’m going to ask you to communicate. You’ll be able to do so easily and clearly and at the sound of your own voice, you’ll drop even deeper into this experience.

• What is it that’s happening?
• How old do you feel yourself to be?
• Are there others with you or are you alone?
• What are you wearing?
• Are your surroundings familiar?
• Describe these surroundings
• How are you feeling?

<If the client is experiencing positive feelings and emotions, you can anchor these for them.>

Great, you’re doing so well. Just check in to see if there’s anything else that’s important for you to remember or explore about this time. Okay, now when you’re ready to move on, just let me know by <nodding your head/saying “ready”>.

<Wait for client>

Great…now bringing those wonderful feelings of <insert feelings> with you. You can look at the book again. Get comfortable in your safe chair now, as we continue our journey back in time.

This time, let the book take you to sometime after your conception but before your birth.

Back to that very special time in the womb where you’re preparing to come into this world. Here you may have a more sensory experience.
7…relaxing down deeper
6, 5…going deeper
4, 3… back in time
2 and 1…In the womb now <may wish to click fingers>

Just allow any images and sensations to come.

Can you tell me…
• Is it light or dark?
• Are you aware of any colours?
• Do you feel cramped or does it feel like you have plenty of room? <If cramped, do they need to adjust themselves to be more comfortable?>
• You may be able to be more aware and connect with your mother here. What is she experiencing with regards to this pregnancy?
• Is she ok?
• Can you connect with her and influence her feelings? Try to reassure her <if she needs it>.
• How do you feel about coming into this world? Are you excited or apprehensive or something else?
• And why is it you are coming? <As it isn’t long since they were in spirit and may not have complete amnesia yet>

You’re doing really well.

Now, once again…look at your book while confirmable on your chair. Prepare now to travel away from this plane. Through other dimensions where time is no longer linear. Where your book will become a more abstract energy of wisdom and support. To carry you and guide you safely to another lifetime, one that would be beneficial for you to review.

The pages of book pages may move by themselves or you may just know you’re moving through time without having to do anything. You may recover special gifts, talents and abilities. You may gain clarity and insight. And you may have the opportunity to heal and free yourself of influences from the past.

So, as you now move away from the earth plane, in this place at this time, know that you are safe and you are supported. Your higher self and your guides are now moving you through different dimensions. So that you may access experiences from the past as a present reality. So that you can experience them fully to gain the insight and transcendence that you seek. This journey through dimensions to access other times is very easy and pleasant and the energetic shifts that occur already help you to remember your authentic, divine self.

Turning back the pages. Going back now to another lifetime
7, 6…going deeper and deeper as you go back in time
5,4…going back
3…safe and in control
2, and 1… Be there now <may wish to click fingers>

This is the person you used to be.

You may see writing in the book that seems foreign to you, certainly, many of the words are different from the ones used now. Looking carefully you see the name, your name, the person you were.

Look at that old image connected to this particular lifetime now. Read the writing above and below it, for you instinctively know exactly what it says.

Notice the date on this page, perhaps there is mention of a town or city or specific events that were taking place at this time.

There may be images of members of your family, who you instantly recognise, or good friends or people who were important in some way to you.

Looking back through the book of time, you see entries that describe personal achievements, or otherwise, and you begin to feel that you know your previous self very well.

Just let the images, feelings and sensations to come. Let this life unfold…and when you’re ready, imagine looking down at your feet.

• Do you have shoes on?
• Tell me, what sort of shoes are your wearing? Boots, moccasins, sandals? What is it that you have on your feet?
• What size are your feet big or small?
• What about your clothing? You might look at it or you might feel it’s texture. Are the clothes that you wear fine or coarse?
• Are they loose fitting or tight?
• Do they seem to be the clothes of a male or female?
• An adult or a child?
• Look down at your hands. What colour is your skin?
• Are you inside or outside?
• Describe your surroundings
• Become aware of where this place is. You may just know. If you were to look at a map of the world or a globe, where would you be drawn to.
• What time in history is this? Again, you may just know, or you may have the numbers pop into your head.
• How old are you?
• What’s your name? What do people call you?
• Are there other people around you or are you alone?
• What is it that’s happening?

Okay, great!

We’re now going to go to a significant event in this lifetime…3, 2, 1 <click fingers> be there now.

• What’s happening?
• Where are you?
• How old are you?
• What are you doing?
• What are others doing?
• How are you feeling?

<explore the events and try to establish their significance>

We are now going to go to another significant event…3, 2, and 1, be there now <click fingers>

Repeat the exploration

You can easily move backward and forward through this lifetime to gain insight and clarity around the important events of this lifetime. As I give you a few moments, please relay to me any insights, memories or awareness that comes to you. You’ll be able to speak clearly and easily to me, and as you do you will go deeper and deeper.

And as you remember, certain images come into your mind, resurfacing upward from the depths of the subconscious mind, and you find that the more you remember, the more relaxed and comfortable you become, if fact, imagining relaxes you even more deeply. The more comfortable and relaxed you become, the more open and receptive is your mind and so the more you do remember.

And you’re now remembering a time way back there in the past. You’re going back – back, gently and comfortably back – that’s right, all the way back.

Some of the images that flow into your mind may seem quite unreal, you may even doubt that they are nothing more but figments of your imagination. But keep your mind open and allow the memories flow back into your awareness.

We’re now going to go to the last day of that life to explore how that life ended.

Going there now……3, 2, and 1, be there now <click fingers>

• How old are you?
• Is there anything going on to indicate that this is the last day of your life?
• Where are you?
• What’s happening?
• How are you feeling?
• Are there others there with you?
• Are there any sounds or smells that you notice?
From this perspective, as you reflect back on the life you have lived, what more can you tell me?
• What was the general feeling that you carried in that lifetime?
• How did you feel as the person that you were?
• What lessons did you learn in that lifetime?
• What were your greatest achievements?

<Practitioner you may choose to insert healing and reframe techniques here – see below in blue>

We are going to go back to the important point in your life you highlighted <enter details>. This time I would like you to re-live this, but with the resources you have that would enable this moment to play out better/more positively/enter how you’d like it to play out.

We’re now going to go to this point in …3, 2, 1 <click fingers> be there now.

Now I would like to know
• What’s this time happening?
• Have the things you have done changed?
• What are others doing? Has this changed?
• How are you feeling now?

<explore the events and try to establish a new outcome>

And now I would like you to return to your last day of that life to explore how that life ended now. As go there, you also become more and more relaxed.

Going there now……3, 2, and 1, be there now <click fingers>

• How old are you now?
• How do you know this is the last day of your life?
• Where are you this time?
• What’s happening?
• How are you feeling?
• Are there others there with you?
• Are there any sounds or smells that you notice?
From this new perspective, as you reflect back on the life you have lived, what more can you tell me?

• What was the general feeling that you carried in that lifetime?
• How did you feel as the person that you were?
• What lessons did you learn in that lifetime?
• What were your greatest achievements?

Sometimes there are special talents, gifts and abilities that we have.

• What were you especially good at in that lifetime?

If you wish, you can step into a scene where you are experiencing this gift and reclaim it to bring back with you.

Are you ready now to let go of that body and that life?

Great. Letting go of that body now. And as you do, leave behind in that life anything you no longer need. Easily releasing anything that no longer serves you. Allow your soul to leave this body whole and complete, leaving behind any trauma, illness, any negative beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you. And as you transition from this third dimensional experience, describe this journey to me…

• Have you left your body yet?
• Where are you now in relation to your body?
• Are you still in the room?
• Are you moving away?
• Are you moving forward looking up or backward looking down
• Are you moving quickly or slowly?
• Do you have a sensation of drifting or of being pulled?
• Can you still see the earth beneath you?
• Are you aware of anyone coming to greet you?
<Practitioner – ask any other Life Between Lives style questions that are relevant or required>

In a moment, you are going to return to the current time and the current place, bringing with you any gifts, talents and abilities that serve you.

Coming back free from anything in that life that you no longer need. Absorb all the information from this part of the book that you require.

You will be able to remember this experience and all the learnings and clarity you have gained today. Further insights and awareness will come in your dreams and meditations in the days to come and the insight and wisdom you have gained through this experience will gently integrate into your current life to assist and guide you in living a life of greater purpose and clarity, in greater alignment with your authentic self.

The release of any trauma and negativity associated with this previous life, will clear the way for you to heal and transform physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will be able to trust more, love more and have a greater sense of purpose and peace.

So, as you begin your journey back to your current life, you do so comfortably and confidently, knowing you are a divine being having many human experiences in order to learn and evolve. The experience you have had today will enable you to transcend any residue of negative beliefs and emotions so you can move forward in your life in a healthy, happy and productive way. The changes will happen quickly and with ease.

That’s good.
Bring your attention back to my voice. You will remember all you need to remember after this session and forget anything your subconscious mind deems necessary.

But whatever you remember, and whatever you choose to forget, you can be reassured that any valuable lessons or insights gathered from the memories of your previous incarnation will remain with you and have a profound impact on your life from now on.

And now it is time to close the book of time and place it back on its shelf.

Now go back through the heavy oak door through the cave.

And go back into the healing warm light in the cave. Feel it cleansing your body and soothing away any negative energies or vibrations from your past life experience.

Experience the love from the light filling your entire being and when you are ready to return to the here and now, step out of this light.


As you return to the present moment, carry with you the insights and wisdom gained from your past life journey.
Every day in every way your life will get better and better.

You are a collection of all your experiences, past and present.
Every day in every way your life will get better and better.

These experiences have shaped you into the person you are today.
Every day in every way your life will get better and better.

You are empowered to integrate these lessons into your life, creating a brighter and more profound future.
Every day in every way your life will get better and better.


Now, I will count from 1 to 10, and with each number, you will become more alert and awake. When I reach 10, you will open your eyes, feeling refreshed, invigorated, and filled with newfound knowledge and insight.

1…energy returning to your feet and legs

2…moving up to your thighs and waist

3…into your stomach

4…around your chest

5…down your arms

6…breathing, blood pressure and heart rate returning to a healthy and normal rate for you

7… into the shoulders and neck

8… around your mouth and across your face

9…around your eyes and reaching your brain

10…Open your eyes, feeling refreshed and alert, with a deep sense of inner strength, self-belief and self-assurance carrying the wisdom of your past life journey with you.